Application Of Design Of Experiment For Bell Casting Process

Analisis Komparasi Internet Financial Local Government Reporting Pada Website Resmi Kabupaten dan Kota di Jawa Timur The Comparison Analysis of Internet Financial Local Government Reporting on Official Website of Regency and City in East Java

... support. Abstract This study aims to compare the quality off reporting disclosure of Internet Financial Local Government Reporting that being uploaded by government using accessibility index that developed by Cheng et al. and to know the status of the official website is active or not. The study analyzes the optimization of the accounting reporting based on four components; ... skor Menyaji Ketepat ketika Data IFLGR website tahun juga perusahaan sebelu menyaji menyajikan mnya kan informasi (Data laporan tepat for ding E kan Up IFLGR Date untuk tahun en dibandingkan berjalan Laporan dalam format (misal Keuang pdf, disajika an yang informasi n lengkap dalam bentuk perseme dan html ster biar kompre selalu hensif update Hyper Bentuk dan Text HTML tepat Marku memilik waktu) tinggi ent karena lebih memudahkan penggunaan C tahun kompon yang Statem D informasi untuk mengakses informasi keuangan tersebut menjadi ... timeliness, technology, and user support. Data were collected by observation on official website. The population of this study are all government in East Java that splitted by two sample, regency and municipal (city). Data were analyzed using Mann Whitney Test. The result of observation is all e-governments is online. 19 regencies and 9 cities uploaded
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Analisis Komposisi Struktur Modal Pada PT Bank Syariah Mandiri (The Analysis of Capital Structure Composition at PT Bank Syariah Mandiri)

... capital structure of PT Bank Syariah Mandiri. The study period only five years was from 2009 to 2013. This research used the approach of EBIT-EPS. The analytical method used in this research was the analysis of EBBWT-EPS (Earnings Before Bonus Wadiah and Taxes-Earnings Per Share)by calculating the ratio of the maximum wadiah,, projections of the future ... capital structure of the company. Result of this study indicates that the maximum wadiah composition can be used by companies to be able to pay wadiah bonuses with certain EBBWT level. The optimum capital structure contained in 20%, 30%, 50%, 80%, and 95% of wadiah ratio, because it has a high value of EPS, when wadiah used exceeds the maximum limit 95% of wadiah ... of wadiah ratio, the company can not afford to give bonuses wadiah. Result of this study indicates that the capital struktur in the future will be change, because the capital structure depends on the conditions of EBBWT and EPS. The company can take decisions capital structure for the future by considering the level of EBBWT achieved by the company to
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... students of SMP Muhammadiyah 06 Dau Malang? 1.3 Purpose of the Study Based on the statement of the problems above, the purposes of the study are: 1. To classify the types of grammatical errors which are found in writing descriptive paragraph of second year students of SMP Muhammadiyah 06 Dau Malang. 2. To know the frequency of occurrence of each type of ... students of SMP Muhammadiyah 06 Dau Malang in academic year 2010/2011. 4 1.2 Statements of the Problem 1. What types of grammatical errors are found in writing descriptive paragraph of second year students of SMP Muhammadiyah 06 Dau Malang? 2. What is the frequency of occurrence of each type of grammatical errors in writing descriptive paragraph of second ... M.Ed i This thesis was defended in front of the examiners of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education of University of Muhammadiyah Malang and accepted as one of requirements to achieve Sarjana Degree in English Education on Januari 27, 2011 Approved by: Faculty of Teacher Training and Education University of Muhammadiyah Malang Dean, Drs. H. Fauzan,
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... M.Pd i This thesis was defended in front of the examiners of Faculty of Teacher Training and Education of University of Muhammadiyah Malang and accepted as the partial requirement to achieve Sarjana Degree in English Education on January 27, 2014 Approved by: Faculty of Teacher Training and Education University of Muhammadiyah Malang Dean Dr. Poncojari ... students of SMK Muhammadiyah 2 Malang. One way in which reliability or lack of reliability of a test is indicated; all tests had measurement error. The result of the tried out showed that the instrument used by the researcher was reliable. Based on the result of the data analysis, it was found there were kind of error made by students. In steps of writing ... Bandung: Angkasa Press. xi CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION This chapter presents background of study, statements of problems, purposes of study, significance of study, scope and limitation, and definition of key terms. 1.1 Background of study Language is the most important tool for communication in our daily activity. By using language people, can share opinion,
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... POA arrangement process at PHC level in Jember district by the year of 2007. Research samples were 10 main PHC in Jember district region with head of PHC as respondence. The sampling technique used in this research was simple random sampling through lottery technique. The variables were implementation of health effort identification phase, implementation of proposal ... phase, implementation of proposal activities submission phase, and plan activities implementation arrangement phase. The research showed 30% of respondence conducted health effort identification phase perfectly. 40% of respondence did not conduct proposal activities arangement phase while 60% of respondence conducted only partially. None of respondence conducted ... office should publish manual book of PHC planning level details and the writing sistematics as standard of uniformity in PHC’s POA arrangement. Besides that, guidance, monitoring, and evaluation from Jember district heatlh office is needed to arrange POA based on PHC planning level manual. Key words: Arrangement, Plan Of Action (POA), Public Health Centre
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... dealing with the topic of the research. They are the background of the research, the problems of the research, the objectives of the research and the significance of the research. 1.1 The Background of the Research Language is the principal means that people use to communicate with one another. Language primarily consists of two different forms: oral language ... APPROVAL A Case Study: An Analysis of Descriptive Text Writing Composed by the High and the Low Achievers of the Eighth Grade Students of SMPN Sukorambi Jember THESIS Composed to fulfill one of the requirements to obtain S1 Degree at the English Education Program of the Language and Arts Education Department of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education ... qualitatively the descriptive text writing of the high and the low achievers of the eighth grade students of SMPN Sukorambi Jember in the 2011/2012 academic year in the aspects of grammar, mechanics, content, vocabulary, and organization. The research subjects were 16 high achievers and 13 low achievers of the eighth grade students of SMPN Sukorambi Jember in the
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Community Development In Productive Village Through Entrepreneurship Of Rosary

