The Strategy of Jack Reacher to Find The True Shooter


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  Name : ALFI NAVAIS MUTHYAH RITONGATitle of Paper : The Strategy of Jack Reacher to Find The True ShooterQualification : D-III / Ahli MadyaStudy Program : EnglishI am willing that my paper should be available for reproduction at the discretion of the librarian of the Diploma III English Department Faculty of Culture Studies USU on theunderstanding that user are made aware of their obligation under law of the Republic of Indonesia. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS BismillahirrahmanirrahimFirst of all, I would like to thank and praise to the Almighty God, Allah SWT for blessing and giving me health, strength and ease to accomplish this paper as one of therequirements to get Diploma III certificate from English Department Faculty of Culture Science, University of Sumatera Utara.


1.1 Background of the Study Literature is a kind of art, usually written offer pleasure and illumination

  Roberts and Jacobs (1993:1) say, “Literature refers to compositions that tell stories, dramatize situations, express emotions and analyze and advocateideas.” Before the invention of writing, literary works were necessarily spoken or sung, and were retained only as literature still exists, with many poems and storiesdesigned exclusively for spoken delivery. Then the results of the analysis made in the form of detailedsentence that makes the reader better understand what the strategies experienced by the main character so that the results obtained are the most intelligent scenewas high level intelligence.

1.2 Problem of Study

The problem of study are as follow:1) What did Jack Reacher do to find the true shooter?2) How Jack Reacher can become a suspect as the shooter?

1.3 Scope of the Study

  There are many aspects can be discussed in this novel, nevertheless the writer is interested to focus in finding out the facts written in this novel which areabout the wrong shooter that innocently become the suspect and the true shooter that did the guilty. 1.4 Purpose of the Study The purpose of the study is to give a description about the strategy of JackReacher in finding out the real true shooter andto give a description of James Barr’s actions that make him alleged as the suspect.


2.1 Novel

  Novel is kind of the literature, according to Rees(1973:106) says that novel is a fictitious prose narrative of considerable length in which characters and actions representative of real life are portrayed in a plot ofmore or less complexity.” One of inspiration in writing novel is based on true story with human experience, usually through from relation of sequence eventsinvolving a group of person in a specific setting. Based on the quotation that novel is one form of literary work in which a fictional story in writing of words and have intrinsic and extrinsic elements.

2.2 Character

  In a story emphasizing a major character, you may expect that each action or speech, no matter how small, is part of a total presentation of that complexcombination of both the inner and outer self that constitute a human being. Based on the quotations, that character is a form of characteristic or trait human or animal, character also refers to the quality of the moral and ethicalstandards and principle.

2.3 Plot

  Plot is the logical interaction of the various thematic elements of a tech which lead to a change of the originalsituation as presented at the outset of the narrative. Based on the quotations from the three critics, that Plot is a story’s sequence of incidents, arranged in dramatic order which is different from the storyline.

2.4 Setting

  Gwynn (2002:17) says that setting is simply the time and the place of a story, and in most cases the details of descriptions are given to the reader directlyby the narrator. From the study of thesetting would be known the extent of conformity and correlation between behavior and temperament with the community leaders, social situation, andopinion of society.

2.5 Intrinsic Approach

  Welleck and Warren (1977:157) say that the research literature on the th interpretation and analysis of literary works itself. In the 19 century popular literature research is research on an explanation of the origin and poetical th literature in the 19 century moved to the tastes of readers.

2.6 Descriptive Research

  Best (1982) says that Descriptive research purpose to describe what is happening now, and in which there is an attempt descriptions, printing, analysis,and interpretation of the conditions that occur at this time. In the descriptive study included a comparison of various type and it may well come to attempt to find therelationship between the set of variables.


3.1 Trapping and Shooting Incident

  Then the man in the minivan slowed before he hit the turnin front of the plaza and made a left and entered the parking garage. So they can connect the crime to the gun, and the gun to the ammo, and the ammo to the guy who used it.

3.2 Tracking Down the True Shooter

  Because he trapped himself inside a building, down atstreet level, in a congested area, with a much harder shot, in a place whose very nature made it the best crime scene a twenty year veteran like Emerson has everseen.” (Child, 2005:157) Jack Reacher found everything was wrong in this case. Just so it could tie his barrel to the crime.” (Child, 2005:159) Jack Reacher realized that James Barr tried to give a message from the tape recorder that recorded the conversation with him and the first lawyer.


  The strategy can be seen from the long process of revealing the evidenceas the series clues to find the true shooter. Because of the capability and the intelligence of JackReacher in tracking down the evidence, James Barr came out from the alleged suspect of the shooting case andChenko, thetrue shooter which worked for thepuppet master the Zecrevealed to be the prime suspect who wil be responsible for the cruel crime they did.

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