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Book of OC r~/I iII vr tro tio 'l by lrt llr tro te d Alo ska.,Moose, t ile .lJJtlst, oted by M ar y Rojo s, Betsy E. 511yder, Ati MoJ.ol\ olld Bo t Rodo Introduction 4 Paper Creation! 9 Painting Proje cts 31 MUiic Maken 69 Sculpt ing &Suc" 83 Fun Wit" Drama 105 Homemade Toys 131 Mixed Materiali 151 UiefuJCrafb 191 Holiday Proje cb 21 1 Index 255 o In tr od uc ti on 0. to, _" e.JT ~nw<>tialu .hf d-14J .dr"l'loo, t 8y .n.i l "1<,1 "n;"1"'eJo,1d ~o.-pn; _" ti. j' j, h"l> IN "l~f" IlWsM.l< t'iw,.fill ~te ._~ r- _ f k-.0. t bo ~l ~J.o Ip ~1.0) l. d.1 d JoooIp. 0.-f. d .ri'nooI .t- I H! Y,f" rtiI I dWId,-l ~b.,etr .f- 0 '1 1 .f '_ ~_ ,C<'k.w .rt N f.on.,IM I ~dOW.a. f "oJ "o.u.fl,;j '_ .I'\o.rf e.Ub.v. Y -l ,_ "1 ~e- r.e fto,.d.W I(_1 'lrl,.UoiL/ c _ ._I WJI,-_ _ ~Ii.E. if no. Lo- l cl "Y "C ft .As _ _ ~I .o .IN ,no l ~S O 'h o ~atI-,_ .TI. M.:n.n.t~-r- s. W ,_ N"Jooolps,.cJ,;l,d ~J:o -CO" M .Y".f.d-ood< ir t1 -u .1s 10.t; -d IJl' YO. co> v _ ._ ~H f _ ~jf_,.l .W H "p~.I, if, l r>f ,1"u. h"&I,s._ W jo.<1'ffoot ~e<oo>inC &11. ceI'!U>c li,t e &It "Wi,tId lock )0\1 will r>ecot r>ecir'IC )0\1 ou1d &ko .od _ Thm. 011«1 1!'Ie .eri.ok.l d~ 0\1 .tort _ croft. You t l ooh Of .tern. k follow "HO'fe" to .k 1!'Ie cr.ft. hI>proving C."ing skills lome d>ol<:Wn ._ d -to "v;iHoft ~1ft'"to OJ! the .flO m.>Itef' how kood t!'Iey Uy. Thio pt lhm .ofte<,be IiIo.d ;0 .e-to_" ia the chon'._";tI\ot .d>e<'of. finceo' pbo Uk' Conoed fince< pIoc.c .0/'00 _ "althe_Mod _ _ firce<.no! _ incb ce<.Thoo ~doM~_ OPC;'_ hondIor ia ~ted. Ho .C'.tt>e;tlde. ia ~r 'botJ, _ _ Mod mil:IdIe If _ _ fincee ~of _ .1Nt "I' I to ~tIw" to do _ o.oItin&fot,.chid &I.-dod, v' chid ~r ~t/oft't let -diacouked &OO difficult to d" iftlecl .You ClIft .110 mix I"'iftl "ice cube t10y or Mvff; tio>.to.,Oil' ju,1 t,b p 01 1,btv>h ift t ,ot",j ito the poitlt u.0 dIfk, e,e btuII\ or 0I1e .c.-o\o'heI> Wt>c the .colof, _ ,ltOke ._ ~coln. ne<'l to dip I,te< Jte< Fai nt G.are 01 .1. the Oo .po;rc colon bI" treobo'lC the iod: pi" hold _ the bovoheo ond poi<>b oooo«tJy .ltooouJh toIlOkeft the ,il>l. 1. R;_ the bnnh .3. Ge<>tJy blot the .do'y .4. Uoe the d'Y bru Sao.up the dirty mop 'te<.it .the dirty o po;rc. th 10 1~ i',_ l(plor i ng C.olor s Evety bec;M;ftc orti.t .hould"e<>ce .kiftC hil/he' olon. MO.;colon ~fuft ot>d .ptCI«U-._ n .edueotionol. eO'\J) do thio ~to oIIow)OU' child to eop/otc the fdotic>tWYpo ~colon by "c poit!t> on hill.0Wtl. W ~olde< child tIw _ ~OtIdoty ot>d boIe lh .1_ of primoty ~o 0tId bIo.oel. Tho! OtIdoty coIob Cd. ol'-orqwI_ of othep<>I;t ocll otn"Oft the colO' wheel. Complcmeft!oty colon loo k &ood 'he" They toft .110 be ~I.ed !J) othe, colon. If eq.1.mout>t> of ptOd"mi>ocd tovt/wt. o I. 1'.11.Origall1i Sailboat ~il the ¥dent .rt of folding ~wit'-t o.rttin& or &luine' Jhat YOll'll n ~ed. QIo'}it,.CD~"f<'f "n1;~o cray<>Of O ei 5 «rS P"~O 'rf AmWnc ~ucif Qn be mWe l 1. Cut the conItruction ~into with 4-;nch !ide.Z. dloF Nif ~l y in /ylf d ~l y Ipn. I. thM fold it iI'l Fold one edte up to _ y"ay line (d~ the ricMJ. the go- m on S. fold the bottom come" on the ~t ~k bdlind, ohown. Tud< them in t ogethe r to ~p them in ploKe. t:.Deco rate you' t.ail with "AyOn, or "rken. me on and onewtite lide. t he t~ People Paper Dolls ll0W" M1 ~bn f_ly of .jud cuttinc! U-e colotPd ~m.wid &line< to de<:cn t.them. l ndl:>hit.p<>l8" Z'i" sn on.,our ~r J 2. Uw .pencil 10 d<_ .out!M"oe W I P'little bit off the ~ono-.v.,m;oy "I .dult 10 dQW iI kK)'Oe e r ~fold. II, Unfold your p"per .nd d,.cloth.nd fx .fo, ch figure. Cut out N t .nd "n 'Npe< from the colored co n.b"uctio n p.per .nd onto peopl e. o o I You un e.t .ou"r fi1".ud> nee" Of ,hild".n holding lund<.W~"ng OUr OM! pbce nub ;UI}'nd fun-.nd they .k for )OUr f_lyI l U· 16' rtuCn­ p"pf" i" 1di'ffi.