ACCA Paper 1.3 2002 Question

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Managing PeoplePART 1 MONDAY 9 DECEMBER 2002 QUESTION PAPER Time allowed 3 hours This paper is divided into two sections
  aper 1.3 Section A This question is compulsory and MUST be answered
  Section B FOUR questions ONLY to be answered P
  Section A – This ONE question is compulsory and MUST be attempted
  a policy applicable to all its stores. As part of this, it is challenging all employees, especially managers, to examine their attitudes towards people of a different race, sex and ability. The reasons for introducing the policy are threefold. Plainly there is legislation on discrimination which must be complied with if the company is to avoid the risk of legal action against it. Also, from a marketing point of view, ‘Food is Us’ wish to be identified with its customer base by reflecting the racial diversity of the environments in which it operates. Most positively, the company wants to develop a workforce which can reflect sufficient diversity not only to avoid risk and to maintain its current market position, but also produce the initiatives which will develop the company in a successful and sustained manner. During the course of the coming year, all store employees will be expected to attend an awareness-raising training programme. This programme is intended to help employees explore their own attitudes and highlight any prejudices that these employees might have. The personnel director, Anne Healey, told shop operatives ‘we want to make all our front line employees who deal closely with the members of the public aware of any subconscious prejudices that they might have.’ ‘It is very difficult to quantify the benefits of such specialist training, but it is one of our corporate principles that all people are treated fairly by employees, whether they are customers or work colleagues,’ she added. Initially small groups of employees will attend sessions to raise awareness. These sessions, to be held in-store, will take place during t

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