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Chapter 1 A New User’s Guide To The iPad So you’ve already set your iPad but do not know what step to take next? New iPad users usually do

Chapter 2 How To Upgrade To iOS 11 Whenever Apple launches some new cool features you might feel compelled to upgrade the operating

  Even if you know the basics, you might need a few tricks to get the most out of your iPad. When the process is done you may have to answer a few questions to account for new features and settings when the device reboots.

Chapter 3 How to customize your iPad There are many features that allow you to make your iPad more personal instead of retaining the

  Chapter 4 iPad iCloud: How To Backup and Restore When setting up your iPad for the first time, you might have selected the option to have it backed up to the iCloud. The settings allow you to select what you would like to backup including How to restore an iPad from an iCloud BackupThe first step of the process is to wipe your iPad and have it in the initial clean state as when you first took it out of the box.

Chapter 6 How To Use The Virtual Trackpad On The iPad Moving the cursor on an iPad screen can be a little difficult especially when moving it to the first

  When using the virtual trackpad for the first time, this might be a little hard but once you get the hang of ityou will find it very easy and even much quicker. When your fingers move, thecursor will not only move but also it will start selecting text from where it was when you entered Although it is mentioned above that you should have two fingers on the keyboard, they do not reallyneed to be in contact with the on-screen keyboard for the virtual trackpad to be engaged.

Chapter 7 How To Use FaceTime On The iPad The iPad has many benefits such as allowing you to make phone calls and one of the most common

  ● For an Audio-only call, look for the tab at the top and switch it from Video to Audio.● To delete contacts from the call history, go to “Edit” at the top-left of your screen. ● Go to Settings on the iPad, scroll down the left menu and choose “FaceTime”.● On “You Can Be Reached By FaceTime At” check the email address (usually the primary email for Apple ID) and phone number.

Chapter 8 The iPad Accessory Guide Are you looking for a cool accessory for your iPad or something to gift an iPad addict? Here are a few accessories that you will not regret buying. Anki Drive: it will suit anyone that loves playing race cars. Through the Anki Drive system, your iPad controls everything. It allows the cars to pass rivals and shoot at them. Apple Pencil: everyone with an iPad Pro should get the Pencil. It is just like a stylus except it has more capabilities and enhanced precision. Perfect Drink: it allows the iPad, combined with a smart scale, to make drinks just like a skilled bartender. Atari Arcade for iPad: turn your device into an arcade. It is a one of kind special dock with a joystick. WLTOYS S215 Micro Helicopter with Spy Camera: how would you like a helicopter with a camera; one you can control using your iPad as the remote? Nobody would dare say no to this

  Popular iPad AccessoriesThe iPad is a little on the expensive side and dropping it is very easy so you should really buy a case for it. You can also use it to connect the iPad to a MIDI device.

Chapter 9 How To Control Your PC From Your iPad Controlling your PC from your iPad is unbelievably easy. What may appear to be a technical process

  can be summarized in three simple steps: download and install software on your computer, download an app on the iPad, and then do the controlling. Setting Up and Using RealVNC To Control Your PC Before you download RealVNC, you need to obtain a license key so that you can use the software.

Chapter 10 Find Your Location History In Google Maps or iPhone Apple (through its software and device’ hardware) and Google monitor’s your location so they can

  In the case of Apple, the information provided is much less but it keeps, and at your request, shows a record of the places you have visited recently. You ● Go to Settings on your iPhone● Scroll down and select Privacy● Select Location Services then scroll to the bottom● Select System Services● Scroll to the bottom and select Significant Locations (or Frequent Locations)● At the bottom, you will see your location history, with names and dates The number of locations that Apple stores is limited and the travel tracks and timelines are not precise.

Chapter 11 Childproof your iPad Childproofing is a process that goes beyond your child’s toddler years. Placing the necessary parental

  Learning to use the iPad is super easy and it won’t even take a toddler that long. Another way to avoid huge iTunes bills is to set your iPad with a separate iTunes account without the credit card.

Chapter 12 Set Up iMessage on the iPad It is possible to text on your iPad whether you own an iPhone or not. Apple iMessage allows you to

  What makes the iMessage feature great is the fact that it is free and you can configure it touse your phone number, email address, or even both. If there are several phone numbers on the list and you are the only one who uses the iPad, it is wise that you uncheck any phonenumbers that do not belong to you.

Chapter 13 How to restore an iPad to Factory Default Using iTunes When you first get your new iPad out of the box, you have to undertake a series of questions and steps

  There is a Back Up Now button somewhere in the Backup settings, andjust below it is the date and time of the most recent backup. The Find My iPad option monitors the device’s location and allows you to remotely lock it or play a sound to find it.

Chapter 14 What To Do If Your iPad won’t Charge Or Charges Slowly If your iPad is having charging issues, it is possible that the device itself is not the problem. Obviously, the batteries in tablets and smartphones are not meant to last forever. However, they fade

  This way, it will gain enough power to charge and it When your iPad Won’t Charge Even When You Connect It To A Wall OutletFirst, reboot the device to make sure that it is not a software problem by holding the suspend button down. If the device refuses to charge via the electrical outlet, the problem probably lies within the adapter or the cable.

Chapter 15 How to reboot your iPad Rebooting an iPad is one of the top most troubleshooting tips for a lot of iPad issues. As a matter of

  ● Wait a few seconds then long press the Sleep/Wake button again to restart your device.● Wait until the Apple logo shows up at the center of the screen then release the button. The iPad is not making a sound: this usuallyhappens when someone switches on the mute button accidentally and can be corrected by going to the control panel and touching the mute button.

Chapter 16 How To Fix A Poor Wifi Signal On Your iPad Wireless networks are not limited to businesses and coffee shops as they were a decade ago. Thanks

  If your iPad is the only device with a connection issue, then the problem is mostprobably not the router. If the connection is fast on both devices, the problem is probably the individual website you were trying to access.

Chapter 17 How To Save Your Wet iPad If you accidentally drop your iPad in water, do not panic. You will probably imagine water getting

  If your case did do its job, follow Do: leave the device alone for a day or two (with the home button at the bottom to make use of gravity). When your iPad won’t Power On Even After Leaving It To SitIf all the above solutions do not work and your iPad still has issues, send it to Apple or take it to an Apple store near you.

Chapter 18 IPad Recovery Mode The most extreme troubleshooting option is resetting an iPad to factory default settings. Most

  When videos and photos are taken on another device, they are downloaded and stored in the camera roll of your iPad and it is just as though you took them on the iPad. If the iPad is running low on storage space and you selected the “Optimize iPhoneStorage” option, you will be able to see the thumbnail versions.

Chapter 20 A Guide To iPad Home Sharing For you to enjoy your music and movies at home, you do not need to load them all on your iPad. ITunes has a really cool feature that lets you stream movies and music between devices via Home Sharing. You can access your digital movie collection by streaming movies to your iPad and avoid

  Setting up iPad Home Sharing is so easy and once you have enabled it, you will effortlessly stream all your movies and music to your iPad. The Siri feature is one of the best things about the iPad and opening apps Useful tip: if you constantly use the Settings app, moves its icon to the toolbar at the bottom of your device’s screen.

Chapter 22 How To Sync an iPad with iTunes Since you now have the option of backing up your iPad to the iCloud, syncing it to a PC is not that

  However, you may still want to sync it to iTunes so you can be assured of a local backup and also so that you can have the same movies and music in the iTunes on both your iPad and PC. How To Sync Music To The iPad from iTunesSyncing music to your iPad will allow you to listen to your playlist even when you are away from home.

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