-t ·c.l.l fhntl J .k .l p"~il 'I f~il'o>rf 0 9 1v ~one.1timo p«i;ol l ij'er e's h o,"1. r,1.e one Ihftt 01\Jction 'ep~ lind dr_ .line 1 ;nch from the top. Fold the K>out I 112 inct>n "rt from the 109I;ne to the fold .shown. If. Cut the ~o n d pWc~ of con,ttuction "pet into 1 1/1 inc;h ,trip< M:ro<'the \WIth o f the polpel'.own. s. U thfie .trip' to _.through t he .trips of I ~fin, Met of COfutruction p.per. Te _AVO' n, to uk th.trip undO',the F"P"'the" ta ke it CIIIe. the "P"'th.t opening. Go. Whe n you hWO! fi" i,h.d _ "1'\1 the entire mat. glue the end. of the ,trip' down on the oock ,ide. o._.tnd cut .i.t .tep< 1.and 3) fo.mQtlP ol,tr;oi&!t linn fun lock. Sprillg ilo.ers IJh'"J"U n<I"'g-Hn. l"fhoor eoIorl" J .r"'l"f'IS Dr .rl«rf l 91vf' J P<>It' pv"Q. pti" l) r 1:I~'S ho.r ,1. v.t. cin::1e .out I 1/2 inchco.ocrou out of comtnlction 2. Glue dots hom punch ~color desiV' in the center ci the fIowe .Cut out 1/2;,e, by 2 1I1;,e, trips ci COft\trueOOn p.ilpet to .ke peu k. I. Glue the end> of the peuk toe11 o pof"!hoI.p'_ .voinC ~ere's h oW" l 1. Cut 'drip of peper I Qf c"I"1i l re i1'"I c.'Y'1\S 'l ,111« I ~c.if~1 limpty by wng coIorlvl ijere's l I .Uling broom con.truction POOpe1",trunk "P'"Th;"giw< it _ Ntu.~2.Glue)OU' tree bunk> to the pooper. To .ke 'fOU" limb Wpn -t ~tell' li~t hoW" one or mote ~1001< to tbe ~blue c;omtruction inkf\o:1bnc. teM Oft to )OU. trN<.mote 3. Colo< in the crovnd .nd the ~I. Cut ~I .nch oqw,reo 01 ti ntir they lOre ll. full "you lil<.e. Sugges tion Vie ~n .nd red Of pink til.r to rNlke .fI<>o.wrinc trft in .pr;,_ Stained. Glass' Bu.tterfly Look! I, tNt. b u t ~in )OUr houwl 'rQl,>friend< ill think 00 when tIwy see )OUr colorful -hrov&h bvtterllyl hat y,"ll n<P'f" CI tis5'A' I"'pt'.in ouorh'e_ 2. 0.-hiolf In outline of I bu t~.3. Qp".t the ovt!;n.e 1 ind> inoic:le ee fi"t outline. hewn. k~ bet\;ee l II. Witt> bll folded in Nolf. eve out tN outline Mod inoOde 01 tN "pel. l.uvc the boroen uncut. 5. Unfold tN butWrlly Inc! cut tiuue PJge" to c.-e.och openinJ. the tiuue p.oper .lightly ~o.I t'-openo'nt- c.Glue the m.ue ~pe' to the Nd< of the butte rfly covering exh opening. 7. Punch .ho le ne.the to p .r>d tie on I ,tring. 8. the butterlly {om the ceiling or in .window. Suggestions Try yout own wing de.ign If you lung YOU' butterfly. you tT\Iy .nt to gfue .notN, bI.ock cOfflbuction pipet onto tne Nd< 0 it Ioolu nice ftom both >ide!.u,~t d thi' ea"f trick to m.lke m.1l, be.utiful g"itc~lfe J Ioo't.f<'J ~1 0 ,6 J Ioo'"tv.:o\'Ioo'"t.edude mount.i Of wn, t.o.ob.up.Ode down. I. Repe.t the d .C to oe"te the reflection, the poope' t o ;miU tc uoint; lirte'l .KfOH the _ment of the "ter. 5. Tum the dr"nC to it> f i"t pooition. Wit h O¥ color t he p.o rts identic.llly Ih,)t lO re.bove Ind be low the "O';lOn Ii"7. OYer th e e ntire n,c",be low the hO';1On line with .co.t of blue p.>int. Uoe ~w troke. for "tet movement. SUllshille OI'll&1p ellt U-e pie«>01 UIyOf1 to brit"t it .11i0oi<.IN~ ndow J 1'\0<0 or l"'f'f" t>kp :J <01\1" j" Ih<>l~ J y.JIDIo; 1 .J "l",P"~l ~lIo"'l '9.c.rt'rveti.p"pet "J ,It, it"d ;9 b,l :l pop'"t"11 J cheelt' 0' lI.,g"t"bl" 9",t.J y'rj",n9 'J' th,.d f",ho"g;.J I"hit. g\"J:'l c ;il J rt'"ci] SO" d"ft mentl You won't b.l~ how 1. urefurty 011 out the anten from au.,n« the n,.ut>CUt. the ppe. cut out- You need only .f_ chip! of eKh color. TMs<.will become the IUn "0 e.t J tul y cove. the pi<;b.l re ,th the other .pipe' crete. Add .nothe,~of piper w.ek on top of the .pipe<.7. H _ n .tduJt ~n piper g~ 10. PIKe tt.other p1u" imide the gh.t .con~i ng pictu",the ~tt.M.kc .brt>oEEOi the poWt.11. When the give .dry. Iw>g your OfI'\IO'N:flt in 1.m.cIow. Sllggc.sti on t" thew other v-ut>om below 01" ok.,up YOU' own! Stelldls Cut .tencih in the ~oIlc1:kn. numOen, INti:,or ~f,ll t:Mm in with o ~rkf, 01 p.ilint to ~te Uen QI ~with .pen en the ~tic: dult .ohMp ICi<-to ~nd begin OIl'bn&out the Npe. 2. H-=f iMh wtting out the Npe Of 1M:k. through uch lid Mthin the design e "ul t cut it out fo<.ou .t. TrK<'the ,Pft onto .n,le paper. aiZltillg ;roject.s !