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... situasi. Soal PISA dikembangkan berdasarkan 4 konten, keempat konten tersebut meliputi: Shape and Space, Change and Relationship, Quantity, dan Uncertainty. Salah satu dari empat konten soal PISA adalah konten Shape and Space (bentuk dan ruang). Soal pada konten Shape and Space berkaitan dengan kemampuan penerapan konsep, fakta, prosedur, dan penalaran matematika ... ukuran untuk mengetahui kemampuan pemecahan masalah siswa yaitu hasil studi PISA. PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) adalah studi tentang program penilaian siswa tingkat internasional yang diselenggarakan oleh Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) atau organisasi untuk kerjasama ekonomi dan pembangunan. PISA bertujuan ... problem of shape and space content based on Rasch Model. The results show the average logit value of student -1,52 logit. This value is less than 0.0 logit. It indicates that the ability of students in solving PISA problem of Shape and space content based on Rasch Model analysis is still low. Keywords : PISA, problem solving ability, shape and space content,
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Analisis Komparasi Internet Financial Local Government Reporting Pada Website Resmi Kabupaten dan Kota di Jawa Timur The Comparison Analysis of Internet Financial Local Government Reporting on Official Website of Regency and City in East Java

... two sample, regency and municipal (city). Data were analyzed using Mann Whitney Test. The result of observation is all e-governments is online. 19 regencies and 9 cities uploaded their local government reporting and 10 regencies didn’t upload it yet. The result show there is no difference between regency and municipal (city) in East Java from all the accessibilities ... biar kompre selalu hensif update Hyper Bentuk dan Text HTML tepat Marku memilik waktu) tinggi ent karena lebih memudahkan penggunaan C tahun kompon yang Statem D informasi untuk mengakses informasi keuangan tersebut menjadi lebih cepat. p i skor Pemanf komponen ini Analys yang aatan terkait is age tinggi Teknol dengan Tools Menyed iakan analysis (HTM dibandi pemanfaatan tools L) ngkan teknologi (contoh Forma dalam yang nya, t format dapat Excel pdf disediakan Tabel karena oleh Sumbu informa laporan ... skor Menyaji Ketepat ketika Data IFLGR website tahun juga perusahaan sebelu menyaji menyajikan mnya kan informasi (Data laporan tepat for ding E kan Up IFLGR Date untuk tahun en dibandingkan berjalan Laporan dalam format (misal Keuang pdf, disajika an yang informasi n lengkap dalam bentuk perseme dan html ster biar kompre selalu hensif update Hyper Bentuk dan Text HTML tepat Marku memilik waktu) tinggi ent karena lebih memudahkan penggunaan C tahun kompon yang Statem D informasi untuk mengakses informasi keuangan tersebut menjadi
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... organization of the high and the low achievers’ descriptive text writing was not quite good. viii ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First and foremost, I would like to express my greatest gratitude to Allah, for blessing me and giving me strength so I can finish my thesis entitled “A Case Study: An Analysis of Descriptive Text Writing Composed by the High and the Low Achievers ... Language and Arts Education Department The Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Jember University By: Setyo Utami NIM 070210401045 ENGLISH EDUCATION PROGRAM ART AND LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT THE FACULTY OF TEACHER TRAINING AND EDUCATION JEMBER UNIVERSITY 2012 ii DEDICATION This thesis is honorably dedicated to: 1. My beloved parents, Artawi (alm.) and ... appreciation and sincerest thanks to the following people: 1. The Dean of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Jember University; 2. The Chairperson of the Language and Arts Department; 3. The Chairperson of the English Education Program; 4. My first consultant, Dr. Budi Setyono, M.A., and my second consultant, Dra. Wiwiek Istianah, M.Kes., M.Ed., for
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... thank you both for your endless love, pray, hope and pride for me. 2. My elder brother, Wachid Thank you for giving me good advice, motivation and constructive comments. 3. My man, Samsul Arifin Thank you for your love, support, understanding, and great patience. I could not have completed this effort without your assistance, tolerance, and enthusiasm. 4. ... have encouraged me to finish this thesis: 1. Foremost, my utmost gratitude is for my first and second supervisors, Dra. Hj. Meilia Adiana M.Pd and Reni Kusumaningputri S.S, M.Pd who have encouraged and given me a valuable assistance to finish this thesis. I thank them for their countless hours of guidance, knowledge, advice, and patience throughout the entire ... thesis. 6. My warmest thanks to my special friends Indah, Ida, Lutfi, Lala, Rina, Mayang and Noat for their support, friendship, and care. 7. My friends in the Academic Year of 2007 and EDSA UNEJ. May ALLAH SWT, The most beneficent, bless all of them for their sincere assistance and endow them with the proper virtue. Jember, October 20th, 2011 Afifi Layli
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... father and mother who always pray and give their affection and advice to me, 2. My beloved sisters. Thank you very much for praying and supporting me, 3. My honorable teacher from elementary school to this university. Thanks for your knowledge and guidance, 4. Faculty of letters Jember University, in here I learn about everything. ii MOTTO And fulfill ... Profession Ethics for Supporting The Working Performance of Customer Service Staff in PT BRI Rambipuji Jember is really my own work, except the sources of quotation that I mentioned. I certify that the analysis and the research in this report have not already been submitted for any other degree or any publications. I am responsible for the correctness ... to understand and implement the profession ethics in their working. Key word: customer service, the profession ethics. vi ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Alhamdulillah, I am deeply grateful to the Almighty God (Allah SWT) for his blessing, mercy and guidance, so I was able to finish the job training report entitled The Application of Profession Ethics for Supporting
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Improving the Eighth Year Students' Tense Achievement and Active Participation by Giving Positive Reinforcement at SMPN 1 Silo in the 2013/2014 Academic Year

