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  Latihan Soal UN SMA/ MA Bahasa Inggr is


Lat ihan Soal

M at a Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris

Program IPA, IPS,

Bahasa, dan Keagamaan Oleh Team

1 Lat ihan Soal Disusun oleh : Team

  (A) breat h (D) move (B) send (E) t alk (C) breat he 3.

  The air st ream must vibrat e rapidly t o make t he st ream in audible (E) The vocal t ract cause t he air st ream t o vibrat e normally

  The vocal t ract must charge shape t o make speech sounds (D)

  The air st ream is inaudible if w e don’t breat he normally (B) When w e t alk, t he vocal cords open and close slow ly (C)

  The vocal cords 4. Which of t he follow ing st at ement s is TRUE according t he t ext ? (A)

  Sound w aves (C) The st eady st ream of air (D) The vocal t ract (E)

  What does speech product ion need ? (A) Energy (B)

  Soal UN mat a pelajaran ini berjumlah sekit ar 40 soal. Dalam lat ihan soal ini kami t ampilkan 15 soal yang disert ai dengan pembahasannya! Team memandu sisw a/ siswi unt uk memperoleh kesuksesan dalam ujian nasional. Kunjungi


unt uk mendapat mat eri pelat ihan soal UN 2016. Dapat kan akses unt uk mendapat kan

  (B) vocal cords (E) speech product ion (C) sounds w aves

  (A) speech (D) are st ream

  1. The t opic of t he passage is about ………..

  As w e t alk, t he vocal cords open and close rapidly, chopping up t he st eady air st ream int o a series of puffs. These puffs are heard as a buzz. But t his buzz is st ill not speech. To produce speech sounds, t he vocal t ract must change shape. During speech w e cont inually alt er t he shape of t he vocal t ract by moving t he t ongue and lips, et c. These movement s change t he acoust ic propert ies of t he vocal t ract , w hich is t urn produce t he different sounds of speech.

  Speech product ion is made possible by t he specialized movement s of our vocal organs t hat generat e speech sounds w aves. Like all sounds product ion speech product ions requires a source of energy. The source of energy for speech product ion is t he st eady st ream of air t hat comes from t he lungs as w e exhale. When w e breat he normally, t he air st ream is inaudible. To become audible, t he air st ream must vibrat e rapidly. The vocal cords cause t he air st ream t o vibrat e.

  Choose t he correct answ er. This t ext is for quest ions no. 1 – no. 4.

  lat ihan dan prediksi soal dalam bent uk ebook (pdf) yang bisa didow nload di member area apabila akun Anda sudah kami akt ifkan.

  2. ……….t hat comes from t he lungs as w e Exhale (paragraph 2). The w ord ‘exhale’ means…….

  This t ext is for quest ions no. 5 – no.8.

  There are many reasons for bot h sides of t he quest ions , “ should w e have print ed advert isement ?” M any people have st rong view s and feel t hat ads are not hing more t han useless junk mail, w hile ot her people feel t hey are an import ant source of informat ion. Here some reasons w hy w e should have advertisement s in new spapers and magazines. One reason is ads give us informat ion about w hat is new in t he market . This is an easy w ay of shopping. Anot her reason is t hat advert isement s promot e business. When shop ow ners compet e against each ot her t he buyer saves money, mayor people come t o t heir shops and t hey sell more goods.

  On t he ot her hand, some people argue ads should not be put in new spapers and magazines for t hese various reasons. First ly, ads cost t he shopkeepers a lot of money t o print int o paper. Also come people don’t like finding junk mail in t heir lat t er boxes. People may also find t he ads not very int erest ing . And also influence people t o buy it ems t hey don’t need and can’t really afford. Ads use up a lot space and a lot of effort s has t o be made t o make t he ads eye-cat ching. Ads also t ake up a lot of room in t he papers and I don’t t hink I find some of t hem int erest ing.

  In summary, alt hough ads provide people w it h informat ion, t hey cost a lot of money t o print . Therefore I t hink, w e should not have print ed advert isement .

  5. The t ext discusses……….

  (A) t he benefit s of advert isement s

  (B) advert isement s in general (C) t he advant ages and disadvant ages of print ed new spapers (D) t he disadvant ages of having advert isement s

  (E) t he compet it ion of advert isement s in new spaper 6. The t hird paragraph is mainly about ………..

