Manufacturing Performance Industrial City To Superior In Competitive Advantage

Analisis Komparasi Internet Financial Local Government Reporting Pada Website Resmi Kabupaten dan Kota di Jawa Timur The Comparison Analysis of Internet Financial Local Government Reporting on Official Website of Regency and City in East Java

... atau mengakses salinan dari laporan keuangan pemerintah kota atau kabupaten. Poin G. +1 poin jika berkas individu yang menyediakan laporan cetak ukurannya kurang dari 3MB. Poin H. +1 poin jika mempunyai mesin pencari untuk menemukan konten yang dibutuhkan ataupun laporan keuangan pemerintah daerah. Poin I. +1 poin jika website resmi pemerintah daerah atau ... antara Pemerintah kota dan Kabupaten di Jawa Timur. Kata kunci :e-government, internet financial local government reporting, indeks aksesbilitas, konten, ketepatan waktu, pemanfaatan teknologi, user support. Abstract This study aims to compare the quality off reporting disclosure of Internet Financial Local Government Reporting that being uploaded ... 2016 Undang-Undang Nomor 14 Tahun Keterbukaan Informasi Publik. 2008. Verawaty. 2014. Analisa Komparasi Indeks Internet Financial Reporting Pemerintah Daerah di Indonesia. Seminar Nasional Akuntansi 17 Universitas Mataram 2014. Instruksi Presiden Nomor 6 Tahun 2001. Telematika (Telekomunikasi, Media dan Informatika). Instruksi Presiden Nomor 3 Tahun 2003.
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... they just use it as a mixture into their cooking. Actually, kemangi leaf has many uses those are stimulating circulation of blood, clearing a face with acne and solving fallen hair. Besides, it can be used to cure stomachaehe such as slight stomach upset,vomiting, fever and influenza. It also can be medicine to cnol an infection (Anonymous,2001). Kemangi ... and Duncan examination 5%. This research is done in Biology Laboratory University of Muhammadiyah Malang from 5 September to 16 Desember 2007. The result of the research indicater that there is an influence of giving dekok kemangi leaf toward the differences from blocked zona at Colletotrichum capsic from Duncan analysis 5%, it is obtained that each ... 46 % eugenol, eugenol belongs to fenol, fenol and the derivate have an antimokroba capacity. Eugenol which is hilled in kemangi leaf showed it’s activiti as a strong fungisida. Eugenol can prevent premature ejaculation of semen, analgesic and anastetik (Winarto,2003). This research purposer to know the influence of giving dekok kemangi leaf (Ocimum
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... person, place or thing. It can be used as a technique to enrich other form of writing or as a dominant strategy for developing a picture “how it looks like”. (McCrimmon, 1984: 163) 4. Writing: a process of putting ideas down on paper to transform thought into words, to sharp main ideas, and to give structure and coherent organization into writing. (Brown: ... characteristics of the learner linguistic system at a given stage of learning (Brown, 2000: 217). 6 3. Descriptive writing: kind of writing to convey our dominant impression at a person, a place or even to a reader in order that they are able to use their sense about something (Martin, 1980). Descriptive writing is a strategy for presenting a verbal portrait ... Byrne, writing is translating thought into language that requires some components like grammar, vocabulary, mechanic and rhetoric. The combination of these components makes the skill of writing a complex one (1984). Students find it difficult to express and combine their opinion in written in a good arrangement and good structure, particularly in term
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... difficulties in learning English grammar. Learning English in the tenth Multimedia class at SMK Muhammadiyah 2 Malang is conducted in all skills, such as speaking, reading, listening and writing. According the writer’s observation in teaching writing, students were taught to make the opening dialogue, greeting, telling things and times, expressing feeling and describing ... Aalamin, praise to Allah, for all blessing, energy and the brain storming, and health that finally make this thesis finished in due time. Thanks to Allah who always give the power to make her stand in- patient and keep on trying. In addition, the writer would like to say the deepest gratitude and thanks for whom that had helped and encouraged to finish ... English has been the main factor and bench mark in workplace. The ability to speak or write English well and in the correct form is the extra value to increase personal performance. English is also used in 1 2 international business. If we want to take a managerial position in some multinational companies, mostly we will be required to speak English.
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... Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas ... Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas ... Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas
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Community Development In Productive Village Through Entrepreneurship Of Rosary