_--_--If )OU QfI p;dt up ,brvUl, OU un be ~n t~ l SitKO! the be!iM.Cof time, people ~been U$i,btuohn .lind other object> to .coloted dye. Ind !Onto »round in orde< to coontl'lUnOte ,nd be O'e.llM. The fint t e rpfeceo·.been p.tintH on the "n, of you how to u le brv>/l ubltituteo- like cotton _ abo, lIgJ .lInd ewn "tbles! The fi.,t paint,.u ~tu.r dye.nd bert'-to c~lt e thei' own p.lint. You un c re.te your own p.lI int, too, uling co mmo n item. from .round the ho u.Don't forget to prepare you' wo,k "ee< kindo of ·p.inlbtvohe.-01' cornr up with _ djf~ t onn 01 your-.I P~ ntW~ 1 .9: CottOl'l S"aps ~ki ~nl inted de~1 d pM;b.orft tNn thoint tt.m with II pilintbru.then paint with th "fc"th e, ill,)b.u, il ,till_t. g ?bltblg cotton .into II 2 ·8' trip .nd knot it in tn.middle. Hold th.knotted piece of qUitting linft ,nd on p"e"nt You Qn .loo .wde bow.,lett,bruoheo .and 'PO"&into a ~to o .ter>cil. J.tarhle 1?ailltillg You -know"l kind of donign you'll got.n.-n)lOU u.e rrwbI projectl Roll the .tbIe>,tch the doni&"lra.~hat j'0ll'1l need Cl m,lff 'fm,1l ,lob,b,l5 'l pi" f"D 'Hoe. typt' of "rl.,1po" l t .m ~J.'1 ~i"n "p J 5cifsDI1 l 1. Cut ~pe r 10 fit z. drop< ol FYint in the bottom of ~pie ~n .onte> t he p.llpe'f. n-.puI. rrnMbIes into the PM'.You C¥l diffef 'ffi n ti I\S" O lo'ot.Qt.l'iGkf 'J sciw>rf (ytio"l) colorful 1. F~I the tub! tIl .r-et~ Add ~kw drop$ of food ~lorinc to uch one. Milt uch "tIl ~toothp;et.Z. Fold )OU< coIfff: f,lte-r ;half _.aloma )lfyou .Mll cutout ~o n the ed non ;to the other coloo. You ~lee thilt two colon mixed together "new «lor. 5. Unfold the filW to dry_ Sug ge.sti oZlS .In, t.0<1 o f dippinC the coffee filte-r. u nfold the fill.nd !Hinl it with .t Cut the dned ~into ~wP'"Add C"'C" COftOtJucOOn .t.M>d Je-n. p.Jt:>ef tyed.ropper A:rt 1--r--l J),at )11 n<'f1".tl 5P.t i'f~c J c"rt>veti<>p<'fI" J .ft."ti .erc~ tray, f.cvps'>r "99 eo fl" o tooff.,r 'cks o "Q ~0 91v._' S hO'\oJ" 1. F~ l ,tin with .ter "nd .lodd "few d rop< of food coloring to uch section. Mix e.Kh with "toothp;ek. 2 .Squee-ze the rubbf:r end 01 the eyedropper "nd dip the ott>er end into;o cob. Seep ,ir~ to let the p;aint fill the dropper. S .Squeeze the eyedropper to put drop< of color on "pipet" tQoo.oel. I. When the piOper to.e4 dry. me it with con.truetion or mount it on ,ohHt of bl;ac:k con.truction poopet".S\lggution When your de.ign i< dry, m,ke;o butterfly. Gather the peper t owel toget her in t he middle ,ndloop' colorful pipe de,ner ,roond it for the body. ThPn, t'oIi.t the pipe de;one1" to fo I combI, gr.Ioto plOpeo-,then lift it off. w~ight up. kAf Printing With the Ie~'on ~tl.king PM' or fo»f ;nd nob ge" you< fingel"l. RemaYC the plOper.nd .lIow time fOf the plOint to dry. S'l1gge.stion Whe n done on I.rge plOper, pllpe'.ny of the>e prinb un be u.ed 1I_~p ing Vegetable ~Trult ?rizlts t"_ _- o ~bk (IS, bl>¥mo' f.f.1' Pf'kf. vc hr0<>nt5, l t .J'f'.f'"i"t D 1"f" il'l"'f, J 1'1'o knif.f",tk o,lvlt t o ~o bc1,1t f.)J 1 l 1. H_ lln ~lier e's ho.r .tI o;vt "Kh >leteU!>Je, in Nit. 2. If d.!i"u.e the butkf kn~ outline Of itumple. to c.>noe out p;etu.on the ~I e .S. Pout t~ II. Dip the ~into the ~PM".fruit ,If in the Blot it on ICrign. Mike uno, I pIcture'll 011 'that Print _'-0\l0'I> deoign er paInt 'roUer-perfm fo, makin, bo ,den ili\\11\\1\ 1\\1\\1\\1\\1 0 .n ti~ l 1. Cut piece< of ~m of.I to 11. incheo 1o<1g. Then ,dip the y,m into, dioh ~Z. AcUdI the y-'to the CMd~t .and ~er e's h o.r .fOlk in p o t ~iT: 6ry tno.ougnly. 3. 0tKe dr,.use p.aintbtvoh to pllint the y.If. Roll the ~to poointed roll on ~print detigm. S1lggc.sti o n Block PrirJ.ts U.block _':J pro" t! to make h0 I'd 1 ay urd. Or birthd .y party irwi··uonl .Q p" n~;wah i"t .lisM1" Q IcisJ<>tS" D,.11 J 1. Trim off ~ke. t edgn on tM foam b-~rf.Ke ,to 2. P,int the fQMn yIn~ p.llmtbnM. t t~ fo,;m block .nd pte\becom~ Nord b r;Nt:.rl:hia lq~ H· the deoign to urve it into t he fo.m. 8. Pt.oce .neIIo' color of p.-int on the pUw. _. 1'.eo.