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... situasi. Soal PISA dikembangkan berdasarkan 4 konten, keempat konten tersebut meliputi: Shape and Space, Change and Relationship, Quantity, dan Uncertainty. Salah satu dari empat konten soal PISA adalah konten Shape and Space (bentuk dan ruang). Soal pada konten Shape and Space berkaitan dengan kemampuan penerapan konsep, fakta, prosedur, dan penalaran matematika ... problem of shape and space content based on Rasch Model. The results show the average logit value of student -1,52 logit. This value is less than 0.0 logit. It indicates that the ability of students in solving PISA problem of Shape and space content based on Rasch Model analysis is still low. Keywords : PISA, problem solving ability, shape and space content, ... ability of junior high school students in solving PISA’s problem of shape and space content based on Rasch Model analysis. This research is a quantitative research. The subjects of this research are students of class VIIIE of SMPN 2 Jember. There are three PISA questions of Space and Shape content which has been translated into Indonesian. We used Ministep
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Analisis Komparasi Internet Financial Local Government Reporting Pada Website Resmi Kabupaten dan Kota di Jawa Timur The Comparison Analysis of Internet Financial Local Government Reporting on Official Website of Regency and City in East Java

... splitted by two sample, regency and municipal (city). Data were analyzed using Mann Whitney Test. The result of observation is all e-governments is online. 19 regencies and 9 cities uploaded their local government reporting and 10 regencies didn’t upload it yet. The result show there is no difference between regency and municipal (city) in East Java ... Timur The Comparison Analysis of Internet Financial Local Government Reporting on Official Website of Regency and City in East Java Mita Anandayu Jurusan Akuntansi, Fakultas Ekonomi, Universitas Jember (UNEJ) Jln. Kalimantan 37, Jember 68121 E-mail: Abstrak Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui sejauh mana perbedaan kualitas laporan ... being uploaded by government using accessibility index that developed by Cheng et al. and to know the status of the official website is active or not. The study analyzes the optimization of the accounting reporting based on four components; content, timeliness, technology, and user support. Data were collected by observation on official website. The population
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... Language and Arts Education Department The Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Jember University By: Setyo Utami NIM 070210401045 ENGLISH EDUCATION PROGRAM ART AND LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT THE FACULTY OF TEACHER TRAINING AND EDUCATION JEMBER UNIVERSITY 2012 ii DEDICATION This thesis is honorably dedicated to: 1. My beloved parents, Artawi (alm.) and ... COMPOSED BY THE HIGH AND THE LOW ACHIEVERS OF THE EIGHTH GRADE STUDENTS OF SMPN SUKORAMBI JEMBER THESIS By: Setyo Utami NIM 070210401045 ENGLISH EDUCATION PROGRAM ART AND LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT THE FACULTY OF TEACHER TRAINING AND EDUCATION JEMBER UNIVERSITY 2012 A CASE STUDY: AN ANALYSIS OF DESCRIPTIVE TEXT WRITING COMPOSED BY THE HIGH AND THE LOW ACHIEVERS ... high and the vii low achievers’ writing was poor. The use of mechanics on both the high and the low achievers’ writing was not good, but there was a high achiever who could perfectly apply punctuation marks in her writing. The content of the high and the low achievers’ writing was not good enough. Meanwhile, the use of vocabulary on the high and the
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... cohesive devices and lexical cohesive devices to the article of Spa: Regain Balance of Your Inner and Outer Beauty in The Jakarta Post Newspaper and to find out whether grammatical cohesive devices and lexical cohesive devices can make the text coherent and unified. This thesis uses library research through some books in the library to find out concepts that ... Hafidi and my dearest mother Hj. Jamilatur Rosyida You are my most precious wealth in my life. I do thank you both for your endless love, pray, hope and pride for me. 2. My elder brother, Wachid Thank you for giving me good advice, motivation and constructive comments. 3. My man, Samsul Arifin Thank you for your love, support, understanding, and great ... which include reference, substitution, ellipsis, and vi conjunction, and the lexical cohesive devices, which include repetition, synonym, antonym, hyponym, cohyponym, meronym, and comeronym. In summary, the grammatical cohesive devices include reference (29 items), substitution (3 items), ellipsis (1 item) and conjunction (21 items). Thus, the article
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Improving the Eighth Year Students' Tense Achievement and Active Participation by Giving Positive Reinforcement at SMPN 1 Silo in the 2013/2014 Academic Year

