An Analysis of the types and the factors influencing the code switching and code mixing used by vj of mtv ampuh


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  Hum (Examiner II) _________ _________ 19781003 200112 2 002 DECLARATION I hereby declare that this submission is my own work and that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, it contains no ma rial previously published or written by teanother person nor material which to a substantial extent has been accepted for the award of any other degree or diploma of the university or other institute of higherlearning, except where due acknowledgment has been made in the text. Jakarta, 9 Agu stus 2010Pahruli ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First of all, the writer would like to express the most gratitude and praise to Allah SWT, the Lord o f the universe for his help, af fection and generosity inc ompleting the writer’s study in the State Islamic University Syarif Hidayatullah,Jakarta .


  8 Method of the study ……………………………………………….… 3. 8 Instrument of the study ……………………………………………… 4.


  Language choice …………………………………………………………… 12 18 Types of code m E. The factor influencing of code mixing and code switching ………………..


  and the song that we gonna hear is taken from their new album which is standing on thirty two MTV Ampuh Top 100. Everybody we back again on Special Edition of MTV Ampuh Top 100, and today, we gonna see who sitting on number fourty till twenty-one a long days with me the one and only Agnes Monica .

CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION A. Background of the Study In daily life, people use language to communicate what they want to say. Language is very important and only means of communication. Without language

  The Objectives of the Research The objectives of the reeesearch are below:   a)To know the types of codes switching or mixing which is usually used by the MTV’s VJ in presenting the program. The writer, in this caselimited the subject to the types of code switching or code mixing and the factors influencing that happened on ‘MTV Ampuh” is presented by the VJ ofthis program.

5. Technique of Data Analysis

  In term of sociolinguistics research, Mahsun says sociolinguistics research includes collect the data, analyze the data and explaination of the end 14 result of the data is analized. Place and Time of the Study This research began in March 2010 in Syarief Hidayatullah Jakarta’s library, and in certain library of university in Jakarta which provide and givethe information and refereces about material that is needed.

CHAPTER II THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK A. Sociolinguistics The study of language in society is called sociolinguistics, and we can say

  Holmes says sociolinguistics not only studies about the relations between language and the society, but also explains why we speak differently in differentsocial contexts, which are concerned with identifying the social functions of language and the way which is used to convey social meaning. Through thelanguage, Investigating the way people in a particular environment and situation use language in different social context provides a wealth of information about theway language works, as well as about the social relationship in a community, and 4 the way people signal aspect of their social identity.

B. Language Choice

  This refer to the recognized and expected outcomes of an exchanges aas to the personal goals that participants seek to accoplish on particular occasions. Norms, it refers to the specific behaviours and properties that attach to speaking and also to how these may be viewed by someone who does not share, i.e.

C. Bilingualism

  Related to speech community, Hamers and Blanc define bilingualism as the state of a linguistic community in which two languages are in contact with theresult that two codes can be used in the same interaction and that a number of 12 individuals are bilingual. In other words, since the members of a bilingual community vary in the capacity ofmastering the languages used in the community, they have to be able to set a condition where they can communicate effectively.

D. Definition of Code Switching and Code Mixing

  To get right effect thespeakers balance the two languages againts each other as a kind of linguistic cocktail such a few words of one laguage, then a few words of the other, thenback to the first for a few more word and so on. Janet Holmes says code mixing suggests the speaker is mixing up code indiscriminately or perhaps because of incompetence, whereas the switches arevery well-motivated in relation to the symbolic or social meaning of the two 23 codes.

E. Types of Code Switching and Code Mixing

  Likewise, when residents step up to a clerk’s desk, greeting and iquiries about family affairs tend to beexchanged in the dialect, while the business part of the transaction is carried on 28 in standard. Example like this show that speakers are able to manipulate the norms governing the use of varieties in just the same way as they can manipulate thosegoverning the meanings of words by using them metaporichally.

F. The Factors Influencing Code Switching and Code Mixing

  Viewing from the personality of the participant, there are will and goal of code switching such as the speaker who wants to change the situation without 31 any information in time and space. Mere is Maori and although the rest of the meeting will be conducted in English, Sarah switches to Maori to greet Mere.

3. Status. A switch may also reflect a change in the other dimensions, such as the status relationship between people or the formality of their interaction

  In fact the change of topic here symbolizes a change in the relationship between men. They switch from their roles asneighbours to their roles as bureaucrat and member of the public.

4. Topic. According to Holmes, people may switch code within a speech event

  IF YOU’VE MARRIED A CHICKEN, YOU FOLLOW ACHICKEN.) This partly because they have learned the vocabulary of their studies in English, so they do not always know the word like “morpheme” inCantonese. In these example the switches not only emphasise the precise message content, they also sognal ethnic identity.

CHAPTER II I RESEARCH FINDINGS A. Data Description In this chapter the writer will discuss the research finding. In collecting

  He chooses the dialogs randomlywhich are interested to be analyzed that is used by VJ Daniel and Agnes who has been the VJ on MTV Ampuh program from the begining. The dialog is used by VJ here are the dialogs which will be analyzedin this paper is taken from different episode; VJ Daniel presented MTVAmpuh Sunday Chart Special by Request with Peterpan program and VJAgnes presented the program of MTV Ampuh Top 100 with Agnes Monica th as VJ on March 19 , 2009.

B. Data Analysis

  Having been mentioned in the previous chapter, the purpose of the study is to find out the type of codes switching or mixing and the factors thatinfluence codes switching based on the related theories.   In the beginning of the show after Peterpan’s performance, VJ Daniel start the program by enthusiastic greeting his audience and also introduced the name ofthe program is presented to the audiences in a single utterance.

CHAPTER IV CONCLUSION AND SUGGESTION A. Conclusion Within each community there is a variety of language codes and ways of

  It comes because the VJ always plays they role as a presenter who is expected to be able give directions orinstructions to the guest and the audiences with their enjoy style and informal conversation in order to give the users feel comfortable, easy, and delightful. It comes because the VJ used a lot of their emotion and express their feeling, such as amazed,suprise, curiosity, and greeting expression that happened in the beginning of the show, after the commercial break, and the end of the show.

B. Suggestion

  Based on the analysis above, the writer would like to suggest to the readers more concern to analyzed code switching with using relevant theory because of itcan be object of research on literary and linguistics field. Lastly, the writer also hopes that this research might have some advantages for all students of English Letters Department who are expected tohave more knowledge about this code switching used by the VJ of MTV Ampuh.

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