-the fo.m ~Iy.nthou fIll;"1: in the 10. Plxe the f ~m blk fe 'unu$"tr.Y' It the m.t p,oduce dep;ortmenb. U~ ink.nd .tw'"Y"n ink rorifl) irnte.of P'"nt .nd p;o;"tbru.hel.0' printing .g.jn. kinch of Iie Collect )OUr f~ Then, fo llow the ini"tJ in fDI a .1~ 1 'J p<>rl>,sks D ic. l block e'e>y"n Q "hit.,c"nm.ti"n pope. o lex-e'g l Jz.o.r .1. With your ~nc:~trKI! tI>e outline< of Ie~ onto .it!!cottItroetion paper. M.>ke ~to fill the e n ~pooge. 2 .T.«e ~e.fch 01 bl«k cror,on. t Ie.'Wpe .th thid< line Ie"t the inoide of ud> .th d~t f.11 colot>.Th.e bbck i"tl ~bl<>k ~pt bID.:k GD~"p<>i"t ,I"rr' O p<>i" rt. rvSh 'l "hit. r I "fc~ iS5Doi (if co"m vclio" pap<"S 1I5"c1) l igh t e< Th;.p;etu~ IooIu 1. D.mpen ~entirt' wrl'Ke of the white p;>pe< ng .II poointbnnt> lind w;oter. 2. U .ng wmn colon from tlw .olOCf~ pooinb obip .t .ouch ~oedlond o<;n~ p;>int ~b~ xrou your p;>pe< shewn. 8eauIe tM p;>pe< iI _to tM colon .11 fUn logrtM .I. k l~ f'C"Ae< lind ~by p;>ting with bbck te mpe.poo;"t or I;Utting out .sa~ from ttw bbc: k comtruction 00 not woN)'bout ,n detoJil do not p;>pe<.b perime nt "th ted and bl.e .Uercolon to p"f<>pt'.t .mpt".point (k. it's ~ck) l p"i"tb'v5he l o e'y"M 0' rk.Or"'D tilwe pdpt" o t"P'"gIve 'I pop'"1.,1.i"'c.h.,SGino'"O p k t .J'_'-1 1:i~re l s h(>L Fold the wn llith tim,.PC' 8. Tie the bowl onto the kit.u~ ntr" n. or drop blob! of d ,f r .n t ~on one owrl. lind cut off the f' M.i~ecl Ba5 of Colors "tI.h.1. Pb« the ~ndry mOOn& bowl.nd .dcl .1e ltirrin&-utxim tt>id<.Jh.At 10\1'11 nud. ot.p t~il p o h O~._ r t he wg_ II. Gently rub till! py millture ~ot f ond make the two colon blend together to become .third eht r color. boo.1 "Q ~c 3. Spoon' II.amount of two colon J f.-l c" I0";O tc. 2 .OMde the milcturt! to ~p.I"te bowI< and ~a djf~nt color to into .pl tic b;.g .and 0 1 ,vI' of l'I.:t,~l",Y 9"~l< t ,I!'j" b l .pl.l1"ic ~9 l in dowIy ohould 5. Ule" different p~.tic b.g fot eKt> cofor combO.tion yoo,l .ke. l. Ru.sic Raker.s 1-1_ )IOU -hun:!oN.hint; b.Iond? 0< phony? H".h.l" tune? Wei.,those _ ~l ~of.c, tI>ey ~I ~fo~ ol, Iu< 1:"1 mtni<:ond in.t1urownt-.king prcjKb. U~ the finilMod inltrurownb to pby fi, tf,n to mulic. Get o, dr.otdr~ 2. H _ ije.l"'e.'s hOc "nd 0/ the 0011. 3. eo--tlut ffld M>d the hole.oth w;l:J< 0'U~ on tigl'>dy "u, nc'-Hum into the 09<'end of the roll witt> i (p lis"tIy on the w;l:J< p.>pe<.Put you. finger over one Of _ .1holes. Experiment with coveri",IInd uncovering the ho lel "I you hum .Sugges tion comb itlite,d of the c.frd~rd roll. l.ol»ely _ .p the ~per .fO\,Ind the comb. F.ten ;t Oft ith .bOer Nnd. Hol d the coonb to you. lips .nd hum l U~.IO MusOc- H you "In empty coffft drum! IJhat yo,11 need )Cl int I.t{er-e'S 2. Cut tI>e con,trudion ~pe coHee Un. S .eo--tI>e CMI.,tt> tI>e P"pet' d tape it on. If. Be.t myth"on ee I;d .rth Sugge.stion Fill .one -pound coffee un wit h water, Stre tch a n inn"r tlJbe ow' the to p t ie d On tightly with "aNy rubber b.lnit\tl Q ij 9 "l ~boonl 1 "1M-1W e"'I .lI peM-Iff, plartie bt'"dr, 1,.1 be".l 0' p ~l o yC>'1 "0'01 nbbo" o 'pipe e!i!'l 91" J p ,r ,le pllnd> f I 1. Colo, Of PJoint dnign on ~tt-n dry cQmpl.t .y. 2. Punch hol~ rim<.n.n. bottomI of ~plio t~ obout 2 i~ oPJort .1Iround It.u.jirTc bell .1It exh hole .th til of y.orn. 3. Pbc.r of ric.onto "pU t.If. Iu,.It.P'P'"pliot.rim. tIl tt.tine ~Kfrw rim to fKint xhotn.r. 5. H old ~n"til"tIy,nd ~Of b p t.JmOovnee. S\l.ggiE.Sti ons U.P'p.-ho i.punch to mok.ho l~ n/y 'p.Ked, round t .im,.Thre.1ld co lo,e d pi~ d",n" th rough the ho lt->nd twilt t o I«\J re. Cut ~til.PJoP'"bips (1Ibout 1 inch by 'l i ~G ~nd> of ttl,.trips bcto n ~pliot (f' 1) to Cf'"t b'e.1l~ Shakers :Of _ to KM. popubr imtrument> il'l .k tftinp up! own Ener geti c: Shaker Decor.t" two p.