... of the Republic of Indonesia has launched the program of developing 132 productive villages in all 33 provinces in Indonesia, with the objective of creating job opportunities and employment in rural areas, as well as developing the villages through the products that have been produced. In the course of development of the 132 productive rural, Tutul ... pada masyarakat dirinya masing-masing untuk meningkatkan mengembangankan industri lokal handicraft kesejahteraan yang menjadi kebanggaan Desa Tutul, serta kerajinan yakni pada tangan, hidupnya pengrajin dan masyarakat industri dengan kebutuhan masyarakat untuk lokal selalu untuk optimis bisa dalam berperan sebagai pendidik (educator) melalui sekitarnya. 3. ... Indonesia menunjukkan bahwa 2013 tercatat jumlah penduduk miskin di masyarakat masih dihadapkan dengan berbagai Indonesia mencapai 28,55 juta orang atau persoalan 11,47% atau permasalahan, seperti ( Data tersebut kemiskinan dan pengangguran yang hingga saat menunjukkan bahwa jumlah penduduk miskin ini jumlahnya kian meningkat.
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... select information to be used in their writing. Besides, writing is a complex chore that does not only involve five aspects (grammar, mechanics, content, vocabulary, and organization) but also has several writing process in this case, pre writing, drafting, and revising. Therefore, the students need time to follow the process in writing. So, writing should be ... of writing. In the context of English teaching as a foreign language, writing has an important role. Hirsch (in Hughey et al, 1983:6) states that, writing is an efficient tool to facilitate and reinforce other language skills. Reading, vocabulary and grammar are employed in the act of writing. When the students are actively engaged in the writing process, ... taught effectively in order that students have good ability in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students of this level are expected to be able to use their knowledge so that they will succeed in their study and future life. It is due to the fact that English competence is aimed to explore knowledge; to be able to use it to deepen and widen
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... Regain Balance of Your Inner and Outer Beauty in The Jakarta Post on 4 March 2011. A discourse analysis is conducted in this study by applying functional discourse which consists of grammatical and lexical cohesion. This thesis is intended to know how the meaning of language is understood through a discourse analysis. The aim of this study is also to ... cohesive devices to the article of Spa: Regain Balance of Your Inner and Outer Beauty in The Jakarta Post Newspaper and to find out whether grammatical cohesive devices and lexical cohesive devices can make the text coherent and unified. This thesis uses library research through some books in the library to find out concepts that are relevant to the theoretical ... conclusion, reference and repetition play an important role in making the text coherent and unified. vii ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First of all, I gratefully praise Allah SWT for bestowing His blessings upon me. Therefore, I would like to express my deepest sincere thanks to those who have encouraged me to finish this thesis: 1. Foremost, my utmost gratitude is
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... e aktivitas antioksidan. j j j j . e e e ne ne ne ne .bu.n .bu.n .bu.n .bu.n u u u u b b b b i i i i l l l l i i i i i i i i Saat ini biji melinjo banyak dikonsumsi dalam bentuk emping melinjo yang telah idgigil ig il idgigil idgigil /:d :p//:d :p//:d :p//:d / / / / //dig / / p p p t t t t t t hhtt hhtt proses pengolahan. hhtt mengalami Tujuan dari penelitian ini untuk mengevaluasi aktivitas antioksidan senyawa d penggolahan menjadi emping ca.cid.imelinjo ... meliputihpenyangraian, terhadap pengeringan dan h penggorengan. Kemudian mengekstraksi senyawa fenol pada setiap proses pengolahan biji melinjo d d d aktivitas antioksidan .senyawa Evaluasi .id menjadi emping melinjo. .id fenol ditentukan .id . . j j j e e e e nemetode DPPH (tahap isesudah ne ne ninisiasi .bu.n .bu.n .bu.n .bu.n u u u u b b b b i i i i l l l l dengan menggunakan radikal bebas) dan i i i i i i i idgigil ig ... .id . j e ne .bu.n u b i l i i idgigil :p//:d / / p t t hhtt RINGKASAN a a a a . . . . j j j j e e e e Evaluasi In Vitro u Senyawa Fenol Bijiun Melinjo n nej. nej. nej. (Gnetum gnemon iL.) nej. .bu.n .bAntioksidan .b.u .bu.n u u u b b b b . i i i i l l l l i i i i ili ig ili idgigilPengolahan idgigBerdasarkan idgigili Selama :/Proses Emping Melinjo SNI 01-3712-1995.; /:d /:d /:d /:d / / : : / / / //dig / / / p p p t t t tp ht
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... ETHICS FOR SUPPORTING THE WORKING PERFORMANCE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE STAFF IN PT BRI RAMBIPUJI JEMBER THE JOB TRAINING REPORT By Ahmad Ridwan NIM 080103101007 ENGLISH DIPLOMA III PROGRAM FACULTY OF LETTERS UNIVERSITY OF JEMBER 2011 THE APPLICATION OF PROFESSION ETHICS FOR SUPPORTING THE WORKING PERFORMANCE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE STAFF IN PT BRI RAMBIPUJI ... ethics. vi ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Alhamdulillah, I am deeply grateful to the Almighty God (Allah SWT) for his blessing, mercy and guidance, so I was able to finish the job training report entitled The Application of Profession Ethics for Supporting The Working Performance of Customer Service Staff in PT BRI Rambipuji Jember I realize that this report is still far from being perfect, so that some critics ... not be uncertain about their financial. They can deposit their money in the bank safely and also they sometimes will get something special about their deposit. The bank will give the loan to the people who want to begin their business, so it means that the bank has big part in the nation developing for economy. The bank service will be running, when they
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... action. The main data about the students’ listening comprehension were collected by using listening test and class observation in each cycle. The supporting data were collected by conducting interview and documentation. The result of the mean score of listening test by using storytelling with mimes, gestures, voices and varying intonation in cycle I was ... 76,6% (meeting V) of the subjects were active in joining the listening lesson by using storytelling. It means that the target observation requirement in this research had been achieved in cycle II. Based on the result, it could be conclude that the use of storytelling could improve the students’ listening comprehension achievement in terms of finding specific information. ... granted me blessing, mercy, and grace so that I am able to finish the thesis entitled ‘Improving Class VIII C Students’ Listening Comprehension Achievement by Using Storytelling at SMPN I Mlandingan Situbondo in the 2010/2011 Academic Year. In this opportunity, I would like to express my deepest appreciation and sincere thanks to the following people: 1.
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Improving the Eighth Year Students' Tense Achievement and Active Participation by Giving Positive Reinforcement at SMPN 1 Silo in the 2013/2014 Academic Year

