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  Pd (Examiner II) _________ _________ 19640 710 199303 1 006 DECLARATION I hereby declare that this submission is my own work and that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, it contains no material previously published or written byanother person nor material which to a substantial extent has been accepted for the award of any other degree or diploma of the university or other institute of higherlearning, expect where due acknowledgment has been made in the text. This method tried to explain and describe the content of the film through the emotion theory in Annie Braddock as a main character.

1. Dr. H. Abd. Wahid Hasyim, MA, the Dean of the Faculty of Letters and

  All of lecturers of English Letters Department have taught and educated her during studing at UIN 5. Her beloved parents (mother and father) have given her full financial and spiritual support, and also her family who always give her support, motivationand moral encouragement to finish her study as good as possible.

6. To her entire best friends in her classmates: Siri Amalia, Fetri Datiani, Nunik

  Finally, the writer hopes this thesis useful especially for the writer herself and those who areinterested in literary field of study. That is why the writer welcomes any critic and suggestion for this thesis to bebetter.

CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION A. Background of the Study A nanny or a baby sitter is a person who gets a work to take care the children. It is a kind of job in work vacancy. Although it is a lower class job, many people still

  A job as a nanny just claim to take care ofthe children, have a good personality and also how to guard the emotions in every situation when raising a child. The Nanny Diaries film is story about New Jersey one Annie Braddock, freshly graduated with honor from New York University, who realized during a corporate interview that she doesn’t know what she wanted to do in her life until thereis a woman, Mrs.

3 Robert Stanton, Teori Fiksi Robert Stanton, Penerjemah, Bernard Hidayat (Yogyakarta:

  13 4 Ed Uyeshima, Superficial Life Lessons Eked Out of A Trivial Urban Fairy Tale, Accessed HTTP WWW IMDB COM TITLE TT P B. Focus of the Study Based on the background of the study above, the writer will be concentrated in analyzing Annie Braddock’s emotion as a main character and how mostexpressions and interactions influence positive and negative emotions has appeared her characteristic in the film.

1. What are Annie Braddock’s emotions shown in the film? 2

  Result and Significance of the Research Referring to the research question, the results of the research are to know what emotions are shown in the film and to know how those emotions build hercharacteristic. First all, this study is meant to encourage the students to study more about film and this study gives information concerning the film through the plotof film based on the character’s characterization of the story and the psychological concepts.

4. Instruments of the Research

The writer uses herself as an instrument of this research to collect the data with reading, identifying, classifying the information and other that related tothe film.

F. Place and Time

CHAPTER II THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK A. Psychology The word “Psychology” comes from Greek, namely “Psyche”, that means

  Although emotional substrates cannot always be discerned in the behavior of nonhuman animals, many stimuli are experienced by people and animals alike andresult in prototypical behavior followed by, generally, the reestablishment of an equilibrium state that might not have been achieved without the impulse precipitatedby the inner state. In human experience it is common to use the term “emotion” to describe the feeling state, but in fact emotion is considerably more complex.7 Plutchik‘s three-dimensional circumflex model describes the relations among emotion concepts, which are analogous to the colors on a color wheel.

D. The Types of Emotion

  The expression of excitement in humans can be seen in the behavior of fans at a college football game. In the moment of surprise there isa sharp jolt that can be experienced as a gasp, sudden muscle tightening, or knee buckling.

8 Philip R. Newman and Barbara M. Newman, Principles of Psychology, (USA: The Dorsey

  In responses to joyous emotion, (for example, by laughter or excited behavior), efforts are made to prolong or continue the situation, and usually no11 effort is made to avoid or end it. And finally, the threat may be the loss of a source of comfort or support 14 rather than the presence of a danger.

E. Character and Characterization

  A flat character usually has only one outstanding trait or feature and tends to stay the same throughout a story, andRound character, however, present us with more facets—that is, either author 19 portrays them in greater depth and more generous detail and often changes. Dynamic character is one who changes because of what happens in the plot Static characters, however, remain unchanged; their character is the same at the 22 end of the story as at the beginning.

4. Character is almost inevitably identified by category—by sex, age, nationality, occupation, and so on

  In most story plotstructures, the action begins with exposition, continues with raising action, which contains a complication, and moves to a climax, followed by falling action and a resolution.22 Jane Bachman Gordon and Karen Kuehner, FICTION: The Elements of the Short Story group helps to make Sonny who he is. Character creation is the art of characterization—what the author does to bring a character to life, to provide the reader or the audience with a sense of that26 character’s personality, to make that character unique.

