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Friday, 09/10/98 The dribble: just one long (s)lick of saliva on the highway of life

  For those of you that don't know, Trog and I are at one end of the Warehouse floor, about as far away from civilisation (or at least the other Auranstaff) as you can get (without stepping into the "Sound-Cave", so named not for it's rotating car 3-point-turn negating device, but because it's dark, dank, and people with split personalities hide in there (sorry J :). The best thing about QA is the large glass windows that make us feel like fish some of the time, but provide much needed proof of the outside world the rest of the time.

Friday, 23/10/98 Greetings and salutations comrades, we thank our ant overlords... oops... *ahem*.. shuffle.... shuffle.

  So, we wander on in, only to watch the person attempt to recreate theproblem, invariably saying something along the lines of “Hey, it didn’t work a moment ago.” Obviously, that is simply the computer calming karma that we exude as we walk around the office seeping in and relaxing all these problematiccomputersBut the real action of the week was “the move”. Part of the motivation whilst moving was the fact that all our management were taking turns in beating us with Auran’s latest trophy; which the company won for the Art/Entertainment division of the Premier of Queensland’s Award forExport Achivement.

Dark Dribble 6th November, 1998

  Seeing as the introductions are out of the way, I'm going to talk about things starting with the letter M. Basically the designer(s) rough out the design, while the programmers and artists wonder how in HellGate they're gonna do half the stuff the designers are babbling about.

Friday, 20/11/98 I Dribble Therefore I Am

  Big events in the Hellgate camp were the arrival of Hârn creator Robin Crossby for a visit and me learning the ASCII control code for the â in Hârn. Robin is here to make sure Gribbly and I do not walk the dark path and mess with all the work that he and Columbia Games have put into Hârn, as well as having some major input into both Hellgate and HarnRPG.


  Personally, I suspect there is a very cheap bar at the zoo (with a screeching chimpbartender), and the visit probably ended in drunken footage of monkeys doing amusing things with sticks and hitting and *bleeping* one another. Now listening to - the delightful J-pop/punk band Shonen Knife,'He gets his kicks from a tiny toyA Green frog filled with catnipAnd pretty soon he's gonna be seventeenKitty cat birthday partyCatnip is a kitty cat drugWe plant catnip seeds togetherAll summer long he watches it growingDreaming of the harvest moonCatnip Dream Catnip Dream Catnip Dream meow meow meow ' Well this Dribble is getting excessively long...so I go, to the strains of elevator muzak versions of Greensleeves.

Friday, 27/11/98 I wiped the sweat of my brow as I proceeded to hack another vine out of our way

  I glanced around and saw the programmers, frantically waving away the annoying insects that have beenplaguing them for several days now, in some cases flicking the larger bugs to the ground and stomping on them with a look of glee. The artists have recently been hard at work constructing vehicles in an attempt to allow us to plow through this savage wilderness a littlefaster, and today they were unveiled to the "uncultured barbarians", as the rest of us are known to the artists.

AURAN EVENTS!™ Number One - The Auran Xmas Party

  The highlights of the evening from my admittedly hazy point of view were...(drum roll please) The indestructible pinada...and the hilarious attempts by our Nordic art viking to destroy it! Killbot, Gribbly and I enjoying the pleasures of a moment in the cool darkness of the mobile beer fridge trailer thingy...hmmn the less said about that one the better!

Number Two - The Other Stuff That Happened at Work

Number Three - What's Coming Up?

  Next year - well Hellgate will really start cranking when we get back, we'll have the joys of crunch time and torturing, ermm interacting with beta testers, plus there'll be some new projects coming along (if you want to know what they maybe, try checking the out the rest of the web site 8) !!! The programmers have recently been put on a steady ration of caffiene and, unbeknownst to them, several illegal stimulants,and they are all working extra hours, staring at their monitors with wide open eyes for days at a time, as the characters elusively dance around the screen and their fingers work their magic across the keyboard.

Friday, 15 January, 1999 The dribble is like a flower. It has petals, a stem, starts from a bud, likes bees..

  The weather here in Brisbane is driving most of us nuts (it's either stinking hot or pouring rain... can't seem to win), but that's life in the sub-tropics I suppose :)Our new QA manager is prowling for hardware, so if you've got cutting edge hardware you want working with our game, give us a bell :) Note that we've got enough thermo-nuclear devices, so don't bother sending any more of those:)Until next time, dribbler out. Lotsa groovalicious stuff is going into the game, and SAGE is also coming along swimmingly at the same time (we non-programmer's just have to assume that this is the case since there's cool new stuff in TGStbFKaH,TGStbFKaH uses SAGE, ipso facto there's cool new stuff in S.

Friday, 5 February, 1999 Another week closer, another 412.6 litres of caffeine products, and another set of build goals complete

  I think having a long weekend at the start of the week and another one at the end of the week knock everyone into a subdued state of quiet euphoria and slows the mental processes :) Of course, havingincredible banging, hammering, and sawing noises coming from the building happening only a few metres away from most of us is also detrimental for concentration - we're having some more bathrooms and some other bits and pieces putin. Gribbly also handed out the Hârn: BloodlineNarrative this week, which is his prose interpretation of the ingame cinematics and also of the actual game, just to provide everyone with a solid overview of how everything will hang together, and also to set the mood and atmosphereof the game, without having to have all of the art, sound and scenario assets in the game.

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