... tense and past continuous tense. Simple present and present continuous tenses are related to a descriptive text and simple past and past continuous tenses are related to a recount and a narrative texts. Although tense is not stated in the standard competencies and basic competencies in the 2006 curriculum, tenses are needed to master and understand the materials ... material and social reinforcement to the students. The material reinforcement given in this research was candies, snacks, pencils, and notebooks, and for the social reinforcement given was in the form of praise and gestures. The material reinforcements given in Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 were almost the same. The difference was only in the brand of snacks and candies ... in the form of material and social reinforcement. The material reinforcement used in this research was in the form of candies, snacks, pencils and notebooks and for the social reinforcement used was in the form of praise and gestures. The results of this research showed that there were improvements on students' tense achievement and active participation
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Improping student's reading comprehension of descriptive text through textual teaching and learning (CTL)

... that they don’t get information from text. If they don’t understand meaningful text, they can’t answer the question based on the text and can’t identify the structure of the text well. Based on Competency Standard (Standar Kompetensi) and Basic Competency (Kompetensi Dasar), the second year students are expected to be able to understand and respond meaningful ... more understand of passage meaning. Another resource said that reading is an exercise dominated by the eyes and the brain. The eyes receive the messages and the brain then has to work out the significance of these messages.3 It is indicated that when 1 Naomi Flynn and Rhona Stainthorp, The Learning and Teaching of Reading and Writing, (England: Whurr ... learnt is Descriptive text. Based on Competency Standard (Standar Kompetensi) and Basic Competency (Kompetensi Dasar), the second year students are expected to be able to understand and respond meaningful written texts in term of functional written text and simple short essay in the form of descriptive and recount text interact with people in the nearest
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An Identity Crisis In Hanrahan's Lost Girls And Love Hotels

... lived in Japan, Thailand, and England for some years. She started LG&LH when she was in Japan and finished it in Vancouver, Canada. The whole process took about two years. Although the plot is purely fictional, there is a lot of her own experience in the details and "feel" of the novel and for that she drew from the impact that Japan and Tokyo in particular. The ... Letters Department. v 4. All lecturers of English Letters Department for brilliantly taking care of all the lessons and let me freely have fun with tasks and homeworks. 5. The librarian and staffs of library at Adab and Psychology UIN, FIB and Psychology UI; for helping me learn and get the references. 6. All of my colleagues at English Letters Department especially for class ... everything in this universe, for giving me so grateful life and this chance to bless with happiness. Peace and blessing also be upon the precious Messengers ever, our Prophet Muhammad SAW and all the followers. I am very grateful to my parents, H. Jamal Purba and Diana for giving me financial support and blessing me all the time. Without whom I would never
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The correlation between listening skill and pronunciation accuracy : a case study in the firt year of smk vocation higt school pupita bangsa ciputat school year 2005-2006

... to hear, to understand, and to evaluate. Teacher commonly notices that some students do not hear and that others hear but do not understand and evaluate what the student says, and the teaching – learning process is thereby correspondingly retarded.”5 3 Harry A. Green, Walter T. Petty, Developing Language Skill in Elementary School, (Alyn and Bacon inc, 1971) ... conscious how to think about life and who is never bored with giving motivation in sadness, happiness and togetherness may Allah gives us goodness. 7. My best friends (Ameh, Dawi, Meita and Sanjoo) who are never bored to remain and support me to be the better one. 8. All my friends in English Education Department. And finally, the writer realizes that ... between listening skill and pronunciation accuracy. And examine the listening skill either by the songs, film, news, etc, which can help the students pronounce better. And for the teachers, they will know students’ listening skill by listening to their pronunciation. By giving the information about the correlation between listening skill and pronunciation
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Pembangunan Sistem Informasi di PT Fijayatex Bersaudara Dengan Menggunakan Pendekatan Supply Chain Management