... culture and politics. In an effort to overcome the problem of poverty and unemployment that occurred in Indonesia, the government, in this case KEMENAKERTRAN (Ministry of Manpower) of the Republic of Indonesia has launched the program of developing 132 productive villages in all 33 provinces in Indonesia, with the objective of creating job opportunities ... the people to manage and develop the potential of the local economy which is owned by Village Tutul. The potential of the entrepreneurship possessed is in the form of rosary and accessories handicraft that are managed by most people of Tutul. With the independence, creativity, expertise and joint efforts of the communities to manage the potential that ... produced. In the course of development of the 132 productive rural, Tutul Village, Balung District, Jember Regency, is one of the villages that has been successfully launched and formalized as a productive village in the national level by KEMENAKERTRAN on January 19, 2013. Tutul Village is an example of a productive village where there are efforts to develop
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... the theoretical framework of the thesis. The data of this study are collected from a written text. The qualitative data are in the form of descriptions and not in the form of numbers. Documentary (bibliographical) study is applied to this study as the technique of data collection, and the data are taken from Spa: Regain Balance of Your Inner and Outer ... Analysis on SPA: Regain Balance of Your Inner and Outer Beauty in The Jakarta Post on March 2011; Afifi Layli Shofa, 070110101012; 2011: 73 pages; English Department, Faculty of Letters, Jember University. Language is not only in the form of spoken but also in written. Newspaper is included into part of linguistic system. For sure, it donates a journalistic ... English Department, Faculty of Letters, Jember University in accordance with the Requirements for the Degree of Sarjana Sastra In English Studies Written by AFIFI LAYLI SHOFA NIM 070110101012 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT FACULTY OF LETTERS JEMBER UNIVERSITY 2011 DEDICATION Profoundly, I dedicate this thesis as my special feeling of gratitude to: 1. My beloved
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... Student’s worksheet 2(Meeting 2) 11. The Material of the Control Group (Meeting 2) 12. The Result of Data Analysis of the Homogeneity of the Student’s Vocabulary Test 13. The Results of Vocabulary Post-test of the Experimental Group and Control Group 14. The Calculation of Vocabulary Post- test Scores of the Experimental and Control Groups 15. Vocabulary ... supervision of the following persons. At this occasion, I would like to express my deepest appreciation and sincerest thanks to the following people: 1. The Dean of Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Jember University, 2. The Chairperson of the Language and Arts Department of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, 3. The Chairperson of the ... Appendix 16 The Results of Vocabulary test of the Experimental Group and Control Group ................................................................... Appendix 13 The Computation of Post- test Scores of the Experimental and Control Groups on Vocabulary Achievement…………………...Appendix 14 The Summary of the t- test Result………………………………...
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... THE APPLICATION OF PROFESSION ETHICS FOR SUPPORTING THE WORKING PERFORMANCE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE STAFF IN PT BRI RAMBIPUJI JEMBER THE JOB TRAINING REPORT By Ahmad Ridwan NIM 080103101007 ENGLISH DIPLOMA III PROGRAM FACULTY OF LETTERS UNIVERSITY OF JEMBER 2011 THE APPLICATION OF PROFESSION ETHICS FOR SUPPORTING THE WORKING PERFORMANCE OF CUSTOMER ... Ethics Code of Indonesian Banker ................................. 24 ix 4.3 The Application of Profession Ethics for Supporting The Working Performance of Customer Service Staff in PT BRI Rambipuji Jember....................................................................................... 25 4.4.1 The Application of the Ethics Code of Indonesian ... profession ethics in their working. Key word: customer service, the profession ethics. vi ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Alhamdulillah, I am deeply grateful to the Almighty God (Allah SWT) for his blessing, mercy and guidance, so I was able to finish the job training report entitled The Application of Profession Ethics for Supporting The Working Performance of
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An Analysis of illocutionary acts in Sherlock Holmes movie