... positive reinforcement at SMPN 1 Silo in the 2013/2014 academic year . Positive reinforcements used in this method were in the form of material and social reinforcement. The material reinforcement used in this research was in the form of candies, snacks, pencils and notebooks and for the social reinforcement used was in the form of praise and gestures. ... the form of material and social reinforcement to the students. The material reinforcement given in this research was candies, snacks, pencils, and notebooks, and for the social reinforcement given was in the form of praise and gestures. The material reinforcements given in Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 were almost the same. The difference was only in the brand ... tense and past continuous tense. Simple present and present continuous tenses are related to a descriptive text and simple past and past continuous tenses are related to a recount and a narrative texts. Although tense is not stated in the standard competencies and basic competencies in the 2006 curriculum, tenses are needed to master and understand the materials
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... becoming a net importer of rice since the late 1980s. (Sawit, 2007). Supply and Demand Balance The price for something and the number of traded goods is determined by demand and supply of goods. Pricing mechanism and quantity of goods traded obtained upon analysis of demand and supply of a particular item in a market. The situation in a market said ... export of Thailand PXRASTHL= Rice’s export price of Thailand EFITHL = Exchange rate of Thailand GDPTHL = Gross Domestic Product of Thailand QRASTHL= Rice’s production of Thailand POPTHL = Population of Thailand PXRASTHL = Rice’s export price of Thailand in the previous year STHL = Rice’s supply of Thailand XRASTHLl = Rice’s export of Thailand in the previous ... of economic, political, and security and safety. Therefore Indonesian’s government needs to anticipate changes in exporting countries and importers in supplying the world rice market. Changes in Prices and Total Export of Rice in Thailand World rice exporting countries selected in this simulation is the country of Thailand. Thailand is the country's largest
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The Correlation between students vocabulary master and reading comprehension

... in the form of graphic symbols but also getting meaning from word to word or line to line to understand what we read. It means that reading is a process to understand the text content and to get information. 2. Aims of Reading A person may read for many purposes, and that purpose helps understand more what is read by people. If he is reading for pleasure ... author said that the aim of reading is: a. Reading to search for simple information. b. Reading to skim quickly. c. Reading to learn from texts. d. Reading to integrate information. e. Reading to write (of search for information needed for writing). f. Reading to critique texts. g. Reading for general comprehension.24 Different authorities suggest purpose ... pleasure or reading for pure recreation and enjoyment, he may read either quickly or slowly based on the way he likes or feels. But if he is reading for study or information such news, science or some line, which are part of his study or assignment it does very slowly and carefully. 22 And generally the aim of reading is to find some information from the
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Improping student's reading comprehension of descriptive text through textual teaching and learning (CTL)

... something with information you got).”8 Moreover, the essential purpose of reading generally is to get new information or pleasure. Reading for information is reading that the reader has not stop to analyze the grammatical structures; the reader understand the structure without thinking about it. Reading for information requires that the reader understand of ... for information may range from the scanning of documents and the reading of letters to in depth understanding of articles of books. Whether we are reading for pleasure or information, the nature of the reading depends on what we want from the text. In addition, Nuttal stated in her book that “whatever your reason for reading (excluding any reading for ... that they don’t get information from text. If they don’t understand meaningful text, they can’t answer the question based on the text and can’t identify the structure of the text well. Based on Competency Standard (Standar Kompetensi) and Basic Competency (Kompetensi Dasar), the second year students are expected to be able to understand and respond meaningful
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An Identity Crisis In Hanrahan's Lost Girls And Love Hotels