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Sistem Pemasaran Dan Pemesanan Barang Dengan Metode Customer Relationship Management Berbasis Web Pada PT.Yoshindo Indoensia Technology Jakarta

... certain kriterian related products after the goods ordered and delivered to the place of consumers. Goods marketing and order system with Customer Relationship Management Method used to save time and simplify the company and customers in making each transaction, information between companies and customers can walk better. Customers can order goods online, ... MARKETING AND ORDER SYSTEM USING CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT METHOD BASED ON WEB AT PT YOSHINDO INDONESIA TECHNOLOGY JAKARTA By JENNI STEFI SIBALA 10106212 PT Yoshindo Indonesia Technology is a company that distributed the product such as machinery and mechanical and electrical equipment. PT Yoshindo who have had customers both inside and outside ... feedback to the company. The method used in the development of marketing and reservations systems of this item is a Customer Relationship Management. Based on web application built is expected to become a media campaign and increase sales more broadly. Keywords: Customer Relationship Management, transaction, marketing, reservations ii DAFTAR ISI ABSTRAK
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Predection of Litter Size, Lamb Birth Weight, Mammary Gland Growth Indices and Milk Yield in Relation to Weaning Weight Based on Hormonal and Blood Metabolite Profiles During Pregnancy in Sheep (Ovis aries)

... berada d i bawah pengaruh e s t r a d i o l (Wright dan Anderson, Anderson, 1985; Wahab dan Anderson, pemanjangan s a l u r a n s e l e s a i , 1989). 1982; Kemudian s e t e l a h akan t e r j a d i percabangan dan pembentukan l o b u l a l v e o l a r yang berada d i bawah pengaruh progest eron {Anderson, 1986). 1985) dan 1aktogen p l asent a ( ... dikombinasikan dengan progesteron, e s t r a d i o l , r e l a k s i n dan l a k t o g e n p l a s e n t a pada hewan o v a r i e k t o m i (Harness dan Anderson, Anderson, 1977b; Wright dan Anderson, Wahab dan Anderson, 1989). 1977a; Harness dan 1982; F o r s y t h, 1986; Namun perubahan hormon t e r s e b u t sesuai dengan u s i a kebuntingan dan ... e f f i e l d dan Anderson, 1985; Anderson, 1985; Tucker, 1985), l a j u penyediaan z a t - z a t makanan ke k e l e n j a r susu dan kelengkapan perangkat s i n t e s i s n y h selama l a k t a s i , s e r t a l a j u i n v o l u s i dan a k t i v i t a s s e l - s e l k e l e n j a r susu ( D j o j o s o e b a g i o , 1985; Anderson, 1965; S
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Relation Between Encapsulation Of Streptococci Of Serological Group B And Adherence Properties Of The Bacteria To DEAE-SEPHACEL

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The Implementation of Animations and Total Physical Response Method in Teaching Classroom Instructions (The Case of the Fifth Grade Students of SDN Sumurpule, Rembang in the Academic Year of 2010 2011

... demonstrated instructions and information in the school context such as expressing how to do something, give commands, and directions to their classmates. In reading aspect, they should be able to read aloud very simple words, phrases, and sentences with appropriate pronunciation, stress, and intonations and understand written massages and pictorial descriptive ... process, they like to play, move and they need more exercises and body movements in understanding the lesson. They also learn more effectively by using their hands, ears and eyes. In other words, they need media and method which can be touched, heard, seen and allow them to be active in the classroom activities. (Scott and Ytreberg 1996:22) Moreover, ... to meaning even if they do not understand individual words. Second, they often learn directly and indirectly. Third, their understanding comes not just from the explanation, but also from what they see and hear and crucially have a chance to touch and interact with. Fourth, they have a need for individual attention and approval from their teacher. Fifth,
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Study on Suitability and Development of Green Mussel Culture in Kalibaru, Cilincing District, North Jakarta, Dietriech G Bengen and Ernan Rustandi