... suggested to the English teacher to give positive reinforcement as reinforcement in teaching learning process. Giving positive reinforcement can increase the students’ response and also their participation during the teaching learning process. It is suggested to the English teacher to use continuous schedule if it is the first time for the English teacher to ... of candies and snacks for each meeting, 2) the researcher bought reinforcement that not too expensive In this research, positive reinforcement is effective to increase the number of students who wanted to give response during the teaching learning process and also to increase the students’ response during the teaching learning process of tenses. It was proven ... SILO to receive material reinforcement and the researcher wanted to increase the students’ response during the teaching learning process of tenses. It based on the theory saying that continuously reinforced responses are acquired faster than intermittently reinforced response (Ormrod, 1990:58). Immediate reinforcement was used in this research to administer
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... JEMBER 2012 PERSEMBAHAN Skripsi ini saya persembahkan dengan penuh rasa hormat dan cinta untuk: 1. Orangtuaku tercinta, Ayahanda dan Ibunda yang telah memberikan dukungan, kasih sayang, doa, bimbingan, kerja keras, pengorbanan, dan cintanya yang tiada henti untukku selama ini; 2. Guru-guruku tercinta yang telah membimbing dan mendidik dengan penuh kesabaran ... dalam biji kakao yaitu flavonoid, katekin, prosianidin, antosianin, dan tanin kompleks. Polifenol kakao bersifat antimikroba terhadap beberapa bakteri patogen dan bakteri kariogenik. Salah satu bakteri patogen yang banyak ditemukan pada manusia adalah Escherichia coli (E. coli). E. coli merupakan penyebab 80% infeksi saluran kemih di negara maju, 50% ... cokelat. Pada awalnya, suku Maya-Amerika mengolah cokelat ini sebagai minuman pahit berkhasiat/jamu yang dipercaya sebagai penjaga stamina tubuh. Sejak itu, masyarakat luas mulai mengenal dan memanfaatkan khasiat biji kakao. Biji kakao ini ternyata memiliki kandungan polifenol total lebih tinggi dibandingkan dengan anggur maupun teh, baik teh hitam maupun
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An Analysis of illocutionary acts in Sherlock Holmes movie