... 13-14. 2 3 2. The context of an utterance 3. The goal (s) of an utterance 4. The utterance as a form of act or activity : a speech act 5. The utterance as a product of a verbal act One of pragmatics’ objects is “speech acts”. The term of speech acts for the first time is used by J.L. Austin. He is known as ”Father of Speech Acts’ Theory”. For him, uttering ... Assertives ....................22 2. Table 2: The List of Illocutionary Acts of Directives.....................24 3. Table 3: The List of Illocutionary Acts of Commissives ...............29 4. Table 4: The List of Illocutionary Acts of Expressives..................30 5. Table 5: The List of Illocutionary Acts of Declarations.................33 B. Data Analysis ... uttering something. Then, 1 2 because of, this kind of act has become the center to understand speech act entirely. Speech act itself is one of the important studies in pragmatics. Pragmatics is the branch of study of language becoming popular nowadays. Linguists are aware that the effort to get the essence of language will not give the best result
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Improping student's reading comprehension of descriptive text through textual teaching and learning (CTL)

... discussion focuses on the General Concept of Reading, Kinds of Reading, Purpose of Reading, The Definition of Descriptive Text, Purpose of Descriptive Text, Schematic Structures of Descriptive, The Definition of Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL), Principles of CTL, Components of CTL, Strategies of CTL, The Strength and Weakness of CTL, and the last discussion ... presents Background of the Study, Limitation of the Problem, Formulation of the Problem, Objectives of the Study and Significance of the study. A. Background of Study Language cannot be separated from life. People use language as an instrument of communication in their daily life. Language is a means of communication to express a message of the speaker’s ... essential purpose of reading generally is to get new information or pleasure. Reading for information is reading that the reader has not stop to analyze the grammatical structures; the reader understand the structure without thinking about it. Reading for information requires that the reader understand of meaning passage. Reading for information may range
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Teaching speaking through the role play (an experiment study at the second grade of MTS al-Sa'adah Pd. Aren)

