The Analysis of the Main Characters of Delirium by Lauren Oliver


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  Name : Aviandani Aulia NasutionTitle of Paper : The Analysis of the Main Characters of Delirium by Lauren OliverQualification : D-III / Ahli MadyaStudy Program : EnglishI am willing that my paper should be available for reproduction at the discretion of the Librarion of the Diploma III English Departement Faculty of Culuture USUon the understanding taht users are made aware of their obligation under law of the Republic of Indonesia. ACKNOWNLEDGEMENTS First of all, I would like thank to my God, Allah SWT and the Prophet Muhammad SAW , for all the blessing and gives me health, strength, and inspiration to finish this paper as one of the requiments to get Diploma III certificate from English Diploma Study Program, University of Sumatera Utara.


1.1 Background of the Study

  Thus, this is the reason as idea as the background why this 1.2 The Problem of the Study 1) How is the character of Magdalena Ella Halloway in Delirium portrayed?2) How is the character of Alex Sheathes in Delirium portrayed?3) How is the character of Hana Tate in Delirium portrayed? 1.6 Reason for Choosing the Topic The writer choose to analyze The Main Characters in this novel because literature has a wide field of studies, the writer has to limit the scope of studyingor to chose the topic.


  Literature can be classified according towhether it is fiction or non-fiction, and whether it is poetry or prose; it can be further distinguished according to major forms such as the novel, short story ordrama; and works are often categorized according to historical periods, or according to their adherence to certain aesthetic features or expectations. Waston (1979:3) says, “Novel is the name of a literary kind, and there is a story to tell about how, over the centuries,its substance has widened and its conventions changed.” It means that novel is literary work that narrate life story in centuries ago.

2.1 Character One of the most important aspect in a novel is the Main of Characters

  Character in a novel is not as puzzling as character in real life; a novel is short: it is a work of art, so it’s selective character in novel rather as we do in real life; Character is a person who is responsible for the thoughts and action within a story, poem, or other literature. By contrast,round characters are complex and undergo development, sometimes sufficiently to surprise the reader.” Round Characters is a major character in a work of fiction whos encounters conflict and is changed by it.

2.1.1 Division of Character Main character and peripheral character

  Main Character is the individual who contributes the most to the story or who is the most important of the story. Although the protagonist is often referred to as the "good guy", it is entirely possible for a story's protagonist to be the clearvillain, or antihero, of the piece.

2.1.2 Types of Characters

  Foster (1993) defines that there are two basic types of characters, their qualities, functions, and importance for the development of the Foster (1993:47:54) says, “Flat characters are constructed round a single idea or quality and can be expressed in a single sentence; round characters aremulti-faceted and unpredictable. Some regular stock characters are insensitive father, the interfering mother, the sassy younger brother 2.2 Plot Plot is a literary term defined as the events that make up a story, particularly as they relate to one another in a pattern, in a sequence, through cause and effect,how the reader views the story, or simply by coincidence.

2.5 Point of view

  Point of view is the angle of considering things which shows us the opinion or feelings of the individuals involved in a situation. Depending on the topic, purpose, and audience, writers of nonfiction may rely on the first-person point ofview (I, we), the second-person (you, your), or the third-person (he, she, it, they).


3.1 Magdalena Ella Halloway

  " At the beginning of the story, Lena is a girl who is obedient and compliant with all of regulations in Portland. Have always tried to be as patient and obedient and good as of this writing - have always tried to be as invisible as of this writing." But a few days before the evaluation’s days, Lena has met with Alex.

3.2 Alex Sheathes

  Oliver (2011:60) says, "I see the Unmistakable sign of someone who is cured: the mark of the procedure, a three-pronged needle usedexclusively for immobilizing the patient so that the cure can be administered." Portland citizens assume that the sketch is "like badges of honor." For those who have been cured, long hair is something to be avoided because it can coverthese wrinkles. On the day that has been designated them as theday of their freedom to run to the Wild, Alex has died at the hands of the regulators who are trying to capture Alex and Lena.

3.3 Hana Tate

  Oliver (2011:99) says,"Hana was really popular in school --- people looked up to her and wanted to be like her ---- but even though she was really friendly with everybody, she neverreally got close with anyone beside me." Hana is a person who does not like with all applicable regulations in the Portland. Hana always says that she and Lena often learn her together at home and because of Hana’s home is near to school and it is a the biggest reason so they can getpermission to stay.


4.1 Conclusion

  Lauren Oliver, author of the novel is a young writer who has written some of the best seller novels like Before I Fall, Delirium, and others. By doing hard efforts and working hard in understanding the topic discussion, the writer has been able to complete this paper as one of therequirements to acquire English D-III certificate at University of Sumatera Utara.

4.2 Suggestions

  At the end of this paper, the writer hopes that this paper will make the readers understand more about characters in the Delirium and the readers will beintersted in reading this novel. The writer hopes that other students can analyzeother elements of literary works: theme, plot, setting, point of view and especially characterization of Delirium, for It can improve our EnglishThe writer wants toconvey the positive message from this novel to the readers.

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