  (A) t he informat ion given by advert isement s

  (B) t he benefit s of advert isement s (C) t he people w ho need advert isement (D) t he bad of having advert isement on new spaper

  (E) t he w ays t o use advert isement

  7. What is t he funct ions of advert isement s for a product company ? (A) it makes t he product

  (B) it gives us informat ion about t he company (C) it promot es business, especially t he product sale (D) it finds t he new product for t he company (E) it gives inspirat ion for making t he ot her product

  8. According t o t he t ext , t he follow ing is NOT t he reason w hy w e should not have print ed advert isement ? (A) it needs a lot money t o print ads (B) it is an easy w ay t o help shopping

  (C) it t akes up a lot of space in t he paper (D) some people don’t like finding junk mail in t heir let t er boxes. (E)

  It influences people t o buy t hings t hey don’t need This t ext is for quest ions no. 9 – no.10.

  M ost people in Nepal are farmers. They live in st one or t imber houses w it h t hat ched or slab roofing. They grow rice, w hich is t heir main crop, maize, barley, pot at oes, and veget ables. Sheep are t heir main source of meet . Cow s are kept t o produce milk. Donkeys, mules, and dzose are used t o carry goods. Nepal is an isolat ed count ry so hardly any modernizing has occurred. They have few facilit ies and mainly live on t heir int ensive subsist ence agricult ure.

  9. The t ext mainly t alks about ………….

  (A) t he borders of Nepal

  (B) t he animals in Nepal (C) t he facilit ies in Nepal

  (D) t he people in Nepal (E) t he scenery in Nepal 10. It is difficult t o find modernizat ion in Nepal because Nepal is………….count ry.

  (A) a modern

  (B) an agricult ure (C) an isolat ed

  (D) a developing (E) a primit ive This t ext is for quest ions no. 11 – no.14.

  Spring, summer, aut umn, w int er t he season change w it hout fail. The Ancient Greek t old a st ory of how t he seasons came t o be. When t he w orld w as new , it w as alw ays summer. The goddess Demet er t ook care of t he eart h. She w at ered t he plant s and crops, and picked up flow ers w it h her beaut iful daught er Persephone. Below t he eart h, Plut o w as king of t he underw orld, w here it w as alw ays dark and gloomy. Somet imes he climbed t o t he banks of t he River St yx at t he eart h. One day he saw Persephone. He had never seen anyone so beaut iful and he fell in love w it h inst ant ly, Plut o w ant ed Persephone t o be his w ife.

  Plut o harnessed his chariot . He snat ched Persephone and t hundered back t o t he underw orld. “ Don’t be afraid” he said. I love you. I w ill make you my queen.

  On eart h, Demet er searched for Persephone and forgot all her w ork. When she had almost given up hope, she sat by t he River St yx. The w at er w hispered w hat had happened. Demet er ran t o t he Zeus, t he king of t he Gods for help. “ It Persephone eat s anyt hing in t he underw orld, she must st ay, said Zeus. Let me send Hermes. M y messenger t o find out . In t he underw orld, Persephone is not hing at all. One day Plut o held out pornegranat e. It smelled delicious, and w hen t w elve seeds dropped int o Persephone’s hand, she lift ed t hem t o her lips. Just at t he moment , Hernes arrived in t he underw orld. “ St op! ” he shout ed. But it w as t oo lat e. Persephone had eat en half t he seeds. “ Now , you must st ay here forever,” said Hernes.

  Finally, Zeus decided w hat w ould happen. “ Because Persephone at e six seeds, she w ill live in t he underw orld for six mont h of t he year. For t he eat er six mont hs, she w ill ret urn t o her mot her.” That is w hy is spring and summer w hen Demet er is happy, t he sun shines. In aut umn, w hen Persephone goes back t o t he underw orld, flow ers die and t rees shed t heir leaves as Demet er cries.

  11. Paragraph t hree t ells us t hat ………… (A)

  Plut o t ook care of t he eart h (B) Plut o w as dark and gloomy (C) Plut o asked Persephone and fell in love wit h her (D)

  Plut o asked Persephone t o marry (E) Plut o asked Persephone t o underst and

  12. What is t he communicat ive purpose of t he t ext ? (A) t o describe a season

  (B) t o inform readers about seasons (C) t o persuade readers t o pay at t ent ion t o t he reason (D) t o present different point of view about t he season

  (E) t o t ell an amusing st ory t o t he readers 13. To show t he real w ords of t he speakers, t he w rit er uses……….

  (A) Indirect speech (B)

  Direct speech (C) Report ed speech (D)

  Passive voice (E) Simple present t ense

  14. Who w as t he king of t he Gods? (A) Plut o (B) Zeus (C) Demet er (D)

  Persephone (E) Hermes

  This t ext is for quest ions no. 15 To M r. Vicky Fauzy.

  I found some viruses at t ack my document s. Please t ell me how I can eliminat e t hem. Sorry, I w rot e t his memo because you w ere not in your office. Thank You M r. Sony Chandra.

  15. What kind of t ext is above ? (A)

  M emo (D) Brochure (B) Let t er (E) Announcement (C) Advert isement

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