... and Formulation of Problem 1. Identification of Problem According to what the writer writes in background of the study about teaching speaking through the role play, the writer involves Identification of the problem involves: a. Most of the students are still clumsy in speaking b. Most of the students are not confident to speak forthighly in front of the ... Introduction. It includes background of study, identification, limitation and formulation of study, objective of study, method of study, and organization of writing. Chapter Two: Theoretical Framework. It discusses about speaking; definition of speaking, teaching speaking, activities to promote speaking, and guidance for teachers in teaching speaking. ... gratitude also goes to: 1. Prof. Dr. Dede Rosada MA, the Dean of the faculty of Tanja and Teacher’s Training State Islamic University Sharif Hidayatullah Jakarta. 2. Drs. Syauki, M.pd, the head of English Department of the Faculty of the Tarbiyah and Neneng Sunengsih S.pd. the secretary of English Deparment 3. All lectures of English DEparment, who taught
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Enriching students vocabulary by using word cards ( a classroom action research at second grade of marketing program class XI.2 SMK Nusantara, Ciputat South Tangerang

... vocabulary becomes one of important components in developing language. According to Oxford English dictionary, vocabulary is defined as “total number of words in a language, words known to a person, list of words and their meaning especially at the back of a book used for teaching a foreign language.”1 Vocabulary is total number or list of words, and then ... University of syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, as a partial fulfillment of the requirement for strata 1 (S1). This skripsi would not be able to be completed without a great deal of help from many people especially, the writer‟s mother (Akasa), father (Muanam), sister (Zuhrofiyah), brother (Prihatin), and the entire of her family members, thanks for help financially ... broader forms, such as phrase, clause, or sentence. Those arrangements forming ideas that can be understood by others, ideas will not be able to be performed without vocabulary. In The New Lexicon Webster’s Dictionary, vocabulary is defined as: 1 Oxford Learners Pocket Dictionary(Oxford: Oxford University Press,1991),p.461 5 6 “A list of words,
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... score of comparative form Score B : The score of superlative form Score C : The score of the usage of both comparative and superlative degree. 24 B. Data Analysis The data analysis of the difficulty frequency of form and usage of degrees of comparison are listed in the table below: a. The form of comparative degree Table 4.2 General Frequency of ... consists of 18 items, and the forms of test are multiple choices and filling the blanks or completing the sentences. 6 items of comparative form and 6 items of superlative form are in multiple choices test. And the rest of 6 items are the usage of comparative and superlative degrees which consist of 3 22 items for the usage of comparative and 3 items for ... form and the usage of comparative and superlative degree of adjective. The test consists of 18 items, and the forms of test are multiple choices and filling the blanks. 6 items of comparative form and 6 items of superlative form are in multiple choices test. And the rest of 6 items are the usage of comparative and superlative degrees which consist of
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The Effectiveness of Computer-Assisted Language Learning in Teaching Past Tense to the Tenth Grade Students of SMAN 5 Tangerang Selatan

... size formula; while the data of the interview were interpreted. The result of the test was in line with the result of the interview which agreed to state that the use of CALL in teaching past tense to the tenth grade students of SMAN 5 Tangerang Selatan was effective. And, the effectiveness of CALL itself was strong. It was proved by the value of t ... Limitation of the Problem Since CALL is interesting to be used in this study, the problem of this study has to be limited only on examining the effectiveness of computer-assisted language learning (CALL) in teaching past tense to the tenth grade student of SMAN 5 Tangerang Selatan. D. The Formulation of the Problem Thus, the problem of this study can be formulated ... wide information about the teaching of past tense using CALL and motivating them to do a better research about the use of CALL 6 in language teaching and learning as well as encouraging them to design a better application for teaching and learning grammar or other aspects of English. CHAPTER II THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK A. Grammar 1. Definition of Grammar Definition
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Analysis On Students'Structure Competence In Complex Sentences : A Case Study at 2nd Year class of SMU TRIGUNA

