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  If this book refers tomedia such as a CD or DVD that is not included in the version you purchased, you may download this material at . Many Linux distributions are available, and each includes the standard Linux operating system and the following major packages: The X Window System: It’s the graphical user interface .


  A selection of applications: Linux programs come in the form of ready-to-» run software, but the source code (the commands we humans use to tell the computer what to do) is included (or available), as is its documentation . Because it’s Debian-based, you can install the basic desktop system from the install media and then use the apt-get tool to install other packages and keepthe system up to date .


  Checking Your PC’s Hardware If you’re concerned that your PC may not be able to run Linux, here are some of the key components of your PC that you need to consider before you start theLinux installation: DVD drive: You must have a DVD drive (either DVD-ROM or DVD burner), and» the PC must be able to boot from that drive . SCSI controller: Some high-performance PCs and legacy workstations have» SCSI controllers that connect disk drives and other peripherals to a PC. If yourPC happens to have a SCSI controller, you may want to find out the make and model of the controller .

3. Save your changes, and exit the BIOS configuration

  On some computers, the flash drive is hidden in the hard drive section of the boot BIOS. In this case, choose Boot➪ Hard Drives; change the primary harddrive to the storage media; and then make sure that the USB is the first choice listed under Boot Device . If the option to boot from USB is Enable/Disable,choose Enable; go to the order of boot devices; and move the USB selection above the hard drive selection .

1. The PC starts to boot. You get to a screen where GRUB (GRand Unified

  knoppix testcd Checks the data integrity of the Live CD by using the MD5 sum.knoppix tohd=/dev/hda1 Copies the Live CD to the specified hard drive partition and runs from there(requires 1GB of free space on the partition) . Troubleshooting and Configuring Linuxrescue Starts the kernel in rescue mode, where you get a shell prompt and can try to fix problems.resolution=HHHxVVV Causes the installer GUI to run in the specified video mode (where HHH and VVV 640x480 800x600 1024x768 are standard resolution numbers, such as , , or ) .

2 Linux Desktops

  Here’s that command line: ls /dev | grep sbpcd The shell sends the output of the command (the directory listing) to the sbpcd | command, which searches for the string . Type cd to change to your home directory and then type the following command: grep typedef /usr/include/* > typedef.out /usr/include This command searches all files in the directory for the occurrence typedef typedef.out of the text and then saves the output in a file called .

COPY *.* A:

  Type the password and press Enter.root When you finish whatever you want to do as (and you have the privilege to root do anything as ), type exit to return to your normal username.root su - Instead of becoming by using the command, you can type sudo followed root sudo by the command that you want to run as . /srv Data for services (such as web and FTP) offered by this system./sys Information about the devices, as seen by the Linux kernel./tmp Temporary directory that any user can use as a scratch directory, meaning that the contents of this directory are considered to be unimportant and usually are deleted everytime the system boots .


  and . To add an event or appointment for a specific date and time, select the date from the calendar, double-click the time, and type a brief description of the appoint-ment in the New Event dialog box that appears.

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