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The Study

Context of the study

This research was conducted at ten Junior High Schools. They are located at different

location all around Salatiga, Central Java. The writer chose Junior High School level because

after elementary level it becomes increasingly difficult for the teachers to select the

vocabulary that will be equally useful to all his students due to their students learning

backgrounds. Therefore the writer was curious to find out the techniques that English

teachers at junior high school level used to teach vocabulary to their students.


The participants of this study were thirty one English teachers who taught junior high

school. Teachers who became my participants had different English background. In this study

the writer chose all English teachers who taught from the first grade to third grade of junior

high school to get richer data about the way they taught English vocabulary to their students.

Instrument of data collection

This research used questionnaire in collecting the data. The questionnaire was divided

into two parts. This first part consisted of thirteen close-ended questions about technique that

English teachers used when they taught vocabulary to their students. The participants

answered this close-ended question by circling the number one until four which represent

how often they used a technique. Circling number one means never, two means seldom, three

means sometimes and for means often. The second part consisted of one open-ended question

about problems that they faced when they taught vocabulary to their students.


First, the researcher developed the questionnaire which would be distributed to junior

high school English teachers. After the questionnaire was well-developed, the researcher

went to the administration office of Faculty of Language and Literature SWCU to ask about

letter of permission for distributing the questionnaire. After the researcher got the letter of

permission, the researcher went to junior high schools and asked permission from the

principals to distribute the questionnaire to their English teachers. After the researcher got

permission from the principals, the researcher either met the English teachers who would be

the subjects or asked the principals to give the questionnaire to the English teachers. Later on

the researcher collected the questionnaire which had been completed by the English teachers.

Data analysis procedure

The writer analyzed the data using descriptive quantitative data analysis. After

collecting all the questionnaires from the schools, the writer read the data and classified the




Related subjects : first grade junior high school

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