... internet world wide web. In this research, the writer finds that Sherlock Holmes uses all types of illocutionary acts: Assertives (Arguing, Asserting, Informing, Telling), Directives (Advising, Asking, Commanding, Entreating, Insisting, Inviting, Ordering, Requesting), Commissives (Promissing, Refusal), Expressives (Congratulating, Praising, Welcoming, ... FRAMEWORK Studying pragmatics is very interesting because it learns the meaning of utterance by involving the context. Leech (in Nadar, 2009: 2) shows two types of the meaning. There are intended meaning and interpreted meaning. Intended meaning is the meaning that the speaker wants to achieve and interpreted meaning is the meaning that is interpreted ... Austin. For him, by saying something, we do something.17 Austin distinguishes a group of things we do in saying something, which together we sum up:18 by saying we perform a locutionary acts, which is roughly equivalent to uttering a certain sentence with a certain sense and reference, which again is roughly equivalent to ‘meaning’ in the traditional sense.
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An Identity Crisis In Hanrahan's Lost Girls And Love Hotels

... retaining or restraining, and it can become a pattern of care: to have and to hold. To let go; can turn into inimical letting loose of destructive forces, or it can be become a relaxed ? ?to let pass” and ? ?to let be.” During this stage an individual learns to master skills for himself. Not only does he learns to walk, talk and feed himself, he is learning ... is learning finer motor development as well as the much appreciated toilet training. Here he has the opportunity to build self-esteem and autonomy as he gain more control over his bodies and acquire new skills, learning right from wrong. 3. Initiative vs. Guilt (3 to 5 Years) During this period motor and mental abilities are continuing to develop. Children ... character “ Sometimes, when I’m staring down a room of Japanese stewardesses -in- training, looking across a sea of shiny black coifs, a chorus line of stockinged legs, knees together, toes to the side, when I’m chanting ‘Sir, you are endangering yourself and other passengers!,’.…” (Hanrahan 2006: 3) Has interesting eyes “‘You have good eyes.’ Jiro
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The Effectiveness of Computer-Assisted Language Learning in Teaching Past Tense to the Tenth Grade Students of SMAN 5 Tangerang Selatan

... useful in teaching and learning process. According to Sukartiwi,29 the importance of using aid in the teaching and learning process are: a. To increase students‘ motivation. b. To avoid students bored. c. To make students easy to understand the instructional material, and d. To make teaching and learning process more systematic If thinking more carefully, ... media and tool is that every tool is media but not all media is a tool. Media refers to all things (hardware, software, or etc.) that can bring information from its source to receiver27. But, tool only refers to a hardware that is used to present information.28 And the broader definition of them belongs to teaching aid. So, teaching aid can be defined as ... things that can facilitate teachers in teaching a new material. In this case, it refers to software and hardware of CALL. b. Importance of Teaching Aids In conducting the teaching stages, teachers are recommended to use some aids to succeed their teaching stages meeting their goal. It is because the use of teaching aids is so important and useful in
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Analysis On Students'Structure Competence In Complex Sentences : A Case Study at 2nd Year class of SMU TRIGUNA

... of a verb: to explain, explained, to be explained, explaining, had explained, had been explained, had been explaining, having explaining, having explained, having been explained, being explained. A verb cluster is formed when modifiers or objects or both are joined to such verbs or verb phrases to form a unit.66 Though it has various functions, a verb ... express various kinds of logic. As a group they may be called subordinating conjunctions or subordinators.59 Several of these subordinators express the logic of cause-and-result: because, since, in that, now that, in order that, and in as much as60, e.g. He couldn’t go on. He was just too tired. He couldn’t go on, because he was just too tired. He did ... when they follow a main clause because these subordinating words announce strong contrast.45 43 Ibid. Ibid. 45 Ibid, p 500 44 Adverb clauses always begin with a subordinating conjunction. Here is a list of common subordinating words: Table III Common Subordinating Words for Adverb Clauses Coordinating conjunctions After As though In order that So
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The correlation between listening skill and pronunciation accuracy : a case study in the firt year of smk vocation higt school pupita bangsa ciputat school year 2005-2006