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The shrimp fisheries management options of the Arafura Sea

... to be over fishing and overcapacity due to ineffective of current management, lack of law enforcement capabilities, and lack of fishermen concern of the sustainable principles. The main objective of the dissertation is to formulate the shrimp fisheries management options which include vessels number reduction, implementation of quota and seasonal closure. ... strategy of pro-poor and pro-growth. The study also recommends that the combination of incentive adjusting instruments by tax and dynamic optimum management will produce long-term optimum result, which contribute to the achievement of government development strategy of pro-poor, pro-job and pro-growth. Keywords: Shrimp fisheries, management, bio-economic, ... bioeconomic models including Gordon-Schaefer model and Clark model to obtain optimum condition both static and dynamic. The data is also analyzed using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) to measure fishing capacity and efficiency. The Study found that the current condition of shrimp fisheries at Arafura Sea is under economic overfishing and overcapacity or inefficiency.
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Effect of Tempeh Supplementation on Gut Microbiota and Immunoglobulin A Profiles in Sprague Dawley Rats

... and most importantly, I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to my family for their love, unfailing encouragement and support. I would like to thank my husband Erwin for his patience during the ups and downs of my study. I would like to thank my sons, Darrence and Jeremy, for their loves. I thank my parents for their love and faith in me. And ... (Macrotyloma geocarpa) was done by Egounlety and Aworh (2003). Stachyose and raffinose decreased during 48h fermentation with a reduction of 83.9% and 55.4%; 91.5% and 53.8%, and 85.5% and 54.0% respectively for soybean, cowpea and groundbean. This study concluded that α-D galactosidase and α-D glucosidase produced by Rhizopus species during fermentation ... antimicrobial and formation a potent physico-chemical barrier, which is access and the growth of pathogens such as Clostridia, Salmonella, and Shigella (DiBaise et al. 2008; Bensussan and Routhiau 2010). In addition, the gut microbiota is also implicated in gastrointestinal motility and various metabolic functions such as breaking down of toxin and carcinogen compounds,
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Methodologies for Maintaining and Comparing Designs in a Cooperative Design Environment

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Floristic and phytosociology of bryophytes of the Lore Lindu National Park, Sulawesi

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Genetic transformation of Nicotiana benthamiana L. and soybean with MaMt2 Gene Encoding Metallothionein Type II from Melastoma malabathricum L

... (GenBank No. AF901303) yang diduga menyandi H+-ATPase membran plasma, gmali4 yang menyandi Histon H3, gmali20 yang menyandi katalase, gmali49 yang menyandi NADH dehidrogenase, gmali50 (GenBank No. AF169830) yang menyandi auxin-induced protein. Anwar (1999) berhasil mengisolasi gen sapali (GenBank No. AF 901304) yang menyandi aminoasilpeptidase. Ekspresi ... dan kemampuan tanaman untuk menyerap hara juga dibatasi oleh adanya kandungan Al yang tinggi. Tanaman barley yang ditanam pada media mengandung Al, hanya mengandung Ca2+ dan K+ setengahnya, dibandingkan dengan kontrol (Matsumoto et al. 1992). Kekurangan P pada umumnya juga diinduksi oleh kandungan Al yang tinggi. Hal ini berkaitan dengan terbentuknya kompleks ... G361060071 3 ABSTRACT YUSTINUS ULUNG ANGGRAITO. Genetic Transformation of Nicotiana benthamiana L. and Soybean with MaMt2 Gene Encoding Metallothionein Type II from Melastoma malabathricum L. Supervised by SUHARSONO, SAPTOWO J. PARDAL, and DIDY SOPANDIE. The low pH and high concentration of aluminum (Al) are major limiting factors for crops production. The
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Genetic transformation of rice using rhizobium and agrobacterium and functional analysis of OsHox6 Gene