... the collection of samples of classroom learner-language (usually written and usually discrete, decontextualised utterances), the classification of errors according to the different levels of language description, the explanation of errors by reference to various learning process and the evaluation of errors for the purposes of assessment of remediation.3 To ... types of error analysis, the goals and sources of error analysis, & the procedures of error analysis research; second part is Sentences : Sentences Parts & Sentence Types. The third chapter is the profile of the school, which consists of the books used by the teacher, the teacher’s profile, the teacher’s method of teaching, and the objective of four ... Collection of a sample of language learner. b. Identification of error. c. Description of error. d. Explanation of error. e. Evaluation of error17 Roger T Bell said: “…a step by step the procedure which teachers can follow in order to recognize when error has occurred, describe what it is and explain why it exists.”18 The first step in the process of analysis
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The correlation between listening skill and pronunciation accuracy : a case study in the firt year of smk vocation higt school pupita bangsa ciputat school year 2005-2006

... Op Cit, ( Oxford: Oxford University Press, London, 1980). P. 669 Julia Swannell, The Little Oxford Dictionary of Current English, Oxford University Press, London, 1986, p. 431 ƒ “Dictation: of random lists of words, of word that have similar spelling problems of complete sentences, of half sentences to be completed. ƒ Reading aloud: of syllables, ... Research Methodology, which include the Purpose of Study, the Place and Time of Study, the Technique of Sample Taking, the Technique of Data Collecting and the Technique of Data Analysis. Chapter Four Research Findings consisting of the Description of the Data, Data Analysis, the Interpretation of Data and the Test of Hypothesis. Chapter five is conclusion ... introduction, which includes Background of the Study, Objective of the Study, Problem of Statement, Method of the Study and Organization of the Study. Chapter two is the Theoretical Framework, consisting of the Definition of Listening Skill, Listening Activities, the Meaning of Pronunciation, Pronunciation Activities, Aspects of Pronunciation, Factors that Affect
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... translation is a process of transferring thoughts and message from the source language to the target language, in the form of written or spoken. 2. Kinds of Translation Practically, there are some kinds of translation that have their own characteristics and forms. Some kinds of translation are found because of the differences and similarities of the source ... semantic translation.7 3. The Process of Translation The process of translation can be defined as the activity of translation. The translation process usually is used by a translator as a guide in translating text from the source language into the target language. The process of translation consists of three steps, analyze texts of source language, transfer, ... to grammatical or semantic patterns of the receptor language”. 11In the process of translating, the change of information content of message of omitting information in the source language, if the target language lacks a grammatical category. c. Structural adjustment Structural adjustment is another important strategy for getting equivalence between source
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Existentialism of Jack in David Fincher’s Fight Club Film

... knife, the process of which it was made and the purposes for which it was created, we can say that the knife’s essence precedes its existence. Sartre said when we think about human nature, we tend to explain ourselves also as the product of the maker, of a creator, of God. When we think of God as the creator, we are thinking of him, most of the time, ... ourselves we choose not only for ourselves but also for all people. Therefore we are responsible not only for our own individuality but also responsible for all people. Before we choose a way of our action, we certainly imagine what would happen if the others act the same to us, it means that a general human essence that makes our kind of action relevant to ... say, then, of the paperknife that its essence–that is to say the sum of the formulae and the qualities which made its production and its definition possible – precedes its existence”.35 Before the knife is made, the knife maker has already imagined it to have a definite purpose and as being the product of the definite process. By the essence of the knife,
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Makna Kekerasan Pada Film Jagal (The Act Of Killing) (Analisis Semiotika Roland Barthes pada Film Dokumenter "Jagal (The Act of Killing)" tentang Pembunuhan Anti-PKI pada Tahun 1965-1966, Karya Joshua Oppenheimer)