... Letters Department for brilliantly taking care of all the lessons and let me freely have fun with tasks and homeworks. 5. The librarian and staffs of library at Adab and Psychology UIN, FIB and Psychology UI; for helping me learn and get the references. 6. All of my colleagues at English Letters Department especially for class B; for Yahu!—next time ... The attitudes and behaviors of parents and teachers largely determine how well children perceive themselves to be developing and using their skills. If children are scolded, ridiculed, or rejected, they are likely to develop feelings of inferiority and inadequacy. On the other hand, praise and reinforcement foster feelings of competence and encourage ... the Lord of everything in this universe, for giving me so grateful life and this chance to bless with happiness. Peace and blessing also be upon the precious Messengers ever, our Prophet Muhammad SAW and all the followers. I am very grateful to my parents, H. Jamal Purba and Diana for giving me financial support and blessing me all the time. Without whom
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The correlation between listening skill and pronunciation accuracy : a case study in the firt year of smk vocation higt school pupita bangsa ciputat school year 2005-2006

... between listening skill and pronunciation accuracy. And examine the listening skill either by the songs, film, news, etc, which can help the students pronounce better. And for the teachers, they will know students’ listening skill by listening to their pronunciation. By giving the information about the correlation between listening skill and pronunciation ... to hear, to understand, and to evaluate. Teacher commonly notices that some students do not hear and that others hear but do not understand and evaluate what the student says, and the teaching – learning process is thereby correspondingly retarded.”5 3 Harry A. Green, Walter T. Petty, Developing Language Skill in Elementary School, (Alyn and Bacon inc, 1971) ... significant 5%= 0.361 and 1%= 0.463 so ro > rt or (0.361 < 0.643 > 0.463). It means that hypothesis of the research is accepted. Beside that pronunciation learning should be done before listening activities. And it is impossible for one to produce a good pronunciation when he / she never heard of it before, and he / she should hear it clearly and it needs to
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Sistem Pemasaran Dan Pemesanan Barang Dengan Metode Customer Relationship Management Berbasis Web Pada PT.Yoshindo Indoensia Technology Jakarta

... data (data processing cycles). Siklus informasi dapat dilihat pada gambar 2.3: 19 Gambar 2.3. Siklus Informasi [3] Kegunaan Informasi Ada 4 faktor utama yang berhubungan dengan kegunaan informasi : 1. Kualitas informasi (information quality) Kualitas dari suatu informasi tergantung dari 4 hal, yaitu informasi harus : a. Akurat (accurate) dan ... Presentasi informasi (information presentation) a. Tingkatan (level of summarization) Perbandingan antara data asli dengan yang ditampilkan. Manipulasi data hingga tingkatan yang sesuai, semakin sederhana semakin baik. b. Format Bentuk dimana informasi ditampilkan ke user. Manipulasi data ke dalam bentuk yang sesuai. 4. Keamanan informasi (information ... (source) Orang atau organisasi yang menghasilkan informasi. 2. Aksesibilitas informasi (information accessibility) a. Ketersediaan (availability) Memberikan informasi kepada yang membutuhkan. Informasi dapat diakses oleh yang membutuhkan. b. Keabsahan (admissibility) Keabsahan (boleh atau tidak boleh dipakai) informasi tergantung pada hukum, peraturan atau
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... discipline, commitment, consistency and democratic leader, he is able to understand the school organization, vision, mission and characteristic of Muhammadiyah Elementary School of Metro, 6) the role and the function as an innovator can run well. As an innovation agent, the principal tries to develop an insight for the teachers and the staffs, so it can make the ... principal’s role and function as an administrator can run well, as the indicator is the physical approval from school management administration, 4) the principal’s role and function is good enough as a supervisor, by doing a supervision to teachers and staffs, it is felt by teachers and staffs as a media to increase their jobs. 5) the role and the function ... between the observation result of documentation and the interview result. The results of this research are: 1) the principal’s role and function as an educator, the principal has professionalism as an educator and can give motivation for the teachers to have a professionalism as a teacher, 2) the principal’s role and function as a manager, the principal does
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Thermo Acoustic Approach for Neuron Sig