... Januari 2012 Syamsidah Rahmawati G361060111 ABSTRACT SYAMSIDAH RAHMAWATI. Genetic Transformation of Rice using Rhizobium and Agrobacterium and Functional Analysis of OsHox6 Gene. Under direction of SUHARSONO, DIDY SOPANDIE, and INEZ HORTENSE SLAMET-LOEDIN Rice (Oryza sativa) is not only the most important crop in the world, but also a model plant ... cultivars Ciherang, Nipponbare, and Rojolele, and compared to Agrobacterium. Six-day old callus induced from immature embryos were co-cultivated with Rhizobium leguminosarum ANU845 and Agrobacterium tumefaciens LBA288 both carrying the plasmid pCAMBIA 5106. pCAMBIA 5106 is a cointegrative vector. The TDNA contained an hpt gene and a GUSPlus each controlled ... on transformation efficiency, transgene expression, copy number, segregation pattern, and plant growth and fertility. Drought is one of abiotic factors that inhibit rice growth and production. A number of genes responsible for drought tolerance have been identified, isolated and tested in different plant species. However, none of these genes was effective
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Structure and composition of vegetation in six land use types in the lore lindu national park, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

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Increase of Aluminium Tolerant and Low pH in Rice through Somaclonal Variation and Gamma Ray Irradiation

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Palaeoreconstruction of vegetation and environment using pollen and spores fossils from Banyumas Basin Tapak formation in plio pleistocene

... Palaeoreconstruction of Vegetation and Environment Using Pollen and Spores Fossils from Banyumas Basin Tapak Formation in Plio-Pleistocene. Under direction of MUHADIONO, SUPIANDI SABIHAM, and IBNUL QAYIM. Pollen and spores fossils have important information about the flora, vegetation, climate, and environment associated with processes and conditions during sedimentation ... carried out based on the habitus, habitat, total palynomorph and diagnostic pollen and spores fossils.This research found 72408 palynomorph fossils that consisted of 48570 pollen and spores fossils and 23838 marine fossils consisted of dynoflagellate cysts and foraminifera test lining (FTL). Pollen and spores fossils consisted of 76 types that were categorized ... Banyumas Basin Tapak Formation. Pollen and spores fossils evidence indicated that the environment in the Banyumas Basin Tapak Formation was surrounded by mountainous morphology and the water flow system as pollen and spores media transport from mountainous to the transitional area through lowlands, freshwater, and mangrove swamps. The overall climate
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Utilization of READY ARL NOAA data and CMORPH for land and forest fire risk model development in Central Kalimantan

... READY-ARL NOAA Data and CMORPH for Land and Forest Fire Risk Model Development in Central Kalimantan. Under the supervision of RIZALDI BOER, M. ARDIANSYAH, AGUS BUONO, and LAILAN SYAUFINA. Land and forest fires are one of the many causes of land degradation in Central Kalimantan. The utilization of remote sensing data, particularly READY-ARL NOAA and CMORPH ... to develop an estimation model for burned area from hotspot, rainfall condition, and FDRS indices, and 4) to develop fire risk prediction model. The result of this study indicates that the READY-ARL NOAA and CMORPH data have the potential to make climate data estimation and are relatively good as FDRS (SPBK) data input. The use of PLS method is much ... analyze the relationship between the surface observation data and the READY-ARL NOAA and CMORPH (CPC Morphing) data by using Partial Least Square (PLS) Method to extract climate data from the satellite, 2) to develop the FDRS (Fire Danger Rating System) indices by using READY-ARL NOAA, CMORPH and hotspot data derived from the satellite data, 3) to develop
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