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APPENDIX1 SYNOPSISSONSAND LOVBRS Sons Lawrence, published and Lovers David 1913. Besides producingi novels, also writes essays, and stories. short by written Herbert the Elreatest EnEllish novelist one of in is poems, plays, letters, Sons aDlL Lovers is najor work and a seni-autobiographical early life and DH Lawrenee travel DH he books Lanrence's account and the anbiguous relations is his of shared with the nain his parents. This character, also Hirian based and taken novel Paul'l'lorel Horel's Paul had with close with his girlfriends. place The early married story, it with with is taken theme Dawes. This is of Sons gggf Lovers the daughter that and was is is sinilar is fron started In the beginninEl l{a1ter Morel had already of an enElineer, Gertrude expected novel this that nother his in Nottinghanshire. of The Horels. totd with of The setting maiden nane of l{rs Horel). old relationshiPs in a coal nininEl connunity story l{rs Horel and nother, on DH Lawrence's own experiences to Lawrence's birthplace . his Personal and Clara Leivers of the relationship explains third babv. of one This the narried CopPard She was now thirty her the (the years couple had for narried years old). After the third Arthur. l{r and Hrs I'lorel's because l'lr Horel they addition, in poverty. lived hin children, particularly PauI. Hrs Horel of her all and turned rejected struggled to harnony fn niner. brutal This situation nade l{rs Horel l'lrs four her towards and sons, l{illian the povertv with baby, in and love her fanily her will not London and her sons that Deanness and and keep herself and was deternined respectable was not her two eldest surroundings seventeenth her husband. Then, with a (five f ourth the narriage and Annie baby, Paul was was a drunken dissapointed llorel and l'lrs l'lorel was expected old, nonths and had had a son (seven years old) I{illian daughter, years eight becone niners. worked as a clerk. poverty of his PauI's fanily went to l{illian hard, studving After by the short was cut schooling as a clerk and he found a iob in sur8ical-appliancefactoryinNottin€han,wherethework was easy and where he was allowed talent his to develop forpaintinEl.Becauseoftheirfather'sattitudetowards theirnother,TillianandPaulhatedtheirfather. Heanwhile, falling in was short. desease. beloved Tilliam love with a €irl, net her. Unfortunately, l'tore1 son. This f elt situation desperate he tlillian's He Eot pneunonia and he died Hrs and Lilv had because of af ter was worsened was life this losind her because Paul also fell ilI. llrs l{orel seven weeks. After nursed Paul back to health that, the relationship for between PauI and his mother deepened. On the walk with l{illey in fanily and Leivers a Hirian, together and Farn. that llirian with l{rs l{oreI One day, to Clara already had a iob in was also parents' house, so only the servant, Pau]'s nother, l'lirian with Clara Because narried lived and of an old he far Baxter with Leonard who with narried Paul stayed with his had Beatrice their from away of with Arthur Sheffi.e1d. gettinEl Gate infornations, narried up b}ane and Put the Parents and I'linnie. af f air with l'lirian was interfered so they agreed to break up. Having f ron break Dawes, the daughter Both Annie and Arthur tfvld. to on Castle Annie was getting feared l{rs Horel Fron l'[irian's agreed to stay they nathernatics. her son, Pau}. Clara Dawes had already that the poetry the and hated l{irian The and PauI read to her. PauI met Hirian of Hrs Leivers. Dawes. Heanwhile, and They Leivers with friendly Elreerbetween sketches relationship he was introduced knew was exclude her and tried will these reasons, friend PauI met.The PauI tauglht her French even showed his l,lirian. PauI shy girl. a PauI l{irian's nother, tenderness daughter on his bv broken his away Paul was involved Dawes, who had seParated from her husband, because of his nother, Baxter old Dawes. At this and Clara intimacy Mrs with l{orel l{oreover, PauI reninded Paul that Clara After and affair i11, to the Iife. husband. Clara Dawes was anElry with wife his went that Paul realized her to check his his petered Because in nother health. last her husband. Hrs llorel's sick becane Paul could not see his Clara stand to he and his in her nilk the urge to and with After follow a Elreat effort, that, his she worse nother's Annie sister, of Sheffield. at darkness' to PauI until Paul and PauI resisted He his out Finally, But, fact. she got a cancer. Paul visited overdose of norphia died. narried nother. diaBnosed that with worse. sufferinEl . his a this kicked fielhtinEt, Hiriam. to Paul and Then, Baxter Horel. f or and introduced Hore1 went to Sheffield doctor returned that paul's Hrs was her about husband , Baxter this for with care relationship together. his mother's His divorced really knowing love was just The by she Clara's Hrs interfered years four Paul. she f e}t his hurt. than t,he sane hostility after theatre was C1ara was also seemed not parents. years older was six she hadn't continued Paul was twenty felt woman and PauI tine, Hrs nother turned put an Hore1 'into towards A P P E N D IX2 BIOGRAPHY OF THE AUTHOR David Herbert NottinElhamshire, hard-drinking teacher his and his who was socially poverty. affection parents influence deternined encuraged hin reflected to attended education and take farmer's daughter, having scholarship worked His His nother nines is in an and situation is the Dost novel. he won a scholarship School for to At, this tine, with Jessie Chanbers, for a teacher's certificate. for a few years in an elementary he of Sons and University After up his a surElical goods tine. to save E 2O fee, he years. Elive in the Hirian and three as a elerk at Nottinghan than nother. the which he was forced a job relationship of r.overs Higih 15, ex-school and strong. out was a and grew up his fanily urging a short an continually This of Lawrence's at for hin and Nottinghan Unfortunately, Eastwood, superior as a chitd quarelled school. At his nother's tgg6, ill keep Sons in at was to him was very at autobiographical close nother Elrew between Lawrence and mother's factory born and intelectual]y He was often His was on September 11, 1995. His father niner father. was Lawrence he forned a local Lovers. took ColleEle to Elraduated, he a up In a study taught school near London. He was alteady then and death he began his eras first his novel then he gave up teaching. who three eras years six children. and Lawrence fhe.-,5.i-stel sptit His next novel, (1 9 2 3 ), he the (p u btished also wrote non-fiction (L9ZZ), Studies seriously age of because of interested forty four tuberculosis. works Classic in painting' in French, Ladl. 1928) ' such Fantasia (1921), in and ltaly, in (1923) and Apocalvose (1931). Literature at ( 1926) , and the Unconscious Psvchoanalvsis he also for his writing. The Rainborr (1915) into @ L o va r C h a t t e r l e w's Unconscious his r nove and novels were Aaron's Road (1522> later Lawrence's Furthernore, 's ( 1921). and XolenjnLocs Ka n { a r o o ]ove in was published. F ri e d a w e re always on the supptied hin with naterial nonadic life of Lawrence 1913, novel, Sons and Lovers autobioElrapical Weekly, narriage Thev fell In and nother her with in Nottinghan. Gernany. to and than Lawrence the iII seriously She was dissatisfied eloped and After 1912 he net Frieda In older by life and suffocated (1912). and (1911) Peacock The lfhite he becane very nother, stories and short by The Tresoasser followed of poetry writing of Anerican Besides Lawrence on Mareh as 2, that, died tSs@

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