48 Đề thi thử Tiếng Anh các trường trên toàn quốc năm 2017 có đáp án (bản WORD) Anh Thanh Sơn

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1. A. leader B. defeat C. measure D. creature

2. A. clothes B. exchanges C. shares D. behaves

3. A. discipline B. counterpart C. supportive D. signature

4. A. diversity B. academic C. effective D. communicate


5. You’ve heard they aren’t coming to the party, ………?

A. are they B. haven’t you C. aren’t they D. have you

6. You ……… You’ve made your point clearly enough already.

A. needn’t continue B. mustn’t continue C. don’t have continue D. won’t continue

7. Fortunately, the school’s new air-conditioning system ……… when the first heat wave of the summer arrived.

A. had installed B. was being installed C. had been installed D. had been installing

8. Thomas Raven is a physicist ………..on time and space has been translated into dozens of languages.

A. who’s book B. the book of whom C. of who the book D. whose the book

9. Trung accidentally broke the ………. by stepping on it. He apologized to them for his carelessness.

A. child’s toy B. child’s toys C. children’s toy D.

children’s toys

10. The couple decided to ……… a baby from the orphanage though they had two children of their own.

A. nurture B. foster C. feed D. adopt

11. The photographer took a picture of the deer the moment it came into……….

A. place B. sight C. light D. scene

12. The first week of classes at university is a little ………… because so many students get lost, change classes or go to the wrong place.

A. chaotic B. disarrange C. notorious D.


13. Tom went to the dentist’s to have his decayed tooth ………. As he couldn’t stand the toothache.

A. extorted B. destroyed C. relieved D. extracted

14. The program is expected to increased the ………. and productivity of the local car-producing industry.

A. competitive B. competition C. compositeness D.


15. They have ………… a large sum of money for their daughter’s overseas university education.

A. set aside B. wiped out C. sent back D. left


16. The teacher reminded all of us to ………..our homework the following day.

A. keep up B. hand in C. give over D. turn on



A. Sorry. My hands are dirty. B. Why? I’m busy now

C. I like the public transportation very much. D. We go by bus on Monday and by tram on Friday.

Closest meaning

19. He went through much hardship before he became a successful businessman.

A. created B. met C. accepted D. endured

20. She looks very familiar to me. I’m quite definite I’ve seen her before.

A. fortunate B. doubtful C. certain D. relieved


21. One by one the old buildings in the city have been constructed and replaced with new tower blocks.

A. repaired B. demolished C. improved D. dissolved

22. If you’re reluctant to make healthy food choices, your weight will continue to increase.

A. fortunate B. sorry C. happy D. willing


23. Many environmentalists fear that the earth will run out essential natural resources before the middle of this century. A B C D

24. We are studying for the Maths test since August and we still have a lot to revise. A B C D 25. Human infants are not usually able to walk by selves until they reach eleven or twelve months of age.


In June 1976, an airliner was making a flight from France. After making a (26)… in Greece, it took off again with over two hundred passengers. Unfortunately, a few of them were terrorists. As soon as they were in the air, the terrorists hijacked the aircraft. Threatening the (27)…. and passengers with guns, they forced the pilot to change the course. The airline landed in an airport in Uganda and the passengers were (28) …..Hostage in one of the airport buildings. The terrorists demanded the release of their fellow terrorists from prisons and ( 29)…… to kill the hostages if their demands were not met. A rescue operation was launched. Specially trained commandoes were flown in. They took the terrorists completely by (30)… and overpowered them easily. They released the hostages, escorted them to the aircraft and flew them back to safety.

26. A. stopover B. break C. recess D. turn

27. A. band B. team C. gang D. Crew

28. A. Made B. held C. turned D. changed

29. A. considered B. decided C. threatened D. mentioned

30. A. surprise B. alarm C. shock D. fright



Pitcher Plants.

The pitcher plant’s leaves take the shape of deep containers where pools of water collect. Insects are attracted to the plant by its bright colouring, strong smell, or by nectar secreted around the rim of the pitcher. But they often lose their footing on the slippery and fall into the water and down. They gradually dissolve into a kind of insect broth which the plant digests.

Sundews( Cây gọng vó; cây ma cao)

Sundews have bright red leaves covered with hairs which produce a sweet sticky liquid. When an insect lands its feet getstuck to some of the hairs on the leaf. The nearby hairs bend toward the insect, surround it and suffocate it so that it can be digested. Butterworts:

The glistening golden leaves of the butterwort are a deadly glue trap. They produce a sticky substance which traps the insects when they land. But no matter how hard they struggle, the leaf edges curl inwards and the butterwort begins its lunch!

Venus Flytraps

The leaves of the Venus Flytraps have a hinge right down the central vein and long sharp teeth along the edges. They have special hairs that are sensitive to the slightest pressure. When an insect lands on a leaf and touches at least two of these hairs- SNAP! The leaf closes on the insect in less than a second. When it has captured something, the trap stays closed for about a week, while the plant slowly digests its victim with its digestive juices. When it opens again, nothing is left of the unlucky insect but its skeleton.

31. The author’s main purpose for writing this passage was to…………

A. help people to identify carnivorous plants. B. explain how carnivorous plants catch their prey.

C. describe the dangers of carnivorous plants D. explain how the Venus Flytrap catches its prey.

32. Carnivorous plants spice up their diets to make them more ………….

A. interesting B. exciting C. nutritious D. amazing

33. The pitcher plant uses its lid to ………

A. stop insects from escaping B. keep it from overflowing with water C. keep insects out D. hide the smell of the rotting insects.