... energy for its excitation, so it will appear with high probability. Energy distribution and its value for each propagated acoustical mode can be calculated using standard methods [18]. Let’s consider the heating of the cylindrical axon (marked 96 Svetlana Amirova and Tamara Tulaykova: Thermo - Acoustic Approach for Neuron Signals and New Hypothesis for ... sectional area, S, gives the acted force: , (7) Then force acts inside membrane along heated cylinder surface S, it gives the longitudinal component of the force: (8) The estimation is for typical axon with radius a = 10µm, T(a) = 80µK and linear expansion coefficient α = 7·10-4 K-1 that is equal to one for polymers [19]. The force value in (8) is Fh1≈2.7·10-11 ... friction, µ, and exited force in right side, has a form: (34) Here S = πr2 is axon cross section, E is a Young's modulus, ρ is a density material, wherein the sound velocity is known and presented as C2 = E/ρ. Appropriate uniform equation is: (35) The circular frequency for the equation with attenuation in environment is presented in the form: (36) Then ,
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Predection of Litter Size, Lamb Birth Weight, Mammary Gland Growth Indices and Milk Yield in Relation to Weaning Weight Based on Hormonal and Blood Metabolite Profiles During Pregnancy in Sheep (Ovis aries)

... berada d i bawah pengaruh e s t r a d i o l (Wright dan Anderson, Anderson, 1985; Wahab dan Anderson, pemanjangan s a l u r a n s e l e s a i , 1989). 1982; Kemudian s e t e l a h akan t e r j a d i percabangan dan pembentukan l o b u l a l v e o l a r yang berada d i bawah pengaruh progest eron {Anderson, 1986). 1985) dan 1aktogen p l asent a ( ... dikombinasikan dengan progesteron, e s t r a d i o l , r e l a k s i n dan l a k t o g e n p l a s e n t a pada hewan o v a r i e k t o m i (Harness dan Anderson, Anderson, 1977b; Wright dan Anderson, Wahab dan Anderson, 1989). 1977a; Harness dan 1982; F o r s y t h, 1986; Namun perubahan hormon t e r s e b u t sesuai dengan u s i a kebuntingan dan ... e f f i e l d dan Anderson, 1985; Anderson, 1985; Tucker, 1985), l a j u penyediaan z a t - z a t makanan ke k e l e n j a r susu dan kelengkapan perangkat s i n t e s i s n y h selama l a k t a s i , s e r t a l a j u i n v o l u s i dan a k t i v i t a s s e l - s e l k e l e n j a r susu ( D j o j o s o e b a g i o , 1985; Anderson, 1965; S
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Relation Between Encapsulation Of Streptococci Of Serological Group B And Adherence Properties Of The Bacteria To DEAE-SEPHACEL

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The Implementation of Animations and Total Physical Response Method in Teaching Classroom Instructions (The Case of the Fifth Grade Students of SDN Sumurpule, Rembang in the Academic Year of 2010 2011

... demonstrated instructions and information in the school context such as expressing how to do something, give commands, and directions to their classmates. In reading aspect, they should be able to read aloud very simple words, phrases, and sentences with appropriate pronunciation, stress, and intonations and understand written massages and pictorial descriptive ... teachers and the fifth grade students of SDN Sumurpule Rembang for allowing me to carry out the research in their school and for giving the contribution while I was conducting the research there. I would like to dedicate my deepest gratitude to my family who has supported the finance, spirit and prayers for my success and all my friends for their support and ... understand individual words. Second, they often learn directly and indirectly. Third, their understanding comes not just from the explanation, but also from what they see and hear and crucially have a chance to touch and interact with. Fourth, they have a need for individual attention and approval from their teacher. Fifth, they have a need for individual
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THE QUALITY OF NEWS ITEM TEXTS (in Developing English Competencies Textbook for the Tenth Grade of Senior High School Published by Pusat Perbukuan Departemen Pendidikan Nasional)

... national education, it is needed to arrange and implement the eight national standard of education. They are standard of content, standard of process, standard of graduate competence, standard of educator and educational staff, standard of facilities and infrastructures, standard of management, standard of finance, and standard of educational assessment. Teacher ... categories – factual and literary text. Factual text is a text presents information, ideas or opinions in such a way as to inform, enlighten or persuade the readers or listeners. It provides the main ways for learning in other key learning areas and include those spoken and written texts that are produced in social situations, such as asking for and receiving ... beliefs (Anderson, 1997: 3). In interacting or engaging with literary text, students are able to emphasize the characters in different situations and events, extend their experiences, explore their own and others‟, values and attitudes, and enrich and expand their imaginative and critical capacities. This literary text includes narrative, poetry and drama. In
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The Application of Mivque For Estimating Genetics Variance In Dairy Milk Production

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Study on Suitability and Development of Green Mussel Culture in Kalibaru, Cilincing District, North Jakarta, Dietriech G Bengen and Ernan Rustandi

