The Intrinsic Analysis in Ahmad Fuadi’s Novel Ranah 3 Warna.

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  Except where the reference is made in the text of this paper, this paper contains no materialpublished elsewhere or extracted in whole or in part from a paper by which I have qualified for or awarded another degree. No other person’s work has been used without due acknowledgement in the main text of this paper.


  Name : R A LAOLITitle of Paper : The Intrinsic Analysis in Ahmad Fuadi’s Novel Ranah 3 WarnaQualification : D-III / Ahli MadyaStudy Program : EnglishI am willing that my paper should be available for reproduction at the discretion of the Librarian of the Diploma III English Department Faculty of Letters USU onthe understanding that users are made aware of their obligation under law of the Republic of Indonesia. This novel which is result of the author’s true story describes a lot happening twist of life thatdemands Alif, as the main character to always be patient and steadfast in the face of trials start since he graduated from boarding school, senior high schoolequivalence text, exams UMPTN until he finally success enter in InternationalRelation department of Padjajaran University, Bandung.


1.1 Background of the Study

  And also I want to understand a work of literature with all the elements that each other be related, including theme which is underlying the story, the plot is a seriesof events that can also lead to conflict, then the character which describes how the characters play a role in the literature, the setting indicates when and where anyis called point of view. How does the author give the basic story that rarely made by otherauthors, how the author create unexpected conflict occurs in the novel, then how make the characters that can inspire many people, and expertise of the author inchoosing some of place that well known, such as ITB or Institute of TechnologyBandung which is the most popular college in Indonesia, as well as how the 1.2 Scope of Study Analyzing literature especially novel is not easy.


2.1 Definition of Novel

  A novel is a fund of knowledge as well as a literary form and any pure and exclusive formalismwhether structuralize or other, flies in the face of much of the ordinary experience of reading fiction. Richard Gill in his book (1985:78) state that; in the writing, there is a recognition that a novel is The author, of course is the most important element; the events of the novel and the reactions of the reader depend upon what he or she chooses to do.

2.2 The Instrinsic Elements of Novel

  Abrams state that the point of view is the way of the author used as a means of displaying thecharacters, action, background, and various events that make up the story in a fictional text to the readers. The character of “He” describes imagery of the some characters into the other characters concerning theevents that made and placed in the reality, or any event which tells the author's mind that happened in hearts and minds of the characters and what is done in real,and also actions and reactions that take place between the character, as the author became a source of information to know everything.


  Habibie is one of the nation’s best people and has served as President of Indonesia, which even his name is respected in many big countries in the worldfor his research on method of aircraft, while ITB is the most popular college inIndonesia. She is Raisa, a girl who study in the same university with Raisa is also elected to the program of students exchange to Canada.

3.2 Plot

  Theconflict occurs when he wants to follow the senior high school equivalence test After passing the exam and be entitled to the certificate of senior high school. Such as that boy must has graduated from the college and already working, while Alif not have a job and he lost quickly withRandai who has graduated from the college earlier than him.

3.3.1 Main Character

  Aku ingin membuktikan kalau niat kuat telah dihunus, halangan apapun akan aku tebas.(Fuadi,2011:9)In the morning, by clenching my fist, I rounded a determination, I round it off prayer: I will pass the high school equivalency test and struggled toconquer the UMPTN. I do not want later relationship as a reason not finished the study, or a relationship become not serious because is stillbusy in college.”(Fuadi,2011:442)  Randai The last main character in Ranah 3 Warna novel is Randai.

3.3.2 Peripheral Character

  There are still a lot of reading lessons of grade two.” I pretended to be seriously studied, and enough ofbegging for mercy.(Fuadi,2011:17)  Bang Togar Bang Togar is an editor head of a campus magazine where Alif enter there. How you can teach a language to hundreds of millions of people of different nativelanguages, we have only two languages, English and French hard.”(Fuadi, 2011:315)  Madeilene She is a mother who no longer young and has blue big eyes.

3.4.1 Setting of Place

  In Ranah 3 Warna novel, the author takes three countries as the place, in conformity with the title of novel. After that, some other places that taken in the novel is Maninjau, Bukit Tinggi West Sumatra, Cibubur Camp and PadjajaranUniversity West Java.

3.4.2 Setting of Time

  In this novel, he author only describe that the story began when themain character has graduated from boarding school and he come back to his village. Ini saat menikmati kembali suasana kampung kami.(Fuadi,2011:1) Almost to unison, our hands waving the rod into the blue water, not supareh that we seek, but the bigger fish like gariang or kalian panjang.

3.5 Point of View

  The author of Ranah 3 Warna novel uses the first person point of view as his technique to writing. Alif acts as a person who experiences the actions, events and become center of the story.


4.1 Conclusions

  After analyzing the intrinsic elements of Ahmad Fuadi’s novel Ranah 3Warna, in this chapter the writer would like to conclude the analysis of the novel as follow: 1. The ThemeThe theme of Ranah 3 Warna novel is about struggle of life and love that experienced by Alif as the main character in this novel.

4.2 Suggestion

  After explaining and analyzing the intrinsic elements of Ranah 3 Warna novel, I would hope this paper will make the readers can understand about storyand get more knowledge about how the intrinsic value is very important in a novel. Irealize that paper is still far from being perfect and in writing this paper, I only will give more benefit to me in the future.

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