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... students in solving PISA’s problem of shape and space content based on Rasch Model analysis. This research is a quantitative research. The subjects of this research are students of class VIIIE of SMPN 2 Jember. There are three PISA questions of Space and Shape content which has been translated into Indonesian. We used Ministep computer programing to estimate ... memberikan estimasi yang lebih tepat; keempat, mampu mendeteksi ketidaktepatan model: dan kelima, memberikan instumen pengukuran yang independen dari parameter yang diteliti (Sumintono, B. & Widhiarso, W, 2014). Pemodelan Rasch mempunyai beberapa model yang berkembang yaitu: 1) Model Dikotomi (berbentuk benar/salah), 2) Model Skala Pemeringkatan, merupakan ... Menggambar petak-petak yang memuat bangun tersebut dan menghitung petak yang menutupi bangun tersebut. Jika lebih dari setengahnya, maka petak tersebut dihitung satu petak • Memotong bentuk tersebut menjadi bagian-bagian yang lebih kecil dan mengatur potongan-potongan tersebut menjadi bentuk persegi/persegi panjang kemudian menhitung sisi-sisinya lalu menentukan
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Analisis Komparasi Internet Financial Local Government Reporting Pada Website Resmi Kabupaten dan Kota di Jawa Timur The Comparison Analysis of Internet Financial Local Government Reporting on Official Website of Regency and City in East Java

... local government reporting and 10 regencies didn’t upload it yet. The result show there is no difference between regency and municipal (city) in East Java from all the accessibilities index. Keywords: : e- government, internet financial local government reporting, accessibilty index, content, timeliness, technology, user support. Pendahuluan Perkembangan ... Government...... Tren penggunaan internet sebagai media pengungkapan informasi juga berdampak pada sektor pemerintah. Salah satu upaya pemerintah dalam hal tren penggunaan internet sebagai media pengungkapan informasi yaitu dengan menerapkan sistem electronic government (e- government) atau pemerinatahan berbasis elektronik. Sistem ini dimaksudkan untuk mendukung pemerintahan ... timeliness, technology, and user support. Data were collected by observation on official website. The population of this study are all government in East Java that splitted by two sample, regency and municipal (city). Data were analyzed using Mann Whitney Test. The result of observation is all e- governments is online. 19 regencies and 9 cities uploaded their
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... the students who are categorized as high achievers and low achievers. In this case, the pattern of their writing could be understood better. This chapter presents some aspects dealing with the topic of the research. They are the background of the research, the problems of the research, the objectives of the research and the significance of the research. 1.1 ... have taught and given me a lot of knowledge; 8. The Principal, the English teacher, and the eighth grade students of SMPN Sukorambi Jember who have helped and participated willingly to involve in this research. I believe that this thesis still has some weaknesses. Therefore, I really hope that there will be criticism and suggestions from the readers ... Composed by the High and the Low Achievers of the Eighth Grade Students of SMPN Sukorambi Jember”. I would like to express my deepest appreciation and sincerest thanks to the following people: 1. The Dean of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Jember University; 2. The Chairperson of the Language and Arts Department; 3. The Chairperson of the English
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... Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital ... Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital ... Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital Repository Universitas Jember Digital
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... coherent and unified. In the grammatical cohesive devices, we find that reference appear more often than others. It means that reference play important role in making the text coherent and unified. In the lexical cohesive devices, we find that repetition occurs more often than others. In conclusion, reference and repetition play an important role in making ... describe the application of grammatical cohesive devices and lexical cohesive devices to the article of Spa: Regain Balance of Your Inner and Outer Beauty in The Jakarta Post Newspaper and to find out whether grammatical cohesive devices and lexical cohesive devices can make the text coherent and unified. This thesis uses library research through some books ... cohesive devices, which include repetition, synonym, antonym, hyponym, cohyponym, meronym, and comeronym. In summary, the grammatical cohesive devices include reference (29 items), substitution (3 items), ellipsis (1 item) and conjunction (21 items). Thus, the article is frequently realized by reference. Meanwhile, the lexical cohesive devices include repetition
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... work especially in the banking. The bank employee needs the profession ethics to make the client interested in the service of bank, because the bank has the people truth. They have to be able to mobilize and offer every service which the bank has to the client. When the client has believed in the bank s service and the employee, they will not be uncertain ... analysis and the research in this report have not already been submitted for any other degree or any publications. I am responsible for the correctness of this report. I certify to the best of my knowledge that all sources used and any help received in the preparation of this report have been acknowledgement. Jember, 14th June 2011 The writer, Ahmad ... handed by the good employee which has the profession ethics. To create the professionalism of employee in the work world needs the understanding about the profession ethics. The customer service is one of the good employees which have the important position to communicate to the client, so they really have to understand and implement the profession ethics
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Improving the Eighth Year Students' Tense Achievement and Active Participation by Giving Positive Reinforcement at SMPN 1 Silo in the 2013/2014 Academic Year