2. Negative emotions

  Annie: Well, since today was supposed to be myday off, We’re gonna go to my favorite, theMuseum of Natural History. As if you know anything about the real world drawn mouth, a raised lower lip Picture 25, 26, 27, and 28 Annie: God, everything is just perfect.

B. Data Analysis

  (Wolves howling) Annie?) Annie can fly with umbrella to see a beautiful city from the top and in a great waywith her umbrella and say the echo “Ahh-hoo-hoo!” in her dream (Annie: Ahh-hoo-hoo!) Mother says that Annie must go down from the sky (Mother: Get your feet on the ground, young lady.) And the last, in her dream she smile and says like this “I know/ yes” to try apply as a nanny for Upper East Side clan in Manhattan ((Annie: (Sighs) Hmm. Picture 5 The last shows about joy is in the picture 5 above, Annie shows joy, beautiful smile and to be confident, and cheerfulness at the end of the story,because her mother has allowed her to do what she wants and wanted for her life to study the Anthropology, because that year there are many scholarshipsto study the Antropology (Annie: And once I finally, let myself say it, it was a habit that was pretty hard to break.

d. Love

  She feels love to Grayer and gets closer to be his nanny when she wants to make a meal and treats Grayer to do something to be happy likea play game and then she treats Grayer to be her friend to closer him and be a good friend (Annie : Hey, you now, we can do lots of fun things. Picture 9 Annie shows love on the statements and picture 8 and 9 above to Grayer, she pays much attention to Grayer and tries to closer, because of her parents seldom takes notice to him and also tries to be a good nanny, too.

e. Fear

  And finally, the threat may be the loss of a source of comfort 8 or support rather than the presence of a danger. X comes with sudden and tells that like to corner her, so Annie says in fear and panic respond and then says uh… no, with nervous (Annie: Uh... no, l-- no, I don't know what that is.) Mrs.

g. Anger Anger is an emotion that is accompanied by high tension level

  - Are the dads hot for you?) Harvard Hottie tries to escape those statements of his friends, but it can’t (-Guy, - Hey, come on.) Annie’s anger emotion becomes who get more turned on by the Bloomberg Wire than they do by any hot nannies.) And Annie says that all of Hottie’s friends will be like that in next years and says that all of they has done now is very good, and says thank to all of Hottie’s friends (Actually, it's all of you in about five years. (Going to a spa when your son has a fever of 104 and not answering emergency calls, that officially makes you an unfit mother.) Annie says that is not a good mother to go out for her delight, like as go to somewhere places to beautify her body and face than prefers to do something else to take care ofher son that is really sick.

h. Sadness

  Picture 25 Picture 26 Picture 27 Picture 28 Annie says to her mother in phone that’s really wonderful and it is her dream in her life, but the truth is, she really can’t accept it in her deep hearth, has a work as a nanny (Annie: God, everything is just perfect. I mean, the job is a dream.) She says, it is a big chance to get this job (A little challenging. She feels love to Grayer and gets closer to be his nanny when she wants tomake a meal and treats Grayer to do something to be happy like a play game and then she treats Grayer to be her friend to closer him and be a good friend (Annie : Hey, you now, we can do lots of fun things.

14 She introduces as Annie Braddock, a twenty one years old woman. She is a New Jersey girl who is

going to look for a job after graduate from New York University. As a New Jersey girl, Annie is one

CHAPTER IV CONCLUSION AND SUGGESTION A. Conclusion In this chapter, the writer wants to give some conclusions and suggestions. The writer chooses The Nanny Diaries, a film by Shari Spinger Berman and Robert Pulcini, who is a couple married directors and first it was published in 2007. In this

  It is because of, many positives emotion and good characteristics that she has done since being a nanny for Grayer although in the first it is hard for her to a 1 nanny. In the first story, Annie shows to the audience about who is she , what is she want and do for her life, and still look for who is she now.

B. Suggestion

  The writer suggests to look for some sources such as from the books, the internets and other references which can be found in someuniversity libraries in Jakarta, such as in UIN, UI, UKI, Atmajaya and UNJ. Finally, the writer hopes that this research can help the readers to have better understanding about the meaning of emotional theory and also hopes this analysiswill enrich their knowledge and become one of additional references.

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