34. The pitcher plant is named after a container called a pitcher because its leaves………….

A. catch insects B. have lid C. collect water D. secrete nectar 35. The butterwort and sundew both have leaves which are………

A. colourful and produce a sticky liquid B. red and have sticky hairs to catch their prey

C. golden and produce a sticky liquid D. colourful curl up over their prey 36. Which plant has leaves which are joined to allow them to fold up?

A. Pitcher plant B. Sundew C. butterwort D. Venus Flytrap

37. Which of the following is NOT true according to the information from the passage? A. Sundews and butterworts move their leaves in order to trap insects.

B. The Venus flytrap digest its trapped insects with its digestive juices. C. The insects caught by the pitcher plant break down in the liquid. D. Carnivorous plants usually grow in places where the soil is poor. READING 3

The Mayan civilization was the oldest of the three largest civilizations in South and Central America. The empire lasted from about 300 A.D to 900A.D.


longer. They only farmed crops on the same field once every three years or so. Turkeys and ducks were tamed and kept on Mayan farms. That way, Mayans wouldn’t have to worry about hunting or trapping food.

The Mayans also learn to make paper out of the fig trees They had an advanced writing system. In their system. In their system, word-pictures stood for different syllables and ideas. Mayan writing did much more than that just record dates and information. The writing told stories about life. The Mayans aere also good mathematicians. They came up with the principle of “0” as a number. They also studied the stars and had very advanced calendars. The Mayan farming calendar was based on the movement of the sun and the stars. It dad 365 days just like ours!

The Mayan civilization was very organized. Each city had a king and everyone had his position, from stonecutter to nobleman. You were born into your position in life. If your father was a stonecutter, you would cut stone, too. Nobles lived in beautiful houses. Their architecture was splendid. White limestone covered the walls and the floors. The inside walls were paited with murals.

Most Mayans were peasants farmers. They farmed corn and beans. They also grew cacao, the basis of chocolate. The first hot chocolate actually came from the Mayans! They made their hot chocolate by mixing water, cacao ( same as cocoa), and chili peppers. In the Mayan empire, chocolate wasn’t just a food or drink. Cacao beans were used as currency, or money. People would trade their goods for cacao beans.!

No one knows exactly why the Mayan civilization came to en end. By the time Europeans arrived in the New World, the civilization gad already crumbled. Whatever happened, the Mayan empire was long past its peak by the time Europeans arrived. In its height, the empire was active and full of the spirit of learning that many countries in Europe experienced hundreds of years later.

38. The Mayans discovered or invented all of the following EXCEPT………

A. chocolate B. rotating crops C. the wheel D. the use of number “0”

39. This passage mostly describes the Mayans in term of ………. A. their arts and festivals B. why their civilization ended C. how they assigned jobs D. what they did and accomplished

40. Which of these Mayan accomplishments probably had the biggest impact on building their civilization?

A. farming and raising animals B. making chocolate C. writing with word-pictures D. painting murals

41. The word “splendid” in the passage means………

A. terrible, ugly B. simple, basic C. expensive, costly D. wonderful, magnificent

42. The main idea of this passage is………..

A. the Mayans lived exactly like Europeans did at the time. B. the Mayans were an advanced civilization for their time. C. the Mayans were unaware of modern science and technology. D. the Mayans disappeared and left no history behind.

43. What did the Mayans use as a guide while creating their complex calendars? A. the limestone covered the walls and the floors B. the farming methods

C. the corn, beans and cacao. D. the movement of the sun and the stars. 44. Which of the following information means Mayan civilization was “very organized”? A. Most Mayans were peasant farmers. B. They invented the first hot chocolate


A. The Mayans used word-pictured only to record dates. B. The Mayans raised ducks and turkeys for food.

C. Cacao beans were used as currency in the Mayan empire. D. The disappearance of Mayan civilization is still a secret.

Mark the letter A, B,C, or D to indicate the sentence that is different in meaning to each question.

46. If they had arrived a moment later, they would have missed the start of the film. A. They arrive just in time for the start of the film.

B. They missed the start of the film because they arrived late. C. They didn’t arrive early enough for the start of the film.

D. They wouldn’t have missed the sart of the film if they had arrived earlier. 47. Thanh suggested going to the park the following Sunday.

A. “Why don’t you go to the park Sunday?” Thanh said. B. “Shall I go to the park next Sunday?” Thanh said. C. “Let us go to the park next Sunday?” Thanh said

D. “How about going to the park next Sunday?” Thanh said

49. Kevin put a cup fence so that people didn’t walk on his garden.

A. In order to stop people from walking on his garden, Kavin put a fence. B. Kevin put up a fence because he didn’t want people to walk on his garden. C. So as to encourage people to walk on his garden, Kevin put up a fence. D. Kevin put up a fence to prevent people from walking on his fence. 50. Emily couldn’t move the table even though she tried hard.

A. Emily couldn’t move the table as she didn’t tried hard. B. Emily tried hard, but she couldn’t move the table.

C. Try as hard as she might, Emily couldn’t move the table. D. Emily couldn’t move the table despite her effort.


1C 2B 3C 4B 5A 6A 7C 8D 9C 10D

11B 12A 13D 14C 15A 16B 17D 18A 19D 20C

21B 22D 23C 24A 25C 26A 27D 28B 29C 30A

31B 32C 33B 34C 35D 36D 37A 38C 39D 40A




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