>p- cup<.Add d')1>.r"n Up" rlw two CUp! togctn.Roll SJ,AJ,.r Decor.t".urdbcYrd POOP"'tOWC'l roll. Fal I>.m. the roll with ric" 01 dnoed 1>.s.both "nch with ul~"or .POOP"'hdd tight by rubbl>I t.d p" nt J y<>inrt.s.b ~ir J' o p ,r to",1 .11 0 91"o scis,"ftiff l You'l' be 1. t the p40 ~roll .nd e nti.e "be>.uorl< broo.o'I color. it dry. 2. Withou t .ti_. with .OU. p40intbn.h -t. p40int ow:e. II. Stretch the rubber !oondl .rourtd the o~n lhoebox. Sp40U them O\It om the "jel t to the ITlOIt Nl.row !oo rtd. 5. _ir .t by plucki g the Itri"'gJ cee .t .time .M _11 .1 by Itru.g the Itri"'gJ .ll .t once .I, I -eX ~J--M.u.sical Glasses The gbu h¥mon';io ~e.-I in.trumen t u-:I b)'_ ~S« how ~ny tune!)OU un p40y 1 hat you'll nooa )J lf- 8 id~t>eo ~Jlo'"t.Dr l dnnki",I f bo m~ t J l 1 .fill the I ~with v;orying ~t> of "te Z. Gentfy rub it dun.n /lng<'f .round the rim. bet> CU" m.>Jo.r .Y to .u, 1poot'I .M the ~iJ to wry ~t l y Up the fidet If you uo.e ~botUei. you ~n .ke .diHe.nt IOtIf>d by b~ top of e ~h 0tM! l,;ten for d i f k ~n in the oounm m.KIe by uppinc "net thooe ~by the ~KJ'OO the h.Jtl1 ~UJ 1. Any ~h ~h.atdw.l~ t_ 1' l rock in .oIliM'O (1Mdth,.lnc! Ien¢'s).0 -the m you lik belL The hotdw.lJe ,tooe .y ,n cut them to the .ppropria tc length (bout I foot) 2. the ,tiel.,together to go .rong with mu,ic. U,t h"le with th" mid" on llilge 7l .kid-,drum n .Klult .oow. into on" 0' H_ both of the ltick, Then, you Un rub them to g" K'9I1 eKtI other 01' be.t them Sculpti1lg &Such ~hint: When you o;re.ote Mf: tNt ir. _~d You'll be ~pel JInd ~ugjf t you UtI cn'"te "th 'fOU" undo! ir. no "eM Of wrong ~to 1CIJ1pt. Moo.Mtnb qe"te 1lSU"ft tNt look like people or obj«b tlwy r.o.,fe<;o«n;"And mM>y "rti>b ere.peo to ~tiwy fftol. H you 1Ipp«»ch it" you Ihould n- fun. mebr. you un .t.Jrt oYer "t.ny time. You Un .ke you' own d;ry by following t~ direction. in thi, section. You un m~ke Self-H.rdeninl Oily, Frozen Bread Clay Or "Goopy Goo f Clay un be reuled fo r houl"l ilnd houn of fun. Pie.note IMt t he re<:ipeo are not intended to be edible unl.,indic.oted. Aha, m."Y recipe. ull (or food coloring. wnid' rTWy ,ta'n, lefor.,you begin, put On wme old elotne. nd (O\'orir, re.with "pooper. Then, tel r e ~to .ke pridy ~Cl .G"f'S j~ l lcre's ho,1. FIl l p.ope' cUp' bout ~rte" full of .nd. 2. Add. df09l of food coloring to eoKto C\JP ~milo. well .Prep.-re .t IN.t three different colon 01 S. ure-fvlly opoon the.d into t. the j.-t. for"time. It. n one'"01 color the j¥ io lull. w:-on the lid tisntfy. Stlggc.stion Afte')O\l fill 'fOur j.r. toke. toot hpick .nd ,Jowly poke into the .IonS the oic:Ift. TM will .eo ~t wwy 'ineo 01 d~nt eolon ~complet~1y mil.Or ~l it .M .I d;,ptlry in you. rooml r.J 'f ~bo>d othe< it Iool.'ike ~o J buch IC_. U.the f ~1Ctd 5 incne. bU. If~ uoe.II pom-pom to the top po;nt of the .t II, Glue the .t to the top of the bee. T;ape the (Of'lto the hook 01 the 5. Fold two lh«tl of COttltn.M;tion pooper in c.Trace you r .nd on one .nee! and you, foot on the o tht! You might want to .1<1< lomeone "I",to u ece fo. you. 7. Cut th rough both p.>b 01 forded p.r t o make two ,rod, nd two fee t. 8. your cu !OUt .nd, nd fut in pl.Ke Ofl the honge.,I"hown .t left(!mply tum 0t>0' CUI-ovt.,to get .of left.IInd rit'lt .r>d.nd fut.)1. To .n' YOU' ckNm. ttKh .f"pieces of looped bpe in 'Yet.'on the b.Kk of the pllper .lind .tick it to the w ~l. Or .ne it ~OIl .II ohort .1. the ~hook i£>laster Placru.e l plarR"'fDhf IJ .0100. It f.o.9-"GD.J, c .1e.lo e, o e1.f~ I .l l .c 1P"'Y ly paper pl.liu of pl.te depends "P~ 1;1".f I'ic'h" J "1fo r "9 plol"l"'stick rtir";9 plofte, I 11\Irrf I 'l h'l'p<>t (oph<>0 .dvlt Qioo'"h-.1. Choooe .colorful picture from .greWng coord. c.a~ Ot poItcard. Cut 01' te¥ the picture to III the centl!'t' of the p .plate. 2.Yy the picture f ~in ttw unt.of the pl.ate. Pour .te'r into the bowl. _ I 'll of "1 lhould Or ~l to .Nt the pUte could hold. If you .t ~pWctune into the pl.t,.i nd ave. the piet.a, Before the pla. le' dria, pre" in .hook the top center of the plaque. Mo,t of th.hoo k ,hould« en .1>ovf, the pl.te .7. When the pl.,t.completely d ry, it will be u 'Y to remove hem the peper pl.t .8. nd the rotJgh ~el 'f. H~ j, Iightly,.th fine o;ondplP"wult help)'Oll 'P'"I!)the p~tH: with .de.ohellK to it .hi")fini>h. M.le 'lire to do it in _ opom 're".v-e ha t )11 n 0 1 112 e,-pd1"J" Ie<>f o "D>'I 0 1 "I' lot .o If<"a ,1'9 pi" o !Ie 4.,ki"'J ftl'o\l ,10';pti".O 1:{e:re's 1. M ix ee ~d 2 .If dWred. he>,fIouf in .bowf. the food coIorif18 to the- w. S. M.l<,e .hellov.