... Places We’ve Learned to Call Home (film pendek, 1997); The Entire History of The Louisiana Purchase (50 menit, 1997); Land of Enchantment (film pendek, bersama ko-sutradara Christine Cynn, 2001); The Globalization Tapes (dokumenter, bersama ko-sutradara Christine Cynn, 2003); Show of Force (film pendek, 2007). Penghargaan film karya Joshua di atas menunjukkan ... Denotatif pada Film Dokumenter Jagal (The Act of Killing) ............................................................ 114 4.2.2 Makna Konotatif pada Film Dokumenter Jagal (The Act of Killing) ............................................................ 116 4.2.3 Makna Mitos/Ideologi pada Film Dokumenter Jagal (The Act of Killing) ............................................................ ... berdurasi 2:39 menit versi ini pertama kali dibuat dan mampu memasuki ajang “British Academy of Film and Television Arts” (BAFTA) Awards ke-67, di Inggris 2014. The Act of Killing berhasil menang untuk kategori film dokumenter terbaik. Pada kategori ini, The Act of Killing berhasil mengalahkan sejumlah pesaing lainnya seperti film dokumenter yang berjudul
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Design Thinking Process 001

... Design Thinking Process By Alejandro Rodriguez Musso Design Professor Universidad de Valparaíso Chile Abstract The article explore the way that designers think when they develop a solution for a graphic design object as a brand, and how the shape evolution can illustrate what kind of thinking process designers use to use in their ... possibilities of solutions. So, a formal evolution process starts inside the above limits. The constraints of the mind models belongs to the designer and are defined by his experience or framework, and the constraints of the project are defined by the needs of the task. Then, starting from a series of topological break points (Changes on the structure of the ... thing, so that it drives the inspiration process of generating visual and innovative ideas. By alternatives, we understand the evolution of a shape from a visually defined concept. Developing Alternatives. The process of developing alternatives starts from the understanding of the utility and necessity of doing such process to accomplish innovation. To
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Designing the Process Design Process 001

... we account for technological advances that change the space of available alternatives. These same issues arise for designing process design processes. We need to set goals and tests. We need to define our design space of alternatives and our possible starting points. But what are our goals, tests, starting points and design space for design processes? Goals ... design problem which is illposed. Product design roughly involves cycles of synthesis and analysis. Therefore, we need knowledge about synthesizing and analyzing process design processes. Unfortunately, in contrast to product design, analysis knowledge does not exist. In the process of collaborating with industry, we have learned about design and design ... target of the process design process is the creation or modification of a flowsheet capable of manufacturing a desired chemical. In this paper we move up one level and look at making the design process itself the target of interest. In Fig. 1 we show typical information and control flows that can occur in a company and which are related to its design processes.
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PHP SEO Web UI UX Design Android Apps De

... PHP/UI-UX-WebDesign/SEO/Android AppsTraining,Projects,Freelancing,Placements by DOCC kolkata. Visit , Call: 9433526196 PHP/Adv. PHP/WEB-UI-UX DEV.& DESIGN / SEO Training Institute DOCC kolkata One of the Best Training Institute in Kolkata and across India 15 years of Excellence in Training. WANT TO BE A GOOD WEB PROGRAMMER OR WEB DESIGNER ... Design, Graphic Design, UI/UX Design, Design Fundamentals Computer Aided Image Editing Computer Aided Illustration Computer Aided page layout and Digital Publishing. PHP - My Sql- Web-UI-UX Design- SEO-SMO-CMS- Wordpress-Cakephp-CodignatorMagento-Drupal-Android-Mobile App.Dev.-IOS Dev. Technology- Java- Internship Training-Projects & Placement and Web Design- Developments ... & Web Design: At DOCC kolkata, we ensure that the special courses in Web Programming and Web design will traverse the whole range of tools and gain knowledge in colors, typography and Layouts. Course Content : Developments Fundamentals, PHP Basic & PHP Advanced, My Sql in details. CMS, Frarne work, Wordpress, Android-Mobile Apps Dev., Web Design, Graphic
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