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Potential SRTM Data for Peak Flow Analysis, Case Study at Lipat Kain Watershed, Kampar Watershed – Riau Province

... WMS, debit puncak ABSTRACT ISWANDI, Potential SRTM Data for Peak Flow Analysis, Case Study at Lipat Kain Watershed, Kampar Watershed – Riau Province. Under supervision of SURIA DARMA TARIGAN and MAHMUD A. RAIMADOYA Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) delivered a digital terrain model of better spatial resolution and accuracy than traditional DEM ... WMS, debit puncak ABSTRACT ISWANDI, Potential SRTM Data for Peak Flow Analysis, Case Study at Lipat Kain Watershed, Kampar Watershed – Riau Province. Under supervision of SURIA DARMA TARIGAN and MAHMUD A. RAIMADOYA Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) delivered a digital terrain model of better spatial resolution and accuracy than traditional DEM ... Lipat Kain Watershed was used to generate drainage networks and catchments boundaries with TOPAZ in WMS Program and was compared with digitalized contour map scale 1 : 250.000 . The results of this study showed that DEM from SRTM had better accuracy than DEM from contour map scale 1 : 250.000. Land use change had caused on to increase in peak flow in Lipat
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The Design for The Synthesis Of Secondary Fatty Amine From Its Corresponding Fatty Acid

... Design for the Synthesis of Secondary Fatty Amine from its Corresponding Fatty Acid. Under the direction of ZAINAL ALIM MAS’UD and M. ANWAR NUR. The method for synthesizing secondary amine from its corresponding fatty acid has been successfully carried out using a synthesis design through amideprimary amines. The design involved the reactions of amide formation ... relatif lebih banyak dibandingkan dengan metode kromatografi. Dan jika menggunakan campuran sampel yang mengandung senyawa lain yang bersifat basa maka hasil analisis menjadi tidak akurat. Jika dibandingkan antara metode HPLC dengan titrasi untuk menganalisis amina alifatik turunan asam lemak, tentunya analisis pertama lebih dapat diandalkan. Akan tetapi ... successfully produced were dipalmitylamine, distearylamine, and dioleylamine. The resulted total output obtained of each secondary amine was 36.28, 35.43, and 36.35%, respectively. The successful synthesis was indicated by the change in the functional groups monitored using the fourier transform infrared spectroscopic method. The change of the functional
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Myoglobin Expression in Chelonia mydas Brain, Heart and Liver Tissues

... from this research is the basic information of myoglobin expression development at the turtle hatch phase. This information is useful for the basis to determine exact turtle hatch treatment technique of farm and hatchery-rear progeny in the field. We aim to improve hatchling survival and help development into strong and healthy adults. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We ... incubated at 1:2000 dilution in 2% (w/v) NFM in 1 x TBS for 2 h. The membrane was washed for 5 x 5min in 1 x TBS before application of ECL reagent (GE Healthcare) and exposured of the membrane to autoradiography film. HAYATI J Biosci used for DNA sequencing (Figure 4, lane 2). The myoglobin cDNA (Figure 5) and amino acid sequences (Figure 6) of C. mydas were ... centrifugation at 10,000 xg for 10 min at 4 oC. Supernatants were decanted and stored frozen at -20 oC. Protein concentration was determined (Bradford 1976) using bovine serum albumin as standard. For all tissues a sample of 50 µg of supernatant protein was electrophoresed on polyacrylamide gels. All supernatants were heated at 70 oC for 10 min in Laemmli buffer
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Diversity, Population Structure And Distribution Paterrn Of Syzygium In Gunung Baung, East Java

... population stucture and distribution patterns. The importance value index, the individual number of each stratum (stage class) (i.e. seedlings, saplings, poles and trees) and variance-to-mean ratio were calculated. The principal component analysis, cluster analysis, multiple linear regressions and canonical correspondence analysis were performed to determine the ... 2012 Deden Mudiana NRP E351100121 ABSTRACT DEDEN MUDIANA. Diversity, Population Structure and Distribution Paterrn of Syzygium in Gunung Baung, East Java. Under the supervision of AGUS HIKMAT and DIDIK WIDYATMOKO The research of Syzygium diversity, its population structure and the distribution patterns were conducted in Gunung Baung Nature Park, East Java. ... relationships between abiotic and biotic factors in regard with the presence of Syzygium. There were six species of Syzygium in Gunung Baung, Pasuruan, namely S. cumini, S. polyanthum, S. littorale, S. pycnanthum, S. racemosum, and S. samarangense. The population structure of Syzygium varied considerably, only S. pycnanthum and S. racemosum had an ideal
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