... (in Penny Ur) “Intonation, the rise and falls in tone that make the ‘tune’ of an utterance, is an important aspect of the pronunciation of English, often making a difference to meaning or implication. Stress, for example, is most commonly indicated not by increase volume but by a slight rise in intonation.” “The different kinds of Intonation are most ... correctly before endeavoring to reproduce it”.31 In addition, to achieve such fluency, it suggested that a student should listen to a certain speech many times, repeatedly. It is said, ? ?To aid students in retaining increasingly longer segments and later as a corollary in producing this longer segment, the students should listen to the same materials many ... “listening is to make a conscious effort to hear, attend closely, so as to hear or to pay close attention; take advice.”6 Referring to explanation above, the writer concludes that listening is vital in the language, because it provides the process of thinking, language ability, and experiences that are essential in communicate to other. Without understanding
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Pengaruh Proce To Book Value,Likuiditas Saham dan Inflasi Terhadap Return Saham syariah Pada Jakarta Islamic Index Periode 2010-2014

... peneliti, rasio ini merupakan pertimbangan pertama dari semua alat ukur penilaian saham. Alasannya adalah karena dengan menilai PBV suatu saham, investor akan dapat memastikan margin yang akan didapatkannya aman sehingga investor dapat meminimalisir kerugian yang akan ia dapatkan sedini mungkin. Sumber lain mengatakan bahwa sisi menarik dari rasio ini adalah ... adalah PBV dapat memberikan sinyak kepada investor apakah harga yang kita bayar.investasikan kepada perusahaan 7 tersebut terlalu tinggi atau tidak jika diasumsikan perusahaan bangkrut tibatiba (bankrupt immediately)7 Sisi eksternal yang tak jauh pentingnya diperlukan untuk dianalisis adalah faktor inflasi. Tingginya tingkat inflasi akan sangat berpotensi menyebabkan ... hal ini juga menunjukkan bahwa dalam kegiatan investasi, risiko yang akan terjadi juga cukup besar sebab dengan tingkat inflasi yang tinggi akan mengurangi tingkat pengembalian (return) bagi investor. Hal ini akan berdampak pula pada kinerja perusahaan/emiten yang pada akhirnya akan berimbas pada turunnnya pengembalian/return yang akan diperoleh investor. Pada
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... similar to sth else or to an amount. 27 in English grammar, the word closing in the source text is verb. While, the word mengurangi in the source text is mengambil (memotong) sebagian in Indonesia dictionary. 27 Ibid, p. 234-235. 29 In this corpus the translator uses modulation in translating the source text into the target text in order to the ... completely without leaving any single word to translated. Also, the translator transfers the meaning of the word bank in the source language text exactly as possible into target language. The decision for using this procedure to translate those terms might indicate that the translator seems to believe that the reader will understand those terms in their original form. b. ... translations consist of reproducing in the receptor language the closest natural equivalence of the source language message, first in terms of meaning and secondly in term of syles.3 Newmark in Rudi Hartono states that translation is rendering the meaning of a text into another language in the way that the author intended the text.4 From these definitions the translation
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Existentialism of Jack in David Fincher’s Fight Club Film

... when we think about human nature, we tend to explain ourselves also as the product of the maker, of a creator, of God. When we think of God as the creator, we are thinking of him, most of the time, as a supernal artisan. The conception of man in the mind of God is similar to the paper-knife in the mind of the maker, God makes man according to a procedure ... existentialism also can be found in films, existentialism themes in films represent through the characters and its situations. The characters were often experiencing the feeling of existential crisis or feeling that living without any purpose and meaning. From the feeling of searching what is the meaning of life and begin to find out how to live authentic, the ... Being and Nothingness, published three years earlier. In accordance with Sartre’s view of authenticity, while declining the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1964, Sartre replied, “A writer must refuse to allow himself to be transformed into an institution”.31 Sartre, Jean Paul, “Man Makes Himself”, Reading For Philosophical Inquiry: A Brief Introduction,
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IMPROVING STUDENTS’ MOTIVATION IN READING COMPREHENSION BY USING MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES STRATEGIES (A Classroom Action Research at Grade VIII G Students of SMP Negeri 1 Alian, Kebumen in the Academic Year of 2012 2013)