... some actions, there were: 1) the researcher varied the reinforcement given. The variation here didn't mean that the researcher gave totally different reinforcement to the students. The researcher still gave candies and snacks as reinforcement but the researcher gave different brand of candies and snacks for each meeting, 2) the researcher bought reinforcement ... material reinforcement for the students. Besides, intermittent schedule can also be used to decrease the students’ dependence on reinforcement. 2. Future Researchers It was suggested to the future researcher to conduct further research dealing with the use of positive reinforcement in the teaching learning process. It can be used in different research ... the social reinforcement given was in the form of praise and gestures. The material reinforcements given in Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 were almost the same. The difference was only in the brand of snacks and candies given. In administering the reinforcement to the students, the researcher used continuous reinforcement schedule. It means that the researcher
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... rice prices remained create Suggestions 1. For further research is recommended for more economic variables used in looking at factors affecting supply and demand of rice Indonesia. The variable is intended to be able to describe the state of Indonesia's rice supply and demand better. 2. For the government to be wary of any change of economic variables ... that influenced the price, this is to eliminate the effects of inflation. As one of the world's largest importer of rice, cannot be refused again that the state of Indonesian rice to some extent been influenced by the state of the world's rice. The results of data analysis as a whole variable relationship between domestic and global rice market is presented in ... Figure 5.3. Figure 2 describes the interrelations and mutual influences between endogenous to exogenous variables in domestic and global rice market, so it can be understood in brief about both performance domestic and global markets. Figure 2. Scheme Variables Relations World Rice Prices of Domestic International Rice Market 6 And the world rice
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The Correlation between students vocabulary master and reading comprehension

... away and the students have to tell what they saw, or write everything they can remember seeing, then compare their answers with the rest of the class. 5) Using word thermometers. These are useful for indicating different degrees in size, speed, age, distance, emotion etc. Students are given a list of words in jumbles order. They have to place these words ... make the most appropriate lexical choices for particular linguistic and situational context. 4. Presenting New Vocabulary Different teachers have different ways to present new words. Whatever methods are used, the following suggestions may help teachers: 1) Prepare examples to show meaning. Examples are best if they are created by the teachers themselves ... directions, advertisement, etc. therefore, the ability to read English text in any form will give a great deal of advantages in our lives. Reading is the act of interpreting printed and written word. Reading requires understanding or comprehending the means of printed matters. Through reading we acquire new ideas, obtain needed information, seek support for our
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Improping student's reading comprehension of descriptive text through textual teaching and learning (CTL)