-d e nt in t he center.nd ,tir in the "rm "ater .little .t .time .Add "ate' until the- mixture feel. like .tiff do ugh. If. Mix the dou&h .I~ 5. Kne<1d (preu. ee pull .nd fold) mixtute on .p<1opeI'.Sprinkle it otto more flour if the dough i< too .ticky. Go. Flatten the dough .nd .mooth it o ut with .ro lling pin. Be u refu l not to roll it out too thin. 7. PIKe .uf, ide down, onto ~dough. Prelo< it ir>to the dough .otto .rolling pOn, then _ it ardully. 8. Poke .hele in the top o f the dough \lith .tTa"1. When the print i. d ry. tie .loop o f y.rn through the hole to hoo ng it If.,ou un P;nch,.ou Cllft ~p;nch pot! Thk P'ojPd .11 ~by tfw end, you .our own piece of potmyl Jh at you'll need. a 5e\f-tl.Je<>i"9 CI<>y (1ft P"9"'I't)'"p<>i"t 'J p<>t'r>rvl'Mi "d p<>nt iM~d o w ~t e jr e v l:'u 1d;oys l ijer e's h co<07 .I. Roll the cUoy into ~t.11. 2. Poling lot the pot. 3. Tum the day in you. h.nd MId pinch the fJP'"i"&thumb<.M "own. If. A llow the pot Z dOlyS. to dry fo r 5. When you, po t ;j ~r den ed nd completely d')p.-nt it. r.Wh" OU' pol d,in ", mOe .equ.1.mount of glue.nd .t .t o get~,7. Bru.n on the mil d diol iko. Some d¥'be you t to k«p. T.o of the cbys be ~I .nl Some cbys ¥e very finn ,1e ot!'en lire very 10ft. hto. tn~ II the cUyo.and ~d for younelf,.ftOch ;the bert one fot )CU !Tho- end of the oKtion ~fot opeOfic thinp to K\,Ilpt with you< _ ~You un u ~to .1.e the lUW'ted Ct.fb. Un, UtI,.He n h, q.-in working .th ~one sood .Y to it. You un roll it t,o rr>od ,thc t>.og t o 1M t"inrdi<-nh. Add focd colon"if dai,ed, nd continue kne.odinS tho! NI fo< bout 20 "i.te.If the milrture ,till >ee.thin, id mort CMe< pt.,I Z e"'ff sift«!flow C}l GOlf salt Cl 1s"l"d .1 0 1 c:up I"IJtp. o ,div.Silll'd .9 bowl "llr<>c r (l ~l "i> l (plastic b.s '1. Food wlorin&.y be ~to ttw. ot.if t;O!or iI ~fNl_ Z. M.0'1 "t u nbl they .Il'"omooth. i n the bowl 3. The pt.y d.11 'U'\r.oft fOf .k. if you k.p it j",o 1e,led pl;.tic b;og co nb i.e .cont"inerS J ~J 10"9 (ptio"l) AI.f f"d in n,bo ki n9 5edit"'J .If 9, oce'Y rt"~It eets <1" p tiv".See 102· 104 if you n~d id".of to m;o ke wit h you. cJ.-y_ Of elf·~ard.i C.lay l ijlo'!Q .IQ\>k plortic b'"9 C",O Y "e, Sllggu ti on t el to _~ 101·104 if you with you. d Med;,k.M ~of tro::el'l Bread Clay .e.t thiI P"'i"ctJ Be !Ute to "m)'OUr hionds Iond .11 wori<.ing .arus bcfote)'OU n~ HurTY' I'm hungry! I.II"'h"1. Fro«-n ~id ~misM 2. Kne~ douch in .tOl' be t"-cd .pound. roll Iond puu) tM dough. s. 5 the doug.into Idt_ Of other .N~ k .tell 1Np nd und.n;ook othe.Qf,oz~n b .d If. Spri nkle On th<:m 10 mixtu.of t he d"u9 h, cinna mon Iond lugar. d~w, Jt 1 t .5. PJo'cookie sbeet. Then, n .dult b.Jke it in .JSO· gyen fa< IS to ZO minute>.D 1 t"ofp"O" W9'"o "e<>f,.l <10.fhHt 'J "1c~ p o ,ocIu1t to SSO Go. let them cool for .r- minute.,t thoeon. then l 'Id 11 cvp ~t bvtft'.J 1 c"f "f.rl6? 1.0 1 c vp ho J "iJ<"olo'l .d fP"l ~e ut~lis Q r ,S i ~lry c~ o!'IJ ,ill, togo'ther in ~bowl "ntol it fe.ek Ib ooIt o.;pI' nod thoc;:ol.te chipi ta optic"l) c ars, wing>,fPe l,.nd 10 on .S. Chill t hem in the ~g t hen eat them. eritO nu ke~.n utl nose. 109.;n, d.lay d.reatiollS Now Wt you ~OUt He.e _ just .own cby, there .icloe llion thinp you c;on do.,u, it J Oct"!our cby .N/f Md .ke .tft one .tf. other NIf io to. tng~ lone lep. You Un do thd by bd tolling them bet\oleen rout lund< on .fbt "IKe. let the~ lM body) in the middle of .p.aper pl.t .ond .tudl uch leg by pinching it to th.,body. Of o Nood.lce.s: noodl with ,I.oy and .garlic pre".f ill th 11 of t h.g.rliC pre" w ith cby, then to \q ue.out ,tr.d. of c'.y. Add