... eight intelligences that need to be considered: Linguistic is the potential to use language, as used in reading, writing, telling stories, memorizing dates, and thinking in words. In the daily life, according to Armstrong (2005:19), this intelligence can be used to communicate by speaking, listening, reading and writing. According to Kirshenbaum in Jasmine (2007:18) ... representing the spatial world internally in one’s mind as used in reading maps and charts, drawing, solving mazes and puzzles, imagining and visualizing. Based on Armstrong (2005:20) this intelligence involves the ability to visualize picture inside the brain and create or explore in 2D or 3D forms. Lazear in Jasmine (2007:22) adds the spatial intelligence ... figure out by imagining and having a role. Kinesthetic is the potential for using one’s whole body or parts of the body, as used in athletics, dancing, acting, crafting, and using tools. According to Jasmine (2007:25) people who have high kinesthetic intelligence are more comfort to communicate the information by demonstrating or modeling. Armstrong (2000:3)
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... yang hanya menggunakan metode ceramah yang selama ini digunakan oleh guru. Metode Listening In Action merupakan metode yang cocok digunakan dalam penelitian ini karena metode Listening In Action memberikan tiga penekanan pada kegiatan menyimak. Pertama, Listening In Action menekankan bahwa menyimak merupakan proses aktif. Kedua, Listening In Action menekankan ... pembelajaran menyimak berita dengan metode, teknik dan media yang berbeda atau dengan memadukan metode pembelajaran yang lain, sehingga didapatkan alternatif lain untuk pembelajaran menyimak yang mampu meningkatkan hasil belajar siswa menjadi lebih baik lagi. iii iv PERSETUJUAN PEMBIMBING Skripsi ini telah disetujui oleh pembimbing untuk diajukan ke Sidang Panitia ... dalam skripsi ini benar-benar hasil karya saya sendiri, bukan jiplakan dari karya orang lain, baik sebagian maupun seluruhnya. Pendapat atau temuan orang lain yang terdapat dalam skripsi ini dikutip atau dirujuk berdasarkan kode etik ilmiah. Semarang, Juli 2013 Nuruddin Aji Harviyanto NIM 2101409039 vi vii MOTTO DAN PERSEMBAHAN Motto : “Allah tidak
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Survival rate of frozan-thawed bovine IVF embryos in relation to exposure time using various cryoprotectans

... equilibrated in each cryoprotectant for either 10, 20, 40, 60, 80, 120 minutes while protected from light. The embryos were then loaded into 0.25 cc straws and placed into a programmable freezer at 0°C and held for 2 minutes. They were then cooled to -5.5"r: at l.O"r: at 19: /minute seeded and held for 10 minutes, then cooled to -309: at 0.3"r:/minute and plunged into ... zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfe embryos developing to hatched blastocysts. There were no significant differences in development to hatched blastocysts of embryos in each equilibration time with either PG or EG. The number of embryos developing after equilibration in MC was similar to those in PG or EG when equilibration times did not exceed 40 minutes (x 2-analysis). But ... to -309: at 0.3"r:/minute and plunged into liquid nitrogen. Frozen embryos were thawed in a water bath at 309: , rehydrated directly in holding medium and cocultured 48 hours with cumulus cells in TCM-199 supplemented with 5% superovulated cow serum (SCS. collected on day 7) and 59 g/ml insulin. Results are shown in the number Table 1. as and percent of
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Predection of Litter Size, Lamb Birth Weight, Mammary Gland Growth Indices and Milk Yield in Relation to Weaning Weight Based on Hormonal and Blood Metabolite Profiles During Pregnancy in Sheep (Ovis aries)

... a p i h . 11. TINJAUAN PUSTAKA Masal ah yang d i hadapi Indonesi a sampai saat in i bdhwa p o p u l a s i t e r n a k ruminansia b a i k sebagai penyangga produksi dagi ng maupun produksi susu d i rasakan sangat 1ambat, t e r u t ama karena l a j u pemotongan t e r n a k ruminansi a jauh meleb i h i l a j u r e p r o d u k s i induk yang ada ( S ... , Berdasarkan p e r l u k i ranya melakukan upaya peningkatan e f is i e n s i r e p r o d u k s i induk dengan mempelajari k e t e r k a i t a n faktor-faktor hormonal yang berpengaruh terhadap penampilan anak s e j a k d i dalam kandungan hingga penyapihan. Alternatif pendekatan yang d i 1akukan d a l am penel i t ian in i adal ah mengobs e r v a s i beberapa ... s i daging dan susu d i r a s a k a n sangat lambat peningkatannya. Masalah yang dihadapi I n d o n e s i a saat i n i bahwa po- p u l a s i t e r n a k pedaging ( t e r u t a m a r u m i n a n s i a ) menurun t e r u s karena l a j u pemotongan jauh m e l e b i h i l a j u r e p r o d u k s i induk yang ada. Terlepas d a r i l a j u pemotongan,
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