... statement, the teachers assumed to teach reading in interesting learning and give the aim of reading to students. To achieve the goal of learning, teacher must have or create a good teaching strategy to make the class effective and well-organized. Therefore, in teaching descriptive text, teacher needs good teaching strategy. Here the writer takes her ... pleasure. Besides, the reader doesn’t need to understand each words because in this step the purpose of reading is merely needs to get an overall understanding of the passage or text. 3. Purpose of Reading Generally, people read something because they want to or because they have a desire to do so and a purpose to achieve. 6 Christine Nuttal, Teaching ... support self-regulating learning has three general characteristic, they are: awareness thinking, the use of strategy, and continuing motivation. The students are encouraged to know their strong and their weakness to organize the learning goal and develop the strategies to achieve the goal. Therefore the teacher must create an environment where the students
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An Identity Crisis In Hanrahan's Lost Girls And Love Hotels

... how well children perceive themselves to be developing and using their skills. If children are scolded, ridiculed, or rejected, they are likely to develop feelings of inferiority and inadequacy. On the other hand, praise and reinforcement foster feelings of competence and encourage continued striving. The basic strength that should emerge from this stage ... Adolescent love is an attempt to arrive a definition of one’s identity by projecting one’s diffused ego image on another and by seeing thus reflected and gradually clarified. 21 Adolescents develop trust to their loved to reveal themselves and to learn about themselves from the reaction and perceptions of their loved ones. Therefore, conversation is the ... the present Margaret is in level of young adulthood—her age is around 20, but there are some flashbacks that will represent her in each stage of development. Therefore, the writer will only analyze the three influential stages, related to the research. They are Competence in school age, Fidelity in adolescence, and Love in young adulthood. 18 The
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The correlation between listening skill and pronunciation accuracy : a case study in the firt year of smk vocation higt school pupita bangsa ciputat school year 2005-2006

... English before age 12 generally results in accent-free speech, whereas acquisition after age 15 virtually guarantee some degree of accented ness in speech.”26 b. The learners’ exposure “Exposure in the target language can refer to both the length of time and the intensity of the exposure over time. Generally speaking, the more time spent on learning the spoken ... obvious enough to make a person’s origins identifiable by untrained as well as trained people. Besides the learner’s native language, there are several factors that effect pronunciation learning. a. The learner’s age “The younger the age when the learner begins to acquire English, the better the learner’s pronunciation. In fact, complete mastery of English ... because it provides input for the learner. Without understanding input at the right level, any learning simply cannot begin. 2. Spoken language provides a means of interaction for the learner. Because learners must interact to achieve understanding, access to speaker of the language is essential. Moreover, learners’ failure to understand the language they
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Pembangunan Aplikasi E-Commerce Pada Toko Riri Collection

... to implement technology to automate business processes by implementing Electronic-Commerce or commonly known as E- Commmerce. Model of software development using waterfall method, while for data modeling uses the structured method Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) to describe data models and Data Flow Diagrams (DFD) to describe the functional model, Flowmap ... Akhir ini penulis mengambil pengertian Ecommerce sebagai alat/cara modern untuk lebih memperkenalkan sebuah usaha kepada masyarakat melalui kecanggihan teknologi Internet. 2.1.1 Jenis - Jenis E- commerce Jenis - jenis e- commerce dibagi berdasarkan sifat transaksinya sebagai berikut : 1. Business to Business (B2B) Merupakan jenis e- commerce yang meliputi ... serta saran yang diberikan untuk perkembangan lebih lanjut. BAB II LANDASAN TEORI 2.1 Pengertian E- Commerce E- Commerce merupakan salah satu keunggulan dari Internet. Ada beberapa sebuatan E- Commerce yaitu Internet Commerce, Ecom, atau Immerce, yang pada dasarnya semua sebutan diatas mempunyai makna yang sama. Istilahistilah tersebut berarti membeli
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Pembangunan aplikasi e-learning sebagai sarana penunjang proses belajar mengajar di SMA Negeri 3 Karawang