mOre eli)'to lengthen the ,u.nd Thi. technique i.100 effectiw: to. king I\,i, fo. other cby tu.ghe tti Or pipe cleane .ell .be .tuck the ~1 ·M:ad to ~ke #eele<1. _ _ ,_ )cl~ 0< ncl toothpOcl<.8\l.l111y Roll 1>.11 of III .il<:to !TY~ the lxonny'l body, u,l, cheelllind 0<1C tiny bill fat the nooe. lnoert "II p ~of opIghetti ;to the bunny 'cheek, f a t ~_ fl.IItten two ~l piKeI of diy to Npe the lxonny'.1onf; eln I nd pinch them to the "old. Priddy ?oreupmc.s SNpe you. like .eu- out 0<1C e nd of the "eu" t o !TYke the hud. Bte.k up utKooked iplghetti .nd ,bdo. them into the porcupine',body. Nnt.idd fou, pretW piKeI fat ~l Add ¥by poking .d,;nkin&,tr_ into the d .y 0' p, be.d, into the d ly. Eobin's £gg Nest F;(I, gl,lie: p,e" ith d.>y Ind pre" it do.ed to mike ,ulnd .MI~ I ne,t with the ,ulrod" nd !TYke .dent in the middle of it with YOU' thumb. Then, roll two 0 'th"little "I "peo for eW. If you .re uoing SeJf-H.roening Oly (oe<:p41ge 99).you IN)'t to p41int the ne blue "n )OU £d to tl\lt .tep. fUll With 1)raJl1a 0._ _ pi¥.or .torie>,xted out by people. UlWlIIy in front of .n ~ienc. Actin& out.tQrift an be lob of fun. Ily if you 1M: costume!;ond .little i_~"tionl TM IeCtion ~gre;ot M:\uI fot .k;nC d<~fun .nd ncitin&PbyI olt ~re ~by p=pIe in costu~.but .torift un.llloo be told tni ng puppet>.You an m.I ~numM< o f diffi:;ent puppet> ing the i" truebonI in th i, e<;tiOI'l. Some .othe" me",i M l O ~D ~i d "how you "ant you r d>;Kte. to look .nd t. lk and I"t your i.gin.von go wild! Don't fo'!t to p etice "t he voice" of the puppet. You un .puppel u d. illy 0' eriou'.ju.t by changing your voke. imp'M.ny element> come togethe r ~n "Orking On .p r ~The co-tum"I .ge, tory end mu.;o re j u.t .lew. M.king. 0' fting, eKh element turrn .impl" tory into .rt. PI"you' ll be "king lOrt twice -once when you I'IUkoe)'OU' oft .nd when you perfofml Stages &Such. All the \OOtId i> lUge. Ir>d nQW)'O\'Qn "your 0->Follow thew .tnKbono 10 ~w gc for )OUtlelf 01' for ;0 pupprt ppo'o,.rd box. 0 ._ fe.turco oudI button nd deco te t D ~It (lb ~cIMl"n't ld) 1 cvp \0'"O p ,Io'"tt. I I I I d ;p Oy"'O I>.kin 9 p"o" P "Pt" p"n Dr Id dctJ,.e1 D pi.r~ dip"n" fhcl'1' to 'H K 1'W "0\100.1 tM fNg;u1 1. e:e.OUr worid cnip~ bswI! ucn one, untll)'OU n- the NlIao.e>oapt for .the ~of .qu¥tet' round the tw,roon',knot. You may "nt to ~I¥n .round the boI'loon. 7. Let the 1>.11001'1 dl)l. Thi, m ~ovcrl'light to do. 8. Pop the N lloon with tnc: pi" nd p ull it ovt .ing the paper dip in the knot. T. Uoe t he ~dip .tuck ttvough the opetl,"nd .piece of y;om or g it. HMl£ your ~hom the wing or oo,rts;de on .tneoe."u,t,.ggshell Mosaic: r ~J Mo.tre pidl,rtel "Ide "p of .1thing< like tileJ Of gt.u. Tty thiI mow;c ul pt'n<:il i e ~1. eo.OUr worl<.inUf~ ho<.l .s witt> ep 2. Crvd, if d~ fed n,t e.d o f .prin lding the ,e ll.,lIfT.nge them by colo. on YO'"d."ign. Uoe .ite ewhe-'in,te.KI of to lightly ~nt the ohrll, freT.,complned )OUr desit" c<>lcad piece O<>n. U>e .1110.0100 OI'lto)'OU" lue Let off the extr.hell pio:c~_ Continue tM fun lnoit~r und'n ~this pn:tty ~it on _ 'doorIl1'i<;li.l f.I-1b. a:.Hf oc T Q I"~hoI.p"ndo 01 y.1 "0\>yo m o 5ti<:p (ptio.,l) O f1o 1'5 a.Jy .thO'dy trKe ~citde in the center of the ~bottom of the Ied pbte .This .11 be the 3. On the vou ju,t drew. l oul nine point> y1~ul"'de dnuor~ the circle. Then, lightfy ~rd ,lin,.from t",cent.of the circr,.through th ,point> to ee ou bid,.dge of the plat,.hO\lfll .You m~y "t .dult to help YOll "ith th i, It,.p. II. u.,t",t,.1 to trxe ~circle onto the p l~,tic lid. S. Cut out ~nd t "pl",tic circle over the dr,.circle on thoe p/c .1. Cut'"ilit in t he top;ond close th.00>P'"k.1i o scilS<>rl 091",e _ be< to l 1. fm the cup 1.13 full with pottin, 1OiI. 2. Sprinkle gr On to p o f the pe<.Add fe"ture> to .k it Iool< Iii«!OU' f"u-!5. Glue the fKe PMtI to thc outside of the fwm cup. unrlu' to keep it upright if you _ .p thi< gift A f" rw;y gift b.1g would "k ~t. f' ourth of Suly fire.orks _ Q U·}l. t8' t>lock eonltrvc.ti"p"ptt o li9I.t ,d, whia "tid li9ht b l~ pl'illt J1o'"t.O f"tt 'l p1.