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  The choice of a joining method for a repair will depend on the original method used as well as consideration of the cost and Joining methods Joining method Example use NotesPins, dowels and Clutch Used for strength and alignment in keys pressure conjunction with nuts or bolts inplate to the most cases.flywheel Riveting Some brake This involves metal pegs which areshoe linings deformed to make the joint. ISO Metric thread profile (the M10 in the given example refers to Dmax and the 1.5 refers to P) Metric nuts and bolts are described as in the following example: M10 x 1.5 The M is metric, the 10 is the bolt diameter and the 1.5 is the pitch of the thread.

A ‘franchise’ means that the company has had to pay to become associated with a particular manufacturer but is

  An independent garage and car sales business A larger motor vehicle company will probably be made up of at least the following departments: ROLE OF A FRANCHISED DEALER The role of a franchised dealer is to supply local: The dealer is also a source of communication and liaison with vehicle manufacturer. Even though the two examples given above are rather different in scale the basic principles are the same and can be summed upvery briefly as follows: When a customer brings his or her car to a garage for work to be carried out, quite understandably he or she will want to knowtwo things: 1.

When will it be ready?

  New record process The core of this and other systems is the data that is held about customers, their vehicles and the work carried out on them. Jobsheet The above process is just one way the system can be used, for example the starting point could be creation of the jobsheet or an invoice.

The word weight is often used incorrectly but as gravity is the same all over the earth it doesn’t often make any

  The specific heat of a substance is the ratio of theamount of heat energy required to raise the temperature of a given mass of the substance through a given range of Look back over the previous section and write out a list of  the key bullet points here: To understand electricity properly we must start by finding out what it really is. Well, the volume of a regular solid is the area 2 x the height so for a cylinder the area is πr so the volume must 2 be πr h (r, the radius is half the bore diameter, h is the stroke)= 3.14 x 4 x 4 x 6.9 = 346.66 (now x 4 cylinders) = 1386.62ccProbably called a 1400 cc or a 1.4 lt.

General work area housekeeping

  Most, if not all, of the information that you will be required to know relating to good housekeeping can be found in the followingregulations. Some of the materials required for cleaning in the workshop are a hazard to health if they are not used correctly.

It is not surprising that servicing and fixing motor vehicles is in some cases a dirty job. That’s why it is important to clean up as

  Other items of PPE that are used inthe workshop include the following:  Look back over the previous section and write out a list of the key bullet points here: The cleaning and maintenance of equipment plays a big part in good housekeeping. Here are three useful links: United Kingdom and Northern Ireland: Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) places a strict duty on employers to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, safe workingconditions and the absence of risks to health in connection with the use, handling, storage and transport of articles andsubstances.

Employer’s duty The employer must provide the following:

  As well as you or a workmate calling the fire brigade (do not assume it has been done), three simple rules will help you know what to do: Fuel, heat and oxygen 1 “It’s easy to rebuild a car or a workshop - it’s not easy to rebuild you”Of course far better than the above situation is to not let a fire start in the first place! Firstis how to prevent the fire (best option), and second how to put What to do in the event of a fire If a fire does happen your workplace should have a set procedure so for example you will know: Putting out the fire If it is safe to do so you should try and put out a small fire.

Your work mates’ responsibilities In the previous scenario

  When the safety of someone is at stakenever give advice unless it is your responsibility and then only if you are absolutely certain of your facts.  Look back over the previous section and write out a list of the key bullet points here: COMMUNICATIONIntroduction The way we communicate with other people is important for many reasons.

Non-verbal communication

  As the piston rises during the upstroke, the volume in the crankcase increases andatmospheric pressure forces the fresh fuel/air charge into the crankcase (under the piston) Down stroke – Piston moves towards BDC as the power stroke begins, the expanding gases force the piston down the bore, producing torque at the crankshaft via the connectingrod. As the piston moves further down to BDC, inlet ports areexposed around the bottom part of the cylinder bore, these allow thepressurised, fresh air charge from the air pump (or turbocharger) to fillthe cylinder, evacuating the remaining exhaust gas via the valves andcompleting the exhaust and induction cycles Upstroke At BDC, the cylinder contains a fresh air charge and the piston then begins to move up thecylinder bore.

Mechanical Repair’ and the Air

  The Basic Carburettor The basic carburettor consists of the venturi, through which the air flows, and thefloat chamber which holds a supply of petrol at a constant level inrelation to the supply beak in the Fuel level is control by a float and needle valve venturi. In a series circuit:Current is the same in all parts of the circuit A simple series circuit Applied voltage equals the sum of the  volt drops around the circuitTotal resistance of the circuit, equals the sum of the individual resistancevalues.

Please Don’t Touch! You may need to be more tactful but “Don’t

  This allows the oxygen released by the positive plates, near to the fully chargedposition, to combine with the negative plate material rather than be released as gas As there is no loss of gas from thesebatteries, they can be fully sealed Built In Hydrometers Some maintenance free batteries incorporate a built in hydrometerto indicate the state of charge and condition of the battery. Its Suspension purpose is to: plays a key role Locate the wheels whilst allowing them to move up and down, and steerMaintain the wheels in contact with the road and minimise road noiseDistribute the weight of the vehicle to the wheelsReduce vehicle weight as much as possible - in particular the unsprung massResist the effects of steering, braking and accelerationWork in conjunction with the tyres and seat springs to give acceptable ride comfort.

Temporary or ‘Space Saver’ Wheels In order to save space in

  When the tyre is inflated, the centre pin isdepressed, the disc valve moves away from the bottom Details of the valve construction of the seal tube and allows air to enter the tyre. These joints are covered with a drive to the rubber boot to keep out water and dirt.wheels Propshaft On rear wheel drive vehicles, the drive has to be passed from the gearbox output, to the final drive and differential unit, in the rear axle.

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