... sendiri, misalnya diperoleh dari sistem informasi. Sumber data eksternal berasal dari lingkungan. Sumber informasi juga bisa bersifat formal dan informal. Sumber data formal diperoleh melalui sistem informasi, dokumen-dokumen yang dipublikasikan, dan hasil pertemuan resmi, sedangkan sumber informal diperoleh karena ada perbincangan tak resmi. 7. Relevansi/nilai Relevansi ... dengan sistem 21 yang lainnya sesuai dengan kebutuhan sistem-sistem tertentu menjadi penguntungan terhadap sistem yang terkait. 2.2.5 Elemen Sistem Ada beberapa elemen yang membentuk sebuah sistem yaitu tujuan, masukan, proses, keluaran, mekanisme pengendalian, dan umpan balik diantarany: [1] a. Tujuan Setiap sistem memiliki (goal), entah hanya ... teknologi internet berperan sebagai sarana pencari informasi untuk menunjang proses kegiatan belajar mengajar, maka kebutuhan akan suatu konsep dan mekanisme belajar mengajar berbasis teknologi informasi menjadi tidak terelakkan lagi. Sebagai salah satu sekolah favorit di Karawang, Sekolah Menengah Atas Negeri 3 Karawang yang terletak di jalan Banten
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Pengaruh Persepsi Kemudahan dan Kepuasan Wajib Pajak Terhadap Penggunaan E Filling (Survei Pada Wajib Pajak Orang Pribadi Di Kpp Pratama Soreang)

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Prosedur Pelaporan Surat Pemberitahuan Pajak Pengahsilan (SPT PPn) Dengan Menggunakan Elektronik Surat Pemberitahuan (E-SPT PPn 1111) Pada PT. INTI (Persero) Bandung

... manual oleh perusahaan dengan terlebih dahulu menjelaskan kepada vendor mengenai pengoreksian nomor seri faktur pajak yang bersangkutan kemudian melakukan rekon atau pembetulan ke bagian logistik terkait pekerjaan vendor dengan melihat surat pesanan (Purhase Order). menghitung manual dan memeriksa dokumen dengan teliti sebelum di input untuk menghitung ... diberikan oleh atasan k. Melaksanakan Pembinaan Karyawan di Unitnya. 18 2.3.3 Kabag Penagihan Dan Penerimaan a. Memimpin,mengelola dan merencanakan kegiatan Penagihan dan Penerimaan Celco dan Private Enterprises. b. Merencanakan, berhubungan mengorganisasikan, pembuatan dokumen mengendalikan penagihan ke kegiatan pelanggan yang beserta kelengkapan ... Diantaranya Mengganti nomor seri faktur pajak dengan nomor seri asli secara manual oleh perusahaan dengan terlebih dahulu menjelaskan kepada vendor mengenai pengoreksian nomor seri faktur pajak yang bersangkutan kemudian melakukan rekon atau pembetulan ke bagian logistik terkait pekerjaan vendor dengan melihat surat pesanan (Purhase Order). Untuk saat ini, belum
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... strength, and microstructure. This study uses material yield of 0.1895% Carbon Steel C and Steel Stainless steel yield 0.026% C. Materials treated with a variety of welding current 90 Ampere, 120 Ampere and 150 Ampere using DC reverse polarity welding with SMAW electrode diameter of 3.2 mm E 309-16 DC reverse polarity of the electrode holder is connected ... Indriyanto Setting the welding current strength will affect the results of welding, for it needed a way for bimetallic welding is more acceptable and can eventually be applied properly in accordance with the desired. One way that might be done is setting the right amount of welding current. This study aims to determine the effect of welding current on tensile ... is connected to the positive pole and a metal stem is connected to the negative pole. This type of seam used is seam V at an angle of 60o. The highest tensile strength of welded joints occurred in the specimens of 150 A that is equal to 644 MPa this means an increase of 3.2% of the raw material of stainless steel and an increase of 21.96% of the raw material
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... posisi teratas sebagai sumber penerimaan yang pertama dan utama dalam meningkatkan kas negara. Oleh karena itu, pemerintah terus berusaha dengan berbagai cara untuk memaksimalkan penerimaan pajak. Pemerintah sudah menerapkan berbagai kebijakan demi memaksimalkan penerimaan pajak. Akan tetapi pemerintah tidak bisa berjalan sendiri untuk mewujudkan penerimaan ... anggaran mengingat sebagai sumber pendapatan negara, pajak memiliki fungsi untuk membiayai pengeluaran negara seperti belanja pegawai, belanja barang, pemeliharaan dan sebagainya. b. Fungsi Mengatur (reguleren). : Melalui pajak, pemerintah bisa mengatur pertumbuhan ekonomi melalui kebijaksanaan pajak. Misalnya dalam rangka mendorong investasi asing, pemerintah ... seorang Wajib Pajak dapat dengan segera memenuhi kewajibannya untuk membayar pajak kepada pemerintah melalui tempattempat pembayaran pajak yang telah ditunjuk secara sah oleh pemerintah. b. Kekurangan e- Registrasion a. Dalam pencetakan NPWP memerlukan waktu yang lama, karena pemasukan data calon Wajib pajak hanya pada server local ( internet KPP setempat).
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... according to the target and the institution gives a reward in the form of educational scholarship in master degree/S2, 8) the role and the function as an entrepreneur, the principal has the soul of entrepreneur, high motivation, hard working, optimistic, creativity and perseverance in developing a school. Key word: The leadership’s role and function, Educator, ... commitee, student proxy and student. Data analyze uses triangulasion, it compares between the observation result of documentation and the interview result. The results of this research are: 1) the principal’s role and function as an educator, the principal has professionalism as an educator and can give motivation for the teachers to have a professionalism ... ABSTRACT THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE LEADERSHIP'S ROLE AND FUNCTION OF MUHAMMADIYAH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PRINCIPAL OF METRO By Sumi Mariyati The purpose of this research is to describe the implementation of the principle’s role and function in leading The Muhammadiyah Elementary School of Metro. This research is focus on the principle’s role and function as an educator,
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Thermo Acoustic Approach for Neuron Sig

... common resonance frequency, and result current can not appear inside no deformed membrane of Soma. Presented mechanical approach and presented mathematical calculations need more detailed calculations, analysis and experiments that we hope will be done during further development. However, presented algorithm can serve as a background for further development. calculated ... we consider that argument is large, so we get the next factor for (17): (13) (19) We put here the constant as a temperature in the heated axon membrane: From these estimates (17-19) we can see that the amplitude of the temperature on the axis of the cylinder many times exceeds the surface temperature: (14) The result temperature is ⏐T(0)⏐/T(a) ~1/0.028 ... changes in resonance frequencies for axon, they have enough difference due to the 100 Svetlana Amirova and Tamara Tulaykova: Thermo - Acoustic Approach for Neuron Signals and New Hypothesis for Anesthetics Mechanisms 1% in viscosity change to be measured in experiments. The resonance frequencies for axons were calculated (37) for Table 3 depending
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Predection of Litter Size, Lamb Birth Weight, Mammary Gland Growth Indices and Milk Yield in Relation to Weaning Weight Based on Hormonal and Blood Metabolite Profiles During Pregnancy in Sheep (Ovis aries)

... pertumbuhan dan perkembangan-kelenjar susu selama p e r i o d e kebuntingan. Pada t e r n a k yang plasentanya b e r f u n g s i sebagai k e l e n j a r penghasi 1 p r o g e s t e r o n dan e s t r a d i o 1 , s e l a i n l a k t o g e n plasenta, s e k r e s i hormon t ersebut meni ngkat s e c a r a d r a s t is s e t e l ah p e r i o d e p l asent a s ... l . Kelen j a r susu seekor i n d i v i d u b e t i n a berkembang sesuai dengan perkembangan embrio dan sudah t e r b e n t u k sempurna pada saat l a h i r (Anderson, 1985) dalam bentuk s a l u r a n k e l e n j a r yang pada ujung-ujungnya t e r d a pat sel-sel stem. menjadi s e l - s e l Sel-sel i n i n a n t i n y a akan b e r d i f e r e n ... e r i o d e kebuntingan (Wahab dan Anderson, hingga t e r b e n t u k komponen s e l - s e l 1989), se- k e l e n j a r susu yang t e r d i r i d a t i s i s t e m pembuluh, s e l - s e l epitel, j a r i n g a n basal tempat s e l - s e l s e k r e t o r i s it u b e r t a u t (Harness dan Anderson, j a r i n g a n i k a t , dan 1977a). Pertumbuhan
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... media pembelajaran berbasis internet di SMP Negeri 5 Semarang? (2)Bagaimana memproduksi e- learning dengan moodle sebagai alternatif media pembelajaran berbasis internet di SMP Negeri 5 Semarang? (3)Apakah e- learning dengan moodle layak dan efektif digunakan sebagai alternatif media pembelajaran berbasis internet di SMP Negeri 5 Semarang? 1.3 Tujuan Penelitian Berdasarkan ... belum dikembangkan dan digunakan secara baik sebagai media pembelajaran berbasis internet. Permasalahan dalam penelitian ini adalah bagaimana pengembangan elearning sekolah dengan CMS Moodle di SMP Negeri 5 Semarang dan kelayakan e- learning sebagai alternatif media pembelajaran berbasis internet. Metode penelitian yang digunakan adalah metode Penelitian ... di SMP Negeri 5 Semarang. (3) Kelayakan efektif tidaknya e- learning dengan moodle sebagai alternatif media pembelajaran berbasis internet di SMP Negeri 5 Semarang. 1.4 Manfaat Penelitian 1.4.1 Manfaat Teoretis Manfaat teoretis dalam penulisan skripsi ini adalah memberikan sumbangan teori tentang pengembangan dan penerapan e- learning sekolah. Selain itu
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The Implementation of Animations and Total Physical Response Method in Teaching Classroom Instructions (The Case of the Fifth Grade Students of SDN Sumurpule, Rembang in the Academic Year of 2010 2011

... they like to play, move and they need more exercises and body movements in understanding the lesson. They also learn more effectively by using their hands, ears and eyes. In other words, they need media and method which can be touched, heard, seen and allow them to be active in the classroom activities. (Scott and Ytreberg 1996:22) Moreover, elementary ... using their body movements. 2.1.3 Objectives of Total Physical Response Every teaching methods and media are developed by the purpose to get betterment for education fields. Teachers who use Total Physical Response method believe in importance of having their students enjoy their experience in learning foreign language. Therefore, most of them use this ... the students are expected to be able to reach the required level as their preparation for higher level of education. 29 16 2.3 The Characteristics of Elementary School Students Successful teachers take into account student differences in developmental levels and individual characteristics. Teachers have to differentiate the treatments for their
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THE QUALITY OF NEWS ITEM TEXTS (in Developing English Competencies Textbook for the Tenth Grade of Senior High School Published by Pusat Perbukuan Departemen Pendidikan Nasional)

... doesn‟t give some materials related to the competences needed by the students. It just gives the theme and the teacher should give explanation about the theme. In the 2004 curriculum, schools are demanded to prepare teachers to have good qualification and can search the lesson sources, and give the study acceleration for his or her students. Beside ... texts, and reading texts in various genres. Therefore, the students need to be encouraged to view written texts at the level of whole text rather than at the level of sentences. In order to achieve the good quality of national education, it is needed to arrange and implement the eight national standard of education. They are standard of content, standard ... achieve its goal, i .e. entertaining or describing about something. A text can also be defined as any meaningful stretch of spoken or written language. It means when we use language to write, we are creating a text. When we read, we are interpreting texts and when we talk and listen, we are also creating and interpreting texts. For example when we have
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The Application of Mivque For Estimating Genetics Variance In Dairy Milk Production

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