>rt'ic .1,;10"9 rtt<>1001 ~o p";t dif~ o 0 .l litre's h,o.r .Z. Uoe JI .poon to pIKe dtOpl of the pooint on the 3. Hold the from d~ R-mbe. to ~INti"S tt-e ~nti the plint. d il'Ktiono to "the jWnl to eese.tMb.orll; blow out-not oud< in-tI'wouch)'OUt ,tt_ .hen ngL The plitlt .grut but rIOt !Nt Wti"lJ) If. Chooooe Otl'>n r eM! Nop. S. Do the _ t h" aI the thine w nC the third color. Whil" your poIinti,iI ,till -t. IprinkJe it with .1t. Gently ~kd Iuonc it up for M')hol;cby c. j»rtyl 1" IT .9"'GO~"po l,.loek t ;Cl sc;rsol"l J:'9 'l t"p~ Drstopk- a 5ffl"'l ,t y'"l",I ~r o pf!"j\ o p"pf!'hole punch 0,0"9"'and block '1'pop'"m-.n'IC'l1" 0"1) tM 1. Fold ~O<'e con,tJuction ~per in Nol(.l -2 .W;tt, Ie-,dr_ inch M ohooom. top _ from the fold ~l ~hom thc top. Cut on the Ii,you ~dr-._. If. Unfold the ~lInd Upe the ~5. Cut out the ~note ~of the ~mouth fo< the pumpkin from bbd< COf>ItJuction ~r .then ~to the bntern. Gl~ on crepe jUope1' tcm Ive, if ~_ 7. To "ng )OUr bntetn. punc:h kolei in the it .th" tting. shown. 'te rn ut u,ing blad< con.truction p.per for the body. Add eye<.un. e, mou th lind "iske.II )OU U~ epe ~p e 1 lhAt you'll need.J Z \ro J.'w "b<>r~ o sh'i"i "yo.J p<>i.t; _.k~r'I or e 'Y'1 O ,ci«c .nch Ngl with Iooc ot'-Tie it loosely one-th;fd of tI'M! WlIy down uoing otring. _.-I I I U.e .terifk to oe.te It>c ba. Nil, cJotha, tmI .c:l fH.t fa. you. mon,t r 0 1.f .110'"nc:.L:.nJ 11010'1" sp~d 'J Z elo>Jt$ I,.sil'll J t e<>thl'ic:kf o"~rt, l> l .J>Hl.O e"t a ic:.t.,O"d"lt l 1. Have i .lldult help}'OU u.Put them in of i<;t,.They WIll curl ~fW< ff!'I minutn. n.e.e .11 be ~np .nd the "2. Att«h the .se "llow to the ~with .toothpOck to fotm the .S. PWI the c\ooooel. into the hud to "If. Atbch the un»ll ~low to the body with toothpOckl to form the k"the<1, M ohowrl. S. AttKh the 'ido'If, rkel"l O 'p<>t f e ~l 1. 0._ ~oM tu~ s/>oIM'l. Z. Cut out the t u ~S hO1W'tll' c:vltl!'l"I_rlo< 0) l G",JWI<,rd 'J c:"rt."c:h"p1<, o.hj ft, U mpl!"poi"t o "I.l toothl>n.tfh o e.aft rti ek o pil!'po" O pi"l' O n ~f#r 1 \0>1"1 I I 1. M;ole p;ott.n. from IN!>Of! the h o l ~grdt>o;ord ;oncl cut tt>em out. 2. eo.-OU' woOOn& rtKe ,u, P;n the ~r d p; ;o o.ign Of! COttItfuCt:iotI p,llper. If. Pou';o -M>d yVlt u ~p!m<;t to oKId n ~tfig J z cvps fl,w, 01 e"p fait 'J ~I' Oat .Cl 1'.1 l eo<>l<,eutt'o'li 'I 'lllA' a .1>\o" O eJ; ps l p"t.opln" tft you O ~b "J .l c~ tool ~n_f th<>n r--p;ctwc' o.po~ yti<>t>rti c !p' 0)'Ioblot ~rPly rt',ptio"l) 0"d.1t tm; lots of fun to _ke l They of, boIat. l tfe.r e.'s h e'"1. The night b<-f~.ov do thi< project, nWr.~the textub to _I.e interestinl tntura 10< you. omoomenc.Wt you< friend! t ~f nd hwe .f P.f1b O«O<.ftion p.ortyl dn-.JhAt you'll nud. a p<>l'f" dk5 "f .I Vo<>o e<>r<'Or"'J 1 l 1 ~l c j ~1" 1 p "p~ I~ p"c).1. Cut the co n,truction poopet into ~cit ~bout the ,01 ~eeeese. Puneh ~hole ne¥ the edge of the c itc ~nd be ~loop of Y"'thtough the hole for h¥lgins- 2. U"-nc t ~d P"t. oNpO!'INk ~t r~ _u.cemc"t on the C<>t>ltructJon P"'PO!"Glue eKh pie« onto YOU' citde. If. Let;j: dry, then hoonC;j: up. Suggestions Dry cer~ h o l, be~n,.hell" etc. would INk .ice textu'ed o,n,omenb. Try ,inc ~toothpick to m(PYO! noodle ;10 plxc Of to c">e it H_ ;on ~b,t longer. lt uoe hot clue to INk ;j: face M.ohile r nw: I ~t btffle .11 bri"l your et-Kter to lifel It'l fun to "lte .nd futl to "tc:h l I" l ~J c<>I'pl 'fhih- l a Io'hih' g1~ Q P"rt" ho~ 0 9".d 1~,ltt"n, craft f.o' c"rl~ gi!t nbwn for hoi ,1. urefully o;ut the ~ten frOtl'\the paper pl.te< KI tn.t the rim!.l'PITUirl tognhe<,shown. 2. Decide.tlo 01 "t be .Cut un, btowI YOU' cNrxter ;going to nose,.mouth, n.t, tie, ITMIe or "tcooooe< you ~for your ch¥KW< from comtrudion p.per. M.k.e ~h for 2 f~ 3. Po<;t;on the ccnotnoction p.lJpet" p.lJrt